White: Brock Lesnar return 'definitely a possibility'


At the UFC Fight Night 35 post fight press conference, UFC president Dana White was asked about the potential return of Brock Lesnar.

"Me and Brock talk," said White as transcribed by MMAFighting. "I said recently Brock feels like, he said he has some regrets with MMA because he wasn't healthy. He was going through those stomach problems the whole time he was here. So he has regrets."

"It's interesting. He became champion with diverticulitis. What would he have done without it? From the first day he fought in the UFC until his last fight he was suffering from it. He never felt right. He just didn't know why and then it really hit him. He feels like he was fighting here at 40 percent.

"He thinks a Brock Lesnar that was 100 percent could have done much better. I told him, 'you're out of your f---ing mind. You came in here with one fight and became the heavyweight champion.' It was fun having Brock here."

"So he has some regrets. Would he like to fight again? I'm sure he would. We'll see how this whole thing plays out. It's definitely a possibility."

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Anthomis site profile image  

1/18/14 7:23 AM by Anthomis

Look man, how bout YOU watch that fight.   I will admit the obvious, Lesnar has the chin of a god. I can't remember him ever even being wobbled.   But when Carwin walked forward and started throwing punches, Brock curled up into a ball, like he always does when you are the bully of the fight. He survived a ton of punches and elbows (Jaw and Toughness) . Then took a gassed Carwin down in the 2nd round and got the easy submission.   Lesnar is a beast. Like I said. But his worst area is when someone is putting the pressure on him. He crumbles.

fraz1001 site profile image  

1/16/14 6:08 PM by fraz1001

He's not coming backEnd of thread

KingofBJJ site profile image  

1/16/14 6:04 PM by KingofBJJ

No thanks. The last time he came here he brought all of the yahoo hick inbred fans with him. Now they won't leave.

Mix6APlix site profile image  

1/16/14 3:54 PM by Mix6APlix

Don't care. Not even the slightest bit.

jpm995 site profile image  

1/16/14 3:53 PM by jpm995

If Brock comes back let him fight anyone he wants. He's the event doesn't matter who he fights.

AlexinTO site profile image  

1/16/14 3:52 PM by AlexinTO

watch the beat down Carwin gave him in round one of their fight in 2010 and tell me he is a little girl..How many of us on the UG could be pummelled by a 265 lb monster like Carwin and then come out and finish him (yah he was gassed but still) in the 2nd round?

BobSalvage site profile image  

1/16/14 3:44 PM by BobSalvage

How did he not show heart in the Carwin fight? Just wondering how you say it

joevonaxeman site profile image  

1/16/14 3:39 PM by joevonaxeman

Win or lose, that's the path he'd need to take to a title fight. And you really think Mir or a juiceless Reem beats him? Be serious.

RPBJJ site profile image  

1/16/14 3:31 PM by RPBJJ

I would love to see Brock back. Hate him, love him, whatever. Dude always had exciting fights whether he was dishing an ass whoopin or taking one! lol

crwhitlock site profile image  

1/16/14 3:04 PM by crwhitlock

Say what you will about the man but he elevated MMA to a level it wouldn't have reached without him.