Overeem leaves the Blackzilians camp, trains in Thailand


When Alistair Overeem quit his former Golden Glory team in 2011, he shortly thereafter found a home with the Florida based Blackzilians. The team is organized by the CEO of Authentic Sports Management, Glenn Robinson, who serves as Overeem's manager. The Blackzilian team, which includes Vitor Belfort, Rashad Evans, Anthony Johnson, and Tyrone Spong, seemed an excellent fit, as Overeem brutally defeated Brock Lesnar at UFC 14.

But then Overeem lost two in a row, to "Bigfoot" Silva and Travis Browne. Three losses in a row generally result in release from a contract in the UFC. Overeem has a fight vs. Frank Mir at UFC 169 on Feb. 1, and decided to switcht things up, leaving the Blackzilian camp and training instead in Thailand, at Phuket’s Tiger & Maximum, Ubon’s Legacy, Samui’s Superpro.

Robinson, who remains as Overeem's manager, discussed the move during an appearance on The MMA Hour.

"Alistair doesn't train with us, he trains in Thailand," said Robinson as translated by MMAMania. "He's welcome back, but he's decided to do his camp in Thailand. It was a great camp. I talked to him last night, and it was a great camp and he said he feels fantastic. He's in really good spirits. He's welcome -- he's always welcome. It's always his home if he wants it to be, but right now he's not looking past the fight he has in a couple of weeks, that's the most important thing. And we'll see after that what he wants to do."

An image gallery on SamuraiLife does show a leaner Reem!

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crwhitlock site profile image  

1/22/14 1:28 PM by crwhitlock

Amazing how different he looks.

MattyECB site profile image  

1/21/14 9:09 PM by MattyECB

That last bit isn't fair to say. You've got no idea what he went through or didn't go through and what the camp was or is like. And didn't the Blackzillians have a brutal losing streak years quite some time into their inception, I think they're doing great now, but all I'm saying is we can't be sure what's best for him. We can guess all day and blame anything from camp to drugs to personal issue, but only he really knows what's best for him, and he doesn't seem like the BJ or Nelson type who'd just sit on his haunches and let himself get lazy

SlipSlap site profile image  

1/21/14 8:21 PM by SlipSlap

Those are my steroids kitty! That's a bad kitty!Vitor to Reem in Cartman voice

Jack_Bauer site profile image  

1/21/14 8:00 PM by Jack_Bauer


OmgItsTheWams site profile image  

1/21/14 4:47 PM by OmgItsTheWams

Why do you act like him not being part of the blackzillians is a good thing they are a great camp and if he blended in and became a good teammate he probably would've won his last 2 fights

Gobulcoque site profile image  

1/21/14 3:46 PM by Gobulcoque

I thought he looked very focused and serious in has last fight compared to his other ones. He really wanted to win impressively to erase what happened against Bigfoot and he looked great before he Carwined himself. Hopefully he doesn't make another stupid mistake against Mir... if not, Mir is going to get destroyed, badly.

SpicyTaco20 site profile image  

1/21/14 3:37 PM by SpicyTaco20

He's training in Thailand now

SpicyTaco20 site profile image  

1/21/14 3:37 PM by SpicyTaco20

Hahaha fuck you dickhead

Toquinho site profile image  

1/21/14 3:31 PM by Toquinho

Thanks man. I also understand AJ saying he is not a team player and but he never pretended to be one. he is a fighter that takes care of himself only and since its only him in the cage i dont blame him. Or as fatt serra would say. Fuk'mwant to see the same attitude he had before the rogerd and werdum fights, the 'i am going to demolish your body and eat your soul attitude". I dont know why but his attitude and expression during his walkout and look across the cage in the browne fight was like another person re: self confidence.

quality site profile image  

1/21/14 2:59 PM by quality

Ha ha ha. He probably did say that.