Pettis hoping for July return


Anthony Pettis was originally supposed to defend his title his Saturday at the UFC on FOX 10, until an injury sidelined the UFC champion. Pettis is recovering well and now has a timeline for a potential return:

Pettis is apparently shooting for the six-month – or even less – end of that spectrum.

“The doctor said six to eight months, so I’m hoping six months,” Pettis told UFC Tonight shortly after the surgery, and then touched base with them again on Wednesday night to reiterate that he wants to fight in July.

Pettis told UFC Tonight that his knee rehab is going great and that he intends to return in July. His manager, Mike Roberts, added that they want to fight on the UFC’s annual Fourth of July weekend event on July 5.

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RondaHonda'dmymangina3744 site profile image  

1/23/14 1:31 PM by RondaHonda'dmymangina3744

If Pettis rushes back he is finished and will most likely get hurt again.  The guy has so many injuries already there is no way he is going to be a fighting champion.  He will fight once a year if that. 

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1/23/14 1:25 PM by deepu


KingofBJJ site profile image  

1/23/14 1:16 PM by KingofBJJ

Looking forward to Pettis's brother to take on Leroy. Should be good.

The Sultan site profile image  

1/23/14 12:21 AM by The Sultan

Its crazy how these guys dont take knee rehabs too seriously anymore. When you tear a ligament in your knee and subsequently have surgery, you really need to take your time and rehab well. Once youve injured it once, its much much easier to injure it again.Especially those who rush back and try to compete in a brutal sport like mma. 6 months is very aggressive for a return. He should look at the 8 month return. Be smart pettis. These are your knees bro!

n5 site profile image  

1/22/14 11:49 PM by n5

Pettis hurt his pickle.

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GSP_GREASED_MY_BUTTHOLE site profile image  


Anyone see that ortho surgeon on UFC tonight talking about how PlCL is harder to come back from than tib/fib fracture silva had?

Mix6APlix site profile image  

1/22/14 11:44 PM by Mix6APlix

Only if its in Milwaukee.

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1/22/14 11:30 PM by MMA Lives Here


Mack Diesel site profile image  

1/22/14 11:18 PM by Mack Diesel

Yeah right!! No disrespect but he's riding this out Dominick Cruz style.