White: Lesnar wants to return to the UFC; I'd be happy to have him


Brock Lesnar is getting a lot of attention in the MMA media lately surroding a potential comeback. Nobody has hurt directly from Lesnar himself, except maybe UFC President Dana White:

UFC prez Dana White tells TMZ Sports ... Brock Lesnar wants to RETURN to the Octagon ... and White says he'd LOVE to have him back.

Dana was in NYC today getting ready for UFC's Super Saturday ... and told us Brock's still bummed his fighting career ended short due to injury ... and says "he'd like to take another run" in the UFC.

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BUCK53711 site profile image  

1/31/14 12:03 AM by BUCK53711

Probably more posturing/publicity, but in hard for any top 10 not named Cain

Ice Cold Igors Right Hand site profile image  

1/30/14 11:58 PM by Ice Cold Igors Right Hand

Dana: "Brock come back to me, please come back. I need you."Of course he wants him back, one of his cash cows is injured and the other is retired/on a hiatus.

KyleP site profile image  

1/30/14 11:46 PM by KyleP

Brock would do well. I don't think he'll ever get passed JDS, let alone Cain, but he would definitely make a good career for himself, and probably go out the way out he wanted to.

Ronin 7 site profile image  

1/30/14 10:58 PM by Ronin 7

If Brock comes back he needs to head to a different camp, or schedule time outside of his own camp (Rufus, Holland, etc). If he was training striking during his WWE stint I'm sure it would've leaked. There are some good match ups if he does comeback: Browne, Cain, Bigfoot, and Barnett.

GodSaveTheReem site profile image  

1/30/14 10:51 PM by GodSaveTheReem

I dont get the people shitting on Lesnar...the dude's fights were always crazy and very entertaining. And UFC 116 is STILL one of the greatest cards of all time.

RoysBellyRollzz site profile image  

1/30/14 10:42 PM by RoysBellyRollzz

please stop toying with my emotions brock and dana, i can't handle

RKing85 site profile image  

1/30/14 9:46 PM by RKing85

Lol. Brock is just trying to pit the two sides against each other so he can make as much money as possible. He will do whatever pays him more.

urch site profile image  

1/30/14 9:45 PM by urch

"The biggest fight in UFC history!" Hahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahaha hahaha omg some people.

MySonTommyGunn site profile image  

1/30/14 9:22 PM by MySonTommyGunn

I really don't think he caved his skull in dummy.

Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke site profile image  

1/30/14 8:56 PM by Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke

Brock Lesnar is my favorite athlete of all time. I followed his entire wwe career when I was younger and I even watched one of his Minnesota preseason football games just to see him which he barely did anything. I'd much rather see him stay in wwe now where it's safer for him.