Nurmagomedov says Johnson needs to work his way up


Last week UFC president Dana White said that Nate Diaz had turned down a fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov. Diaz hotly denied it, and then Michael Johnson offered to take the fight.

Even Ian McCall offered to take it, with tongue in cheek.

Ian McCall @Unclecreepymma
F--- it I'll fight @TeamKhabib since no one else wants to... but only i can dress like borat : )

Nurmagomedov turned down Uncle Creepy kindly. But Johnson was dismissed sharply.

Khabib Nurmagomedov @TeamKhabib
@FollowTheMenace @NateDiaz209 I don't want offend you, you are good fighter, but you lost 60% of your fights. I'll wait for you at the top



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caseharts site profile image  

1/17/14 1:35 AM by caseharts

He was in love for a shot. I think how he's dominated his way through people was crazy considering where gray was when he beat him. I mean you could move him down but honestly a guy a couple a months ago had a title shot doesn't do out of the top ten if he's injured. Where do you have him. Mr picky

Sir Psycho Sexy site profile image  

1/17/14 12:22 AM by Sir Psycho Sexy

Who the hell has Grant beaten to be considered number 3? That's just laughable. He has one good win against Gray and hasn't fought in a year.

caseharts site profile image  

1/16/14 11:04 PM by caseharts

Depends on the wrestler. Bendo dominated him from bell to bell. And has way less credentials

Effstrikingmeansdamage site profile image  

1/16/14 11:04 PM by Effstrikingmeansdamage

Where you at 209? I love it and agree

caseharts site profile image  

1/16/14 10:59 PM by caseharts

Stylistically he matched up great with Lauzon. Great win. Tibau win was awesome. I'd love to see how Johnson handles Trujillo or Healy. I don't think he wins those fights. Healy is a bigger win than Lauzon and tibau. Ya I'm so illogical.

MRG1 site profile image  

1/16/14 10:52 PM by MRG1

So kabob faced "some" noobs but deserves a top ten plus. But MJ laid to waste 2+ vets in a row, but kabob shouldnt fight him and deserves better? nice logic.

MRG1 site profile image  

1/16/14 10:49 PM by MRG1

Gray Maynard, derp.

caseharts site profile image  

1/16/14 10:47 PM by caseharts

My point is that a lot of the top ten has stayed losing. They're out. Cleary. 1 . Pettis 2. Bendo3 grant 4 Melendez 5 Thompson 6 Nate 7.khabib8 Do anjos 9 green 10 cerrone or Healy That's my top ten. you're article to covent back with yours. I don't think I'm missing anyone. Miller is rising back up. Johnson, Varner, Barboza , and Lauzon are all coming off wins I believe. I could be wrong but I think it's a good list

MRG1 site profile image  

1/16/14 10:47 PM by MRG1

Nate can't handle a decent wrestler.? Didn't he beat Maynard into Bolivia?

MRG1 site profile image  

1/16/14 10:40 PM by MRG1

WTF? top 5-7??? Who has he beat to deserve that? a laundry list of unranked fighters? makes sense.