Alvarez vs. Chandler III to be on PPV in 2014


Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez will fight challenger Michael Chandler in a rubber match, some time in 2014, on PPV.

Chandler won the first fight in 2011 via submission, becoming Bellator lightweight champion in one of the best fights of the year. The pair fought again nearly two years later, with Alvarez reclaiming his title, via Split Decision.

Alvarez spoke with Ariel Helwani and broke the news that the trilogy fight would be on PPV, but offered no further details as to date, etc.

“We weren’t able to do the first one on pay-per-view," said Alvarez. "I definitely want to headline a pay-per-view card and we get an opportunity to do that. What better way to do that than have one of the best trilogies in MMA history.”

“We weren’t able to do the first one on pay-per-view, and I definitely want to headline a pay-per-view card and we get an opportunity to do that,” Alvarez told “What better way to do that than have one of the best trilogies in MMA history.”

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Recent Comments »

CompanyBlue site profile image  

1/12/14 1:27 PM by CompanyBlue

Why would you say it's too soon? Should they fight someone else first or do you think they should both sit out longer and then fight later? Both fights were epic, as long as both fighters are healthy and prepared it's never too soon for them to fight. Did you watch the first two?

Haadogei site profile image  

1/12/14 7:43 AM by Haadogei

and lol at the way those creatures stare at each other at the end of the gif.

Haadogei site profile image  

1/12/14 7:41 AM by Haadogei

I would consider buying it for 30-40 if it stacked up favorably against a low end UFC PPV (which is not gonna be easy for Bellator to pull off). I think a Bellator PPV might have been better a few years ago if they would have been able to nab Tito and Rampage back then. Warren's stock was higher, Eddie's stock was higher, they had Lombard, Cole Konrad, Askren, etc. I can't get as excited for a PPV featuring Daniel Strauss, Shlemenko and Dantas. They need to score another big, old name, get some sizzle to the event.

GarlicSenior site profile image  

1/12/14 7:30 AM by GarlicSenior

Unless they plan on making this cheap I don't think this will do too well. Personally Bellator vs WSOF is the only Bellator PPV I'd buy.

MMAhaiku site profile image  

1/11/14 3:21 PM by MMAhaiku

I have a feeling that, to fuck with Eddie just a little more, this ppv will be as far away as possible. He'll be on the shelf for most of 2014, all in the name of promotion (or waiting until Tito is healthy lol).

duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

1/11/14 1:53 PM by duckhuntgangsta

I doubt they would. I don't think they want to give them any attention. For better or worse, Bellator is going under.

devils advocate site profile image  

1/11/14 1:46 PM by devils advocate

I would actually buy the ppv if they fought fully nude.

Aleksandra Albus Gstring site profile image  

1/11/14 1:38 PM by Aleksandra Albus Gstring

Lol great gif.

Mix6APlix site profile image  

1/11/14 1:20 PM by Mix6APlix

I was thinking maybe 20 bucks depending on the depth of the card.

CowboysStuntDouble site profile image  

1/11/14 1:15 PM by CowboysStuntDouble

You just... You just don't get it do you?


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