White backs physician call for TRT ban


The Association of Ringside Physicians' recently TRT/" target="_blank">called for the elimination of testosterone replacement therapy in mixed martial arts. UFC President Dana White said he was "thrilled" by the call, and noted that government athletic commissions should close the TRT loophole permanently.

"The doctors came out and said they want to ban it? Well, that's the answer," White told The AP on Monday. "It's legal in the sport. The commissions let you do it. You get an exemption, and you have to be monitored and all the stuff that's going on, but if they're going to do away with it? There you go. It's a problem solved."

"He drives me crazy, and me and Vitor were not on good terms a few months ago," White said. "Just because this whole TRT thing, I think, is unfair, and I said we're going to test the living s--- out of him [during training]. And we have, and he has complied, and he has been within the limits he's supposed to have."

Although the UFC tests its fighters when they sign contracts and adds additional in-house testing before certain fights, White said he's wary of completely stepping in front of government regulators on the issue.

"We couldn't be more proactive," White said. "Drugs hurt us. Hurts our sport. Let alone our perception in the media and everything — it destroys great athletes. Drugs destroy great athletes, because once you start on them, you can never get off them. You're on them for the rest of your career."

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Deaf Forever site profile image  

1/28/14 1:10 AM by Deaf Forever

"We test the shit out of Vitor." "He's only in Brazil every fight because he's a big draw for Globo. We test him every time year round."

Happiness Bunny site profile image  

1/28/14 1:05 AM by Happiness Bunny

Rocket Fuel’s got the upstate prison flavor that keeps you ugly all night long!

chawkins site profile image  

1/28/14 12:56 AM by chawkins

"TRT enhanced" is a contradiction. TRT doesn't enhance you, it restores you to normal.Vitor seems more enhanced than restored, though.

Tebow For President site profile image  

1/28/14 12:52 AM by Tebow For President

Of course he doesn't he wants to build Weidman up.

Reed Rothchild site profile image  

1/28/14 12:49 AM by Reed Rothchild

Well my thing all these people who get on their 'high horse' about athletes are same d-bags who cheat on their wife and taxes... Just my .02 cents

Standup29 site profile image  

1/28/14 12:46 AM by Standup29

I seem to remember the opposite. Dana has been very vocal about not liking it and believe people are abusing it. They test the shit out of the guys who apply for TUEs the issue is they don't test them year round and Dana himself has said these guys are jacking their levels up and then bringing them down when they need to.They follow the ACs and if they allow it, they don't keep it from happening. Maybe they should but I am sure it's more complicated then that. I'd be interested in seeing some interviews were anyone from Zuffa has said they support TRT and are for it. I have only seen them think it's sketchy. Maybe I missed something.

JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

1/28/14 12:37 AM by JimmersonzGlove

He earned his title shot on it...why can't he fight for the title on it?

Raezor19 site profile image  

1/27/14 11:54 PM by Raezor19

um.....dana's mother could cure cancer, aids and heart disease.......and he would still drop the hammer on her.... where you been ???

OnlyTheStrongSurvive site profile image  

1/27/14 11:43 PM by OnlyTheStrongSurvive

I'm so confused.

DoomFarmer site profile image  

1/27/14 11:42 PM by DoomFarmer

A TRT infused Vitor is a much easier fight to sell and market.All of this "Honor and integrity" bullshit aside, you are the dumb one if you deny this.Vitor will get his TRT, watch.