Slow and Hot with Brittney Palmer: Basketball


Brittney Palmer learns the secret to dunking the basketball in super slow motion. Dunking is always better when it's slow and hot.


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FETT_DiscipleDojo site profile image  

1/29/14 2:59 PM by FETT_DiscipleDojo

Apparently my MMArithmatic formula explaining the Banksy-esque level of artistry demonstrated in these videos was not appreciated by a higher-up and was deleted. I thought it was a compliment if anything. C'est la vive...

superCalo site profile image  

1/27/14 2:59 PM by superCalo

apologies I respect all creative types, She has a unique style, unique in that she does it and many others too, many a Arab Shiek would love to purchase her works perhaps with extra incentives provided to get said sale.

Aaron Becker site profile image  

1/27/14 9:52 AM by Aaron Becker

these videos are retarded

MMAFriedRice site profile image  

1/27/14 4:03 AM by MMAFriedRice

She has well and truly butchered her face!!!!!!!

CindyO site profile image  

1/27/14 2:58 AM by CindyO


FETT_DiscipleDojo site profile image  

1/26/14 10:39 PM by FETT_DiscipleDojo

Hey, it took many hours and thousands of dollars worth of art school classes to spray paint those stencils. Have some respect.

chalice site profile image  

1/26/14 6:16 PM by chalice

finally a video that showcases how hardworking and talented brittney palmer really is, i bet it took months of training to overcome all of her paralyzed facial muscles and be able to wink like that.

ChaoticTorres site profile image  

1/26/14 6:09 PM by ChaoticTorres

I can't tell, but is she trying to smile or something?The dunking was pretty cool though.

superCalo site profile image  

1/26/14 6:04 PM by superCalo

Fake video, said it was Britney Palmer, uG blog once again making things up out of thin air, don't know who this chick is but at least acknowledge her as a real person not as a octagon stencil artist

chaplinshouse site profile image  

1/26/14 5:53 PM by chaplinshouse

always knew she'd end up on film handling black guy's balls