Rousey: Cheers don't pay for my gas


UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey recently appeared at a media luncheon in LA ahead of her fight February 22 vs. Olympic medalist in wrestling Sara McMann.

Trent Reinsmith from BE has the story.

When Miesha Tate tapped to Rousey, she stood up and offered her hand. Then, in a move that generated more boos than UFC commentator Joe Rogan said he had ever heard, Rousey turned on her heel, and hugged her cornermen.

"I had a couple people talking to me about the handshake thing," said Rousey. "And you know what I think is the most iconic picture in all of sports? Ali standing over an unconscious Sonny Liston and taunting an unconscious opponent on the ground. How unsportsmanlike is that?"

"If I knocked Miesha out and stood over her and I was like, "Yeah, that's right you stupid f---ing b----,' you know what everyone would say to me? You know how much everyone would freak out and call me the worst person in the world? That is one of the most iconic images in all of sports, and it was an unsportsmanlike moment."

"I've never acted like a nice, sweet, young American girl," said Rousey. "I always wanted to be the heel, and I'm sure people are still going to boo me. It's not like they forgot about it and that's fine. That's the way it is. It's like Saint McMann, they're going to love her."

Rousey related a conversation she had with fellow WMMA fighter Shayna Baszler, she said that

Rousey also recalled a conversation she had with fighter Shayna Baszler. According to Rousey, Baszler told her "Heels become legends."

"Ali was the heel, he got a lot of boos, and now he's the greatest of all time. Tyson, people were calling him an ear-biting rapist, and everybody loves Tyson."

"I'm expecting a lot of boos for a while. Whatever, cheers don't pay for my gas."

"Hopefully people remember my athletic accomplishments more than anything else."

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MattyECB site profile image  

1/13/14 9:54 AM by MattyECB

Ali has a great story about winning Gold for the US...He finally thought, now I've represented my coffee, now I've finally earned a place in my country, I'll sit down, have lunch and show the medal off to everyon...Only to get thrown out of a coffee shop for being a niggerWhile I think the Nation of Islam were pricks, and Ali didn't know exactly what he was aiming for, I'd be lying if I said I couldn't see myself going down a similar path, were I black, during such a segregated and fucked up time. He clearly didn't just hate all white people, dude's trainer was an Itie, but he had a reason to be untrusting as fuckPoint is, Ali had a huge impact on civil rights and the discourse happening during that time. He stood for what he believed in, and put his career, money and fame in jeopardy (the latter two, not by "KEEPIN IT REEEEL," and pissing of UGers, but by being a fucking man and taking an actual stand against politicians and men of power)Whereas Joe Louis gained respect for blacks through agreement and hard work, showing blacks weren't inferior physically and could represent their country proudly, Ali was like a Jack Johnson, and spat on all the bullshit and stupid social conventions currently supported during his heydayIunno why ppl would even bring Ali up in a Rhonda thread. FUcking stupid. I love Rhonda, but apples and oranges lol

MattyECB site profile image  

1/13/14 9:44 AM by MattyECB

Floyd would just be burning stacks of hunneds, saying, "Your hatred feeds the flames"He's some got some emperor palpatine mastery over being a complete prickDude came out with Bieber and sizzurped outta his mind lil Wayne chanting the completely wrong lyrics to his song

MattyECB site profile image  

1/13/14 9:42 AM by MattyECB

Ali hunted Frazier down and sent busses of school girls to taunt him during training as well as harassed him during the night after stalking him to his home. Ali was some insane next level shit. I love that interview with Foreman where he asks, "Why the fuck do the Africans keep telling me to die and keep chanting, Ali Kill Ali Kill? I'm blacker than Ali and they keep calling me the white man!" Ali turned a whole godamn nation against Foreman, not to mention shit talking is 1000X scarier when you're insane enough to actually predict where the fight will endHe was a real pointless prick, as well as an actual, intelligen campaigner for civil rights. Hell he was also a pretty racist douche, although understandably so, during a chunk of his prime so like most athletes, not so easy to sum up in one sentence

Maksemous site profile image  

1/12/14 7:20 PM by Maksemous

<blockquote>Blazing Knees - <blockquote>Maksemous - Anyone who compares Ronda's posting conspiracy video's to Ali taking a stand as a conscientious objector is a grade A moron. I guess it's a sign of the times. <br /><br />The army offered Ali a deal similar to the one it offered Joe Lewis, all he would have to do is put on a uniform, make appearances at army bases, and pretend he supported the war. Ali said no and lost millions and what would have been the 3 best years of his career.<br /><br />Ronda posted a conspiracy video on twitter, took it down, and apologized. It was hardly newsworthy.<br /><br /></blockquote><br /><p> Ali never went to jail-it was overturned by the Supreme court. He fought overseas for millions when that AC's here wouldn't sanction him. He hung out with Malcom X, Ellajah Muhammad and some of the biggest pieces of racist shit on the planet. If he was white and joined the kkk, it's the same thing.</p><p>  </p><p> The Nation of Islam are a bunch of misogynist, racist kooks-go to their website. 8 foot tall aliens, blue eyed white devils, and all sorts of hatred. Ali was a puppet and had masters of a different skin color, so I guess metaphorically he was a slave, a slave to the Nation of Islam. They took MILLIONS from him</p></blockquote><br />Ali got fed some lies, he was young, and he believed them. Yes, he never went to jail, but he got his passport seized and his boxing license taken for 3 and a half years. He was basically broke. <br /><br />Your analogy is fundamentally flawed because black people never enslaved white people. Segregation favored whites, not blacks. Ali was angry at whites BECAUSE of mistreatment, he had a reason to be angry. While Ali may have been angry and mislead, but at least he took a stand for something more meaningful than a crackpot conspiracy.<br /><br />Ali was far from perfect, but he had character. Ali could have taken the easy way out. He could have taken the money, promoted the war, and kept his career, but he didn't.<br /><br />Compared to Ali Rousey is just a child who posted a video and apologized.<br /><br />Ali is arguably the greatest athlete to compete in any sport. Ronda is an up and coming star in the women's division of an up and coming sport.<br /><br />

BobSalvage site profile image  

1/12/14 4:00 PM by BobSalvage

Honestly like the honda and haven't had a problem with how she goes about shit but if she starts taking any advice AT ALL in any way from Shayna she is actually dumb

jacktripper site profile image  

1/12/14 10:22 AM by jacktripper

And ironically he also routinely equated the relatively dark skinned joe Frazier with a monkey

DNAsmoothie site profile image  

1/12/14 9:57 AM by DNAsmoothie

When Ronda first burst onto the scene she came off as friendly and down to earth. Once she got Dana to like her she total abandoned the friendly demeanor and turned into a total douche. Pretty lame if you ask me

NukerMMA site profile image  

1/12/14 9:40 AM by NukerMMA

I won't pay for her gas either. Every card she is on I'm watching at a bar, and it's piss break time when her fight comes up.

cdale27 site profile image  

1/12/14 9:03 AM by cdale27

They don't boo nobody's

rjbo71 site profile image  

1/12/14 8:48 AM by rjbo71

My head is about to explode - Go away and never come back!


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