Shamrock comes clean about prior steroid use


UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock was a guest on last night's episode of Inside MMA on AXS TV and came clean about his use of steroids in his career:


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Throwin'Knuckles site profile image  

2/2/14 5:54 PM by Throwin'Knuckles

Diet is huge.... But phony drugs are floating around the gyms for sure. The Nolva I use to get was legit. Same shit they use for breast cancer patients. (Estrogen makes the tumor grow in these patients. )

BshMstr site profile image  

2/2/14 5:25 PM by BshMstr

^or bunk A-dex...

BshMstr site profile image  

2/2/14 3:23 PM by BshMstr

without knowing the cycle, i can't really say, but being bloated with 1 mg/day of A-dex is pretty rare...your issue might have to do with prolactin, or like you mentioned, a sodium issue...

Morpheus1976 site profile image  

1/30/14 8:49 AM by Morpheus1976

His coming clean would be a surprise in 2002 or so, not in 2014.

JoeRogan420 site profile image  

1/30/14 7:10 AM by JoeRogan420

clattymine to JoeRogan420 Jan 27 (2 days ago)I had to freeze you for 2 days for fighter bashing:"You're an idiot Ken. Not only did you use steroids whilst in the ring, you used three.Moron."Please be more careful with your wording in the future.Thanks!Fuck the UG.

WidespreadPanic site profile image  

1/27/14 8:32 PM by WidespreadPanic

A person like Shamrock has nothing to contribute to this, since he fought a skinny, clean Royce back in the first UFCs, pumped to the gills. Oh, and he lost. And he tried to initially to keep fighting when the ref seemed clueless. More the ref's fault than his, but still, not my idea of sportsmanship. I could tell Bas wanted to say something but he decided not to be rude or cause someone to go on one of those classic rampages.

bigdee1983420 site profile image  

1/27/14 12:41 PM by bigdee1983420

But if hes not abusing,and staying at normal levels while training. Thats not cheating at all bro. Your saying "extra time" as if ur in his camp,and no exactly how he takes the stuff. What if hes doing everything by the book?? My point is its not a magical drug that changes ur entire game over night. Look at the ratio with fighters losing and winning on TRT,its mostly guys losing. Also I have no problem with guys taking TRT. Where all fans at the end of the day right? Just enjoy the most exciting fights and stop this witch hunt for Vitor Belfort. People act so surprised when people(Vitor) come out and say I'm on TRT. Or they get caught using designer steroids. Steroids have been apart of MMA since day 1 whether people wanna believe it or not. Steroids/Testosterone will always be apart of Sport. You really dont know who's using what in MMA and Sports in general. Quit getting so butt hurt about it acting like it effects ur life situation(Not directing that towards you just people in general that are bitching) Like I said just enjoy this great sport! Cheers!!

Musashi site profile image  

1/27/14 11:59 AM by Musashi

I find the whole "Ken comes clean" angle amusing.There is nothing clean about it. "I used steroids but I never used them while I was in the Octagon"Sure Ken. We'll take your word for it. pfff

Bulerias site profile image  

1/27/14 10:31 AM by Bulerias

I guess they should start at the bottom, testing all sports and leave the top level alone? That is flawed logic...Take down the Lance Armstrong's and send a message to everyone that even with the most elite expensive ways to administer it (for Lance it became direct blood transfusions)will be found, and wipe the slate clean... Unfortunately a lot of hero worshipping fans will be disappointed for a short time, but the real fans will stick around to let the sport rebuild itself ~

Maasiai site profile image  

1/27/14 10:23 AM by Maasiai

That was hard to listen to ken ramble on. It was like listening to some senior go on and on and constantly repeat themselves. I tried to listen to the whole thing but I couldn't make it.