Controversial main event decision, 'The Punk' says this may be it


The main event at UFC on FOX 10 ended in a controversial Split Decision for Benson Henderson. Josh Thomson got a broken hand, his show money, and lost the title shot he had earned vs. Anthony Pettis.

There was a lot of uncertainty before Bruce Buffer read off the scores:
“Judge Gabriel Sabaitis scores the bout 48-47, Thomson”
“Judge Brian Puccillo scores the bout 48-47, Henderson”
“And Judge Sal D’Amato scores the bout 49-46, for the winner by Split Decision……….Benson “Smooth” Henderson!”

That was the beginning of the controversy.


The scores broke down as follows:

Round One
Sal D'Amato - Thomson
Brian Puccillo - Thomson
Gabriel Sabaitis - Thomson

Round Two
Sal D'Amato - Henderson
Brian Puccillo - Thomson
Gabriel Sabaitis - Henderson

Round Three
Sal D'Amato - Henderson
Brian Puccillo - Henderson
Gabriel Sabaitis - Thomson

Round Four
Sal D'Amato - Henderson
Brian Puccillo - Henderson
Gabriel Sabaitis - Henderson

Round Five
Sal D'Amato - Henderson
Brian Puccillo - Henderson
Gabriel Sabaitis - Thomson

The scores can also be looked at by judge:

Judge Sal D'Amato
Thomson Henderson Henderson Henderson Henderson

Judge Brian Puccillo
Thomson Thomson Henderson Henderson Henderson

Judge Gabriel Sabaitis
Thomson Henderson Thomson Henderson Thomson Henderson


Fight Metric broke the fight down using both their own method, and by the 10 Point Must system. Using the round by round scoring mandated by the Unified Rules, Fight Metric scored it for Thomson:

Judge Fight Metric
Thomson Thomson Henderson Thomson Draw.

However, using the Fight Metric Effectiveness Score, they called the fight a draw.

Striking Report

Grappling Report




MMADecisions aggregated media scores, and they were overwhelmingly for Thomson.

For Henderson - 49-46, Craig Amos - 49-46     49-46

For Thomson, Mookie Alexander - 47-48
BloodyElbow.comm, T.P. Grant - 47-48, Tim Burke - 47-48
Fight Network, John Pollock - 47-48
Las Vegas Sun, Paul-Delos Santos - 47-48, Chuck Mindenhall - 47-48, Cory Braiterman - 47-48, TJ DeSantis - 46-49, Chris Nelson - 46-49, Jordan Breen - 46-49 


Derek Brunson @DerekBrunsonMMA
Dont leave it in the hands of the judges , they will make you cry every time - Burt Watson . This 1 to the judges

TJ Grant @TJ_Grant
Could this be a draw? I gave 1 to Thompson. 2 literally either way. 3 hendo 4 Thompson and 5 neither guy took it

Kelvin Gastelum @KelvinGastelum

Brian Stann @BrianStann
Tough fight to score, could see a lot of people arguing after this one


Anthony Pettis @Showtimepettis
I am not impressed....#GSPvoice


Cesar Gracie @CesarGracieBJJ
@ufc judges must hate former @Strikeforce champs.

Dan Henderson @danhendo
I gave rounds 1,2 and 4 to Josh.
The judge who had it 4-1 for Bendo needs to be fired.

Felice Herrig @feliceherrig
That decision was bullshit @UFC Thompson won that fight !!!

Ian McCall @Unclecreepymma
Bullshit ... @THEREALPUNK won that fight

Ivan Menjivar ufc @Ivanmenjivar
i say Thomson by unanimous decision

Jamie Varner  @jamievarner
I'm just gonna assume if I don't finish my fights from now on, I'm gonna lose. Great fight tonight @BensonHenderson @THEREALPUNK

jimi manuwa @POSTERBOYJM

khabib nurmagomedov @TeamKhabib
48-47 Josh

Patrick Healy @BamBamHealy
Judges can be a real bummer. @THEREALPUNK was robbed. Still deserves a title shot.

'Rowdy' Bec Rawlings @RowdyBec

Roy Nelson @roynelsonmma
Congrats to Josh he won but Henderson won the judges

Tim Kennedy @TimKennedyMMA
MMA judges SUCK BALLS!!!!!!


Sarah Kaufman @mmasarah
I have Henderson taking rd 5 by a small margin and taking the fight 49-46. There were some close rds though so I could be of

Tim Welch @TimwelchMT
Punk won most of the positions but did zero damage , Benson was damaging him the whole time , good decision

And the last word here goes to Benson Henderson, who got the win.

Benson Henderson @BensonHenderson
•Hats off to @TheRealPunk, WE who lay it on the line know the ups n downs that come w/the job, you're a stud, mad respect...
•I love you @ufc fans, you make this tough job worth it, a lot of other things I could do to pay my bills but wouldn't be as fun!!!


“I felt I definitely did enough to deserve to get my hand raised and get the W," said Henderson. “Getting a W inside the UFC, let me see how you do it, and how you take it. I like Ws. I like getting my hand raised. I’ll take it any way I can get it - you slip on a banana peel, by the skin of my teeth, by any means.


Thomson was so dissapointed, he is considering retirement.

“This might be it, man,” said Thomson at the post-fight press conference, as transcribed by MMAWeekly. “You train this hard for this long. I just see my title shots [expletive] disappearing.”

“I've had this all in my head. A 15-, 16-week camp will do that to you. I'm no spring chicken, so you start thinking about it. Two practices a day for six days a week, 16 weeks; that's an NFL season. I get hit more than guys in the NFL and they get paid way more.

“Everybody needs to know [when] their time has come. Maybe it's not mine right now, but I also don't want to be that person that fights not knowing when it's time to quit.”

“I beat the former UFC champion. The guy was here for two years, and I beat him with one hand. That's what I can't stomach. I'm a better fighter. That's what pisses me off.”

“Realistically, I'm just going to go home, have a talk with my family and talk with my coaches, and I'm probably going to sit down with Dana and see which direction we want to go. That's really what it comes down to is just getting the whole team together, seeing what the plans are for me.”


Last words go to the UG. Who do you think won the fight, why, and who do you think hurt who most?


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dan0s site profile image  

1/30/14 8:25 AM by dan0s

Fair enough, sorry if I got over aggressive.Just sick of watching Ben go out there with the same game plan each fight which is to attempt to claim a close decision.If we reversed the fighters and Benson was Josh, Benson would still have won. That is my issue. He didn't win 4 rounds at all. 2 at most and it was a close fight, but Josh was in control for more of the fight than Ben was.But the way Ben carries himself in fights makes him win the decisions, he sways judges decisions by acting nonchalant throughout, it pisses me off a lot because he doesn't deserve it when he doesn't attempt anything.

MMA Lives Here site profile image  

1/29/14 8:30 AM by MMA Lives Here

Are you confusing me with someone else? You're the one being aggressive. Benson isn't one of my favourite fighters, I had no dog in that fight. I'm no analyst I'm just a fan who spends most of his free time watching fights. To me, it was reasonably clear Ben won the fight. If Thomson hadn't broken his hand things might have been different. Benson IMO landed the more meaningful strikes and while Josh had his back a few times he didn't do much with it. Nothing spectacular happened in that fight but Ben won three or four rounds IMHO

dan0s site profile image  

1/29/14 7:32 AM by dan0s

Because the app on all OS'S are flawless. Mate, you should be an mma analyst/software tester, you are a fantastic, you can read the fights and pick the decisions. (In a Ben Hendo fight that may not be hard - split dec bendo either way, seems the tend). Your skills are so great you know what is exactly going on and how fighters fight. Quick apply for a job because you will get it ASAP. But in reality accept that Bendo lost that fight by the 10 pt must system.It's OK to be butthurt about your favorite fighter not being able to finish but mate being aggressive to me and making me waste all this time positing has been a bother.Enough is enough. And Im sure a lot of the Ug will agree.Please, a response with some good facts and stats would be nice, I don't care about insignificant strikes, I.e all Benson throws. I look forward to your reply.

PsilocinAndCybin site profile image  

1/29/14 6:59 AM by PsilocinAndCybin

You kind of nailed it pointing out Henderson standing up why I feel Bensons striking > Thompsons grappeling. Grappeling is a very important aspect of MMA and should be judged as such but no matter how dominant a position, I really feel there needs to be some massive sub threats, damage done from said positions or at least a consistent maintaining of dominant position to count them against damaged done by the other opponent.Damn why the hell did Thompsons thumb have to break lol

iwatchsomemma site profile image  

1/29/14 6:46 AM by iwatchsomemma

Bendo clearly won the close fight.He definitely took at least 3 rounds.Not enough activity from Punk except for mounting which he gave up everytime Bendo stood up.

PsilocinAndCybin site profile image  

1/29/14 6:32 AM by PsilocinAndCybin

Would have to go back and re watch to say which round I thought went to who, but overall as a huge Josh Thompson fan, someone who wanted to see Josh fight Pettis and someone who thought Josh beat Melendez in their last fight in Strikeforce, I really thought Benson dealt more damage which is my way of picking a winner when fights are very close. Benson by a narrow margin being that his strikes were more significant than Thompsons grappling. Still, so very close. As a Thompson fan, very heart broken about his injury to his hand and can't stop wondering how it would have went had that not happenedAgain though, very close. I only say Henderson if forced to pick a winner based on who did more damage in my opinion, but really could have been a draw. Also could have gave it to Thompson if his attempted rnc was a lot more threatening even if not sunk in.

MMA Lives Here site profile image  

1/29/14 6:13 AM by MMA Lives Here

I replied to you. Why u quote old postY u do dis

dan0s site profile image  

1/29/14 5:50 AM by dan0s

Nice to see you move across and ignore all of the rest of the points I made in my comments. Very talented. Thanks for wasting my time you troll. "Move along, nothing to see here,"Go watch some more mma then come back to me, it's nice that you find a favorite fighter early but at least pick an entertaining one at that.Now to close this off, you are an uneducated 'new mma fan' and your emotions get in the way of realty. Seeya douche bag

MMA Lives Here site profile image  

1/29/14 5:44 AM by MMA Lives Here

I'm not religious and I'm not a fan/hater of either guy. I sat there with the same mate I've watched most UFC events with for years and saw Thomson break his hand and lose the fight. I knew it, my mate knew it, Thomson knew it etc. It was an interesting enough fight but the injury kinda ruined it

dan0s site profile image  

1/29/14 5:37 AM by dan0s

It may be an opinion but it is shared by many people around the world, you my friend are in the minority. Bendo fans feel the need to protect their idol (I'm sure Jesus might know according to Ben, maybe even you?). I, on the other hand was never a big fan of josh, but he fought with what he had and won that the fight based on the system they use, he should have won the decision.I am so fed up with these ratshit decisions that Bendo is being handed, and I'm sure Dana/lorenzo and Joe Silva get sick of this rubbish too.Sure the guy is tough as nails but he's boring as watching grass grow, send him back to the prelims please.