White: Diaz declined, nobody wants to fight Khabib

by Chris Palmquist |

Khabib Nurmagomedov is off to a very impressive 5-0 start in the UFC's ultra talented and crowded lightweight division, and apparently is having issues getting a next opponent.

A Twitter user tweeted to UFC President Dana White that he would like to see Khabib fight former lightweight number one contender Nate Diaz:

@edelzgin: @TeamKhabib @danawhite @NateDiaz209 all want to see this fight! pic.twitter.com/XEHDERFWUy

Dana White responded quickly to the user that the fight had been considered, but the Diaz camp turned the offer down:

@danawhite: @EDLEZGIN @TeamKhabib Nate turned the fight down

Nurmagomedov had previously been rumored to fight Gilbert Melendez, but the fight disappeared. So now it's still up in the air who the rising prospect will face next.


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no-gi_JAMES420 site profile image  

1/13/14 9:34 PM by no-gi_JAMES420

Unbelievably unprofessional

Silverball site profile image  

1/13/14 2:50 PM by Silverball


sniper1026 site profile image  

1/13/14 1:29 PM by sniper1026


MattyECB site profile image  

1/13/14 11:43 AM by MattyECB

You ASSUME, he compensates them...Big difference...I used to hold that position, but the longer you're told to just, "trust them," that the fighters are getting handled in a way everyone benefits from, the more annoying it gets to be held in the dark. There are also a multitude of fighters who've taken short notice fights, but didn't perform well enough, so they end up getting cut anyways. There really are tons of examples where it pans out, but also a ton where it backfired tremendously for the dude trying to be a company man. And since there's always a good chance of the guy, "just trusting the UFC/Dana," to get screwed over on these fights, it's fair game for them to show trepidation and worry about their CAREER as well as the fight itself -- as easy as it is for us fucking fans to just scream BUDO and TRUE WARRIORThis is a business, and to consistently paint fighters who show a little business sense or caution before accepting fights BLAF wants as wusses or scared is fucking disrespectful, and a poor promotion choice in the long term. Just my two cents though, clearly I don't have the C.V. BLAF does in terms of promotional success lol

MattyECB site profile image  

1/13/14 11:39 AM by MattyECB

Ya, gotta add my own +1

MattyECB site profile image  

1/13/14 11:38 AM by MattyECB

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding, we have a Bingo

MattyECB site profile image  

1/13/14 11:37 AM by MattyECB

Big surprise, Dana has a negotiation battle with a fighter, and tries to muscle said fighter into the contract Dana wants by publicly calling him out -- good promotional work there, Chief -- and turning a monetary issue into one of fear, and manliness.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

1/13/14 3:09 AM by ChaosOverkill

This well said

carmelo site profile image  

1/13/14 3:04 AM by carmelo

And dominate a guy that choked out Jim miller

Dominique Robinson site profile image  

1/13/14 2:45 AM by Dominique Robinson

Don't believe all u hear