Mousasi hoping to make Machida pay for mistakes


Lyoto Machida will certainly be Gegard Mousasi's stiffest test since making his UFC debut, but the same can be said of Machida for his second fight at middleweight. Mousasi is confident and believes he will capitalize on any mistake Machida makes in the fight:

"He's not the biggest [challenge of my career]. I've had many fights, against dangerous strikers, heavier opponents. I fought K-1, different divisions. It's one of the most important fights for me. I look forward to the fight. He has his gaps. Stand-up, he makes mistakes. I think it's gonna be that fight that whoever makes a mistake is gonna pay for it. I can get a title shot after this fight, maybe. I like Lyoto, he's a good guy. But we're gonna fight and see who is the better fighter."

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1/18/14 12:51 AM by Vote me down


TheArmenianGuy site profile image  

1/18/14 12:41 AM by TheArmenianGuy

His last name is Movsesian not Mousasi. You're referring to armenians in LA lol you just don't know it

rnunz site profile image  

1/17/14 4:41 PM by rnunz

To be fair, I think it is only Armenians with -ian at the end of their names that are high strung

TheArmenianGuy site profile image  

1/17/14 4:21 PM by TheArmenianGuy

Come on bro. Not cool.

Crystal Whiskers site profile image  

1/17/14 3:46 PM by Crystal Whiskers

At least he doesn't say bro a hundred times in an interview.

TheArmenianGuy site profile image  

1/17/14 3:06 PM by TheArmenianGuy

That's not true. Were chilly chill chillian.

HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe site profile image  

1/17/14 2:30 PM by HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe

Gegard is a walking contradiction. Armenian's are not that chill.

Big Pookie site profile image  

1/17/14 2:10 PM by Big Pookie

I used to be a Mousasi fan until I saw the Jets hat.

InYoMommaCloset site profile image  

1/17/14 2:02 PM by InYoMommaCloset

Cool.Looks in shape.Hope it's a cracker.

Galanis site profile image  

1/17/14 1:27 PM by Galanis