Cole Miller: 'Clownboy' Cerrone come on down


When Cole Miller beat Andy Ogle in October, he immediately advocated for his next fight.

"This is my 15th fight in the UFC," said Miller. "I'm over here looking at this guy - I know a show pony when I see one. And that's what Colin, Conor, whatever his name is… I know that's what he is."

Conor McGregor is recovering from ACL surgery and will not return until the spring.

Wednesday night when Miller earned the UFN 35 Submission of the Night over Sam Sicilia, Miller called out Donald 'Cowboy' Cerrone.

"I’m trying to come up with some of these contenders," said Miller from the Octago. "There’s one guy in particular. I think everyone knows who it is. It’s you, Donald ‘Clownboy’ Cerrone. You been talking about coming down to 145, come on down.”

“I tell you what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna send Mike Dolce over to you and you can put the bill on me. He’s probably gonna tell you the same thing I’m gonna tell you: lay off them cheeseburgers and Twinkies homie.”

“This is not something new. This rivalry started in 2007. We had a couple out of the cage altercations over the past few years, and when he first came into the UFC he called me out, and I just wanted to return the favor. He's been talking about coming down to 145 pounds and fighting at featherweight. Talking about it is one thing, if he needs some motivation to come on down, then I gave it to him."

Before the fight can be discussed in earnest, Cerrone has to fight Adriano Martins at UFC on FOX 10 on Jan 25 in Chicago.

And, most unfortunately, Miller broke his hand in Wednesday's fight.

Cole Miller@colemillerATT
Another broke hand. On the left this time. At least I got sub of the night. Thanks for a great night @ufc!

There is no word yet on whether Miller will need surgery.

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Spiderneedsmoremilk site profile image  

1/17/14 8:32 AM by Spiderneedsmoremilk

Two of my favorites...I would be torn.Great fight Cole!

carcaju site profile image  

1/17/14 1:44 AM by carcaju

Cowboy would fuck him up badly, and I would pay good money to watch it!!!

raf_269 site profile image  

1/17/14 12:32 AM by raf_269

Miller just trying to create some hype for himself. Not smart to call out Cerrone. Cowboy would dominate Cole.

Africazillion site profile image  

1/17/14 12:03 AM by Africazillion

"I think everyone knows who I'm talking about..."Mentions fighter nobody expected him to call out. I gotta say though, he really cuts to the bone with his words. First with "Goober" and now he really went all out with the vicious "Clownboy" insult. Give him credit though, at least this time he didn't put his head down and Forrest Gump it out of the arena immediately after saying it.

XxLiveBaitxX site profile image  

1/16/14 7:13 PM by XxLiveBaitxX

“I tell you what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna send Mike Dolce over to you and you can put the bill on me."Cole Miller- Pimp to Mike Dolce (nutritional gigolo)

mixjitsu site profile image  

1/16/14 6:48 PM by mixjitsu

Lawler and Brown are bad comparisons

shadysavagecameonmaiaface site profile image  

1/16/14 6:38 PM by shadysavagecameonmaiaface

*or at least more recognizable with the more casual fan base at that time.

shadysavagecameonmaiaface site profile image  

1/16/14 6:37 PM by shadysavagecameonmaiaface

To be fair, I distinctly remember Cowboy calling Cole out a very long time ago. So it's not like it's an out of the blue call out from Cole. IIRC, it was something to do with Cowboy being heated over something about his fight with Leonard Garcia. It made the rounds on social media, when arguably Cole was a little more recognizable because of his stint on TUF and UFC fights.

M Theory site profile image  

1/16/14 6:33 PM by M Theory

Haha this is funny because he said Mendes not Gil. But I agree and Cole even clarified this in the presser. 

olskool site profile image  

1/16/14 6:30 PM by olskool

Man! Guys like you light this bitch up in here with your forward thinking and general knowledge of the game!! id say he doesn't call out Gil because they are friends.  Guys like you should have learned to pay attention back in second grade bro! For all the dumbasses out there... Cowboy mentioned dropping to FW. He and cole had a beef. He was not only welcoming him to the division he was offering to help with the weight cut. For all of you who know cole so well.. U know he was serious about the offer. cole can beat anyone at FW on a given day.  Period bitches