Vitor Belfort will pursue TUE for Weidman bout


For all his amazing performances inside the Octagon, Vitor Belfort is discussed sometimes with an asterik, as many fans and media believe that is use of TRT gives him an unfair advantage. Belfort however believes the drug is necessary for his health and will plan to apply for a therapautic use exemption for the drug for his upcoming title fight with Chris Weidman:

Vitor Belfort told UFC Tonight's Ariel Helwani on Wednesday that he is going to ask for a therapeutic use exemption for testosterone for his next fight, which is expected to be against middleweight champion Chris Weidman later this year in Las Vegas.

The statement contradicted an earlier statement by manager Glenn Robinson, who said on The MMA Hour that he didn't think Belfort would apply for a TUE in Nevada.

Belfort said he regarded the testosterone use as medication that he needs. In theory, a TUE for testosterone should only be granted if someone's natural production of testosterone is at well under normal levels, and thus not having enough testosterone in the body is a health concern. Taking testosterone, an anabolic steroid, is otherwise prohibited in most major sports. 

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Stephen Holder site profile image  

1/24/14 2:06 PM by Stephen Holder

I'd be willing to bet that Vitor is abusing his medical clearance to take Testosterone. Lets say we knew for sure he isnt though... What would be explanation for his dominance/win streak/change in physique/demeanor?I hate to break this to you guys but even the smartest doctors and 'endos' dont have a clue about how the endocrine system works. Its not as perfected of a science as doctors would have you belive. Ask anyone who has had their thyroid removed. Doctors will tell you 'oh your gonna be just fine, just take this little pill every day and you wont even know its gone.' Meanwhile you can ask most people who have their thyroid removed if they regret it and they will tell you they wish theyhad never gotten the procedure done. Although I doubt it in Vitor's case, its plausible that he is somehow benefiting from normal levels due to being genetically different somehow and doctors dont really undersand how people's bodys react to administering regulated doses of TRT.

MattyECB site profile image  

1/24/14 12:48 PM by MattyECB

And for the record, I really hope Belfort gets the TUE   I wanna see old dinosaur Belfort when he fights young lion Weidman. It's just that I've got zero illusions about the ethics of the matter or the fact that's it's, at worst, blatantly legal and encouraged steroid abuse with, in a best case scenario or rather AC, limits; or, at best,  a way to prolong the career of fighters who've already damaged themselves irrepairably and are continuing their careers longer than they should.   Fuckit, JUST BLEED

MattyECB site profile image  

1/24/14 12:44 PM by MattyECB

It would put him at a normal range, but it's almost certainly necessary for the sole reason that Belfort destroyed his body via steroid abuse.   Even with dehydration and multiple concussions, it's incredibly rare to drop to dangerously low T levels at a young age -- certainly rare enough to raise suspicion with the amount we see it in MMA, and especially with the 20something, 30something athletes we've seen who, "need it," despite having had amazing bodies throughout their careers and very likely do not suffer from hypogonadism. So taking all that into account you should distrust virtually any MMA athlete who needs it, but ESPECIALLY if they've already fucking pissed hot before lol   If you don't mind the idea of someone juicing and now getting to cheat to avoid his come-uppance -- and btw a TUE, IIRC, by definition is not meant to grant TRT for someone who needs it because of cycling -- then there's ALMOST no issue. Cause there's still the issue of testing, but even if there's very regular and monitored testing and you don't mind the associated costs, or the fact that they're being incurred because someone cheated, then there's pretty much no issue. Except maybe upper limits on what's considered the healthy range, but let's say we're in a good AC like the NJAC or NSAC, then ok -- we've got a constant testing (sometimes) with those ACs and a nice lowered upper limit to avoid someone maxing his, "healthy range," well, he can still be higher than he should've ever been naturally or than his opponent is naturally -- which is why i never understood them not just limiting someone to the minimum healthy range (you'd think that'd be enough of a concession to someone who cheated his way out of his own levels), but let's say we've got all that taken care of...   Well ya, I guess it's OK then lol I've heard there's ways to game that system pretty easily too, but that could easily be, as you said, misinformation. So I guess it's a matter of personal opinion. I just think the thing is sketchy enough we shouldn't fucking encourage steroid abusers, by giving them a carte blanche to fix themselves after blatant abuse. Bad enough we have to assume people like Todd Duffee need it from natural hypogonadism LOL    

MattyECB site profile image  

1/24/14 12:30 PM by MattyECB

We understand TRT you whacky mofo, some people just don't believe you should be allowed to flood your body with so much exogenous testosterone through illegal steroids that your endocrine system completely dysfunctions and no longer gains the ability for endogenous production. This above point is exactly why Belfort gets more shit than people like Hendo who were never popped for steroids and have had enough wars / are old enough they may just genuinely be at a disadvantage and need TRT to offset aging (Although even then, there's a serious argument that you shouldn't be fucking fighting if you've aged/damaged yourself, either through concussive blows or dehydration, sufficiently to destroy your endocrine system)   There is also a lot of fucking things wrong with it -- the better AC's keep a lower ceiling than the maximum physiological level, but it's still higher than the floor meaning you can nuke your own body's endogenous T production, which may have been closer to the lower limit of healthy, then be allowed to enter TRT and dose yourself up closer to the ceiling and higher than what your body would've EVER produced naturally. This issue is only worsened in shitty ACs where they don't keep a lowered ceiling than the maximum physiological level.    So no, don't say it's a bunch of fucking uneducated fans, and btw -- maybe you should look at which drugs can actually be involved in a TRT cycle hmmm? (Some of the synthetic anabolics allowed don't even mimic a physiological release but peak and trough allowing strong initial dosing, and are incredibly potent) Then of course there's the additional danger of being able to game the system depending on testing type being used by maintaing a ratio, while fucking with the absolute levels -- although, I'm not knowledgeable enough about the matter to speak of this last point confidently.     But my, what a silly, silly, bitch of a straw man argument you've set up! Maybe someone else needs the educating?  

bigtreechris site profile image  

1/24/14 12:16 PM by bigtreechris

So is the bigger issue with this the worry that he's elevating his levels way above the normal range while training and then dropping down before pre fight screenings? Bc technically wouldn't him testing at normal levels during all pre fight tests(assuming they do multiple tests) put him on a level playing field with no advantage?Just looking for info here, I've never studied up much on trt other than reading all the UG threads about it abd there's a lot of misinformation floating around.

colubrid1 site profile image  

1/24/14 12:02 PM by colubrid1

BJ Penn looks like he has low test.Also so did a lot of the Pride fighters when they came to the UFC for the first time. That is why they lost.

colubrid1 site profile image  

1/24/14 12:00 PM by colubrid1

Actually Vitor did not "build" his physic while on TRT. Muscles have a memory and he was big before.If anything what you see in his physic is smaller muscles --much smaller. But harder and lower bodyfat.Low testosterone levels means you have high estrogen. His physic off TRT is higher in fat and that is what you see in a depleted Belfort.

Stephen Holder site profile image  

1/24/14 11:18 AM by Stephen Holder

I think "low T" is common for men in their later years but when looking at mixed martial artists, to be fair I have heard it said even by BJ Penn that repeatedly cutting weight in short amounts of time can cause low levels of testosterone earlier than you'd expect the average male to taper off. Thing thats pretty bad ass about BJ is that hes sayin it to acknowledge that he has lower levels but still refuses to undergo therapy.

Hardcharger site profile image  

1/24/14 10:58 AM by Hardcharger

That's not true. His total test levels cannot exceed the normal range, which is around 1,100 by/dl. And with the series of prefight tests, they will know what his levels are for weeks leading up to the fight.

MieshaTatesSideBoob site profile image  

1/24/14 10:26 AM by MieshaTatesSideBoob

Vitor has to go for it. Forget about physical benefits (train harder and longer), he is more confident on it. Also, His body will look different without it (Anderson Silva Fight) People will talk.