Manager: Diaz not afraid, waiting for title shot


The talk of the weekend was the situation of Khabib Nurmagomedov and his next potential fight. Nate Diaz was offered the fight, Dana White claimed he refused it, his manager clarified, Michael Johnson offered to take the fight, and more. Today Diaz's manager spoke to directly to MMA Junkie and shed light on the entire situation:

“We could be looking at a title fight,” Mike Kogan told MMAjunkie. “I think it’s a smart business decision to sit around for a little bit.”

Kogan said injuries have ravaged the UFC lightweight division, and Diaz (17-9 MMA, 12-7 UFC) stands to capitalize when champ Anthony Pettis (17-2 MMA, 4-1 UFC) heals from a recent knee surgery.

“Pettis already said he wanted to fight Nate,” Kogan said. “Why does he want to fight Nate? He knows it’s a money fight. That’s the name of the game. Who else would bring that much money? (Benson) Henderson? F–k no.” 

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DFWcholesterol site profile image  

1/15/14 1:26 AM by DFWcholesterol

I forgot 209

cdnz0mbieopc site profile image  

1/15/14 12:26 AM by cdnz0mbieopc

Man, I hate ppl who don't know the difference between lose and loose...but anyway. He was offered a fight against a fucking NO-NAME(to the casual fan)and he asked for more money. If they gave it to him he has to take the fight. What do you think he was just bluffing? It's not like he asked for Anderson Silva money!! In closing, you're a dumb cunt.

DFWcholesterol site profile image  

1/14/14 10:22 PM by DFWcholesterol

Because if he looses to khabib he will be a long way away from a title fight. And he knows khabib will beat him so he is ducking the fight. There is no point defending him it's simple he doesn't wanna fight khabib. Now now or months from now not ever. He wants the easy way to a title shot and he will probably get it. But IMO he is scared shitless of khabib.

UGCTT_Aussie site profile image  

1/14/14 9:15 PM by UGCTT_Aussie

Diaz is scared.

cdnz0mbieopc site profile image  

1/14/14 7:57 PM by cdnz0mbieopc

He already said he wasnt waiting for a title shot. Just keeping his options open in case Josh or Ben gets injured, he can step in. And depending on the outcome of that fight he might get a rematch with one of them too. Why would anyone think he's scared of Khabib, he fought everyone they put in front of him in the UFC. He called out Pettis who is scarier than Khabib by a mile.

MisterHawkeMMA site profile image  

1/14/14 7:08 PM by MisterHawkeMMA

Why does everyone keep bringing up that 15/15? I'm hoping that you are all smart enough to know that that number doesn't actually mean anything. Look at any of the deals that we have been privy to. Their disclosed pay has NEVER matched up with as much money as they were actually due to make.

Thacommish site profile image  

1/14/14 5:14 PM by Thacommish

Why on earth did you quote this particular post? Wouldnt it make more sense to quote the post where i actually mentioned other 1-2 fighters? But for the record you arent disputing the fact that 1-2 fighters get title shots, You are disputing the fact that the ones who "wait" on the sidelines dont get them? i never said anything to the contrary of that, im merely pointing out saying hes 1-2 on its own is not a good enough reason considering the history of the company giving out shots to such people. As i was pointing out in the above post its much to black and white to assume all people with a 1-2 record dont deserve a title shot.

Damaynevent site profile image  

1/14/14 4:10 PM by Damaynevent

Hilarious when keyboard warriors say a UFC fighter is scared or ducking someone. I really don't see where Khabib beats Nate other than a wrestle fuck for 3 rounds. Outside if that Nate batters him on the feet and could submit him. Khabib has looked solid, but doesn't look like a threat to Nate at all.As for him fighting for a title, I would love to see him against Pettis one day. What I'm really hoping is that he gets another crack at Josh Thomson once Bendo beats that ass. Nate owes Josh an ass whooping 209 style.

VinegarStrokes site profile image  

1/14/14 4:07 PM by VinegarStrokes

It seems Nate and his management can't agree on what to say. Which adds to the confusion of the situation and makes it look worse for Nate.