Josh Barnett's 12 step championship recovery program


Former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett appeared recently on Ariel Helwani's The MMA Hour, and discussed what happened the last fight vs. Travis Browne, and detailed his 12 step program to return to dominance.

"Sometimes you just don't appear, man," said Barnett as transcribed by MMAFighting. "After 17 years, I can't say that I've had tougher nights, or you've had nights were you didn't perform as well as you'd like to. But this was the only time I'd ever had where it was just... I just didn't show up at all.

"I really feel like I didn't even have a fight. Me, ‘the Warmaster,' Josh Barnett, he didn't show up. Some other guy walked into the ring and sort of piddled around a little bit., but that's not me, and it was very strange. But I figure after being in so many fights and being through this whole process for so long, it's really not too surprising that it could happen."

"With this, it's no different than any fight. You've got to look back and you have to look through all the data to try and find the opportunities to make yourself better, because if you're not improving, no matter what you're doing, you're just dying. Inflation goes up, but your dollar's still not worth the same.

"After 17 years, you just can't do everything the way the way you used to. I mean, you can to a degree, but you have to make changes."

Step 1: Remove outside distractions, focus solely on fighting
Step 2: Move camp away from home, narrow focus, remove convenience
Step 3: Pre-camp harder
Step 4: Increase flexibility
Step 5: Work more on weaknesses
Step 6: Spend more time on recovery
Step 7: Work on learning a new language
Step 8: Kill
Step 9: Kill!
Step 10: KILL
Step 11: Kill, KILL, KILL, KILL, kill, kill, KILL, KILL, kill, KILL
Step 12: KILL!

"I still want to fight," said Barnett, 36. "Even if I thought to myself, I want to retire. Well, how are you going to retire now? There's no way I could stop fighting after that. I felt a lot of humiliation and just regret. I just couldn't sit with that. There's all the fans that believe in me, all my coaches, all my friends and family.

"I couldn't ever let anything end like that. There's no way. I know that I have so much more to give, and I'm so much better than that, make sure to keep from any repeat appearances of that kind of crap, and go out there and do what I'm supposed to do, the way that I'm supposed to."

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Watch entire interview (1:48:30 mark)


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Devlin site profile image  

1/18/14 7:20 AM by Devlin

lol barnetts never looked huge or appeares to be strong/conditioned visually speaking, it doesnt mean he isnt, guy over powered the far more athletic looking mir easily.Even when he was caught on the naughty stuff he wasnt shredded. Put simply the warnaster doesnt give a fuck about beach muscles.

Africazillion site profile image  

1/18/14 3:00 AM by Africazillion

LOL. And of course, you would say anything to McCall's face.

Sergio88 site profile image  

1/18/14 2:58 AM by Sergio88

Barnett Vs. loser of Gonzaga/Miocic

inf0 site profile image  

1/18/14 12:58 AM by inf0

add more metal  

Tolstolobic site profile image  

1/18/14 12:03 AM by Tolstolobic


Couldabeen site profile image  

1/17/14 11:42 PM by Couldabeen

Even in the Baby Face Assasin days where he popped for gear, he never looked great physically. Fact is he's been at or near the top of the heavyweight rankings almost his whole career and been involved in some long fights. At the beach would I rather Josh's physique or Mark Kerrs'? Kerrs' all day. Fight conditioning wise? Barnett and it's not even close

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

1/17/14 11:28 PM by RyannVonDoom

And ian mccall is a midget. He wouldnt say a word to josh like that in the flesh.

UnderTheClock site profile image  

1/17/14 11:15 PM by UnderTheClock

Fight a couple of lesser or tailor made guys and retire.

shootfighterbull site profile image  

1/17/14 7:10 PM by shootfighterbull

Haha. Gotta love new members.

MARC BULGER site profile image  

1/17/14 7:06 PM by MARC BULGER

Really? He looked like shit. Even Ian McCall called him the baby fat assassin.