Faber's BJJ coach 'pissed off' at fast US belt promotions


Urijah Faber was awarded a brown belt in 2011 and earned three submission victories in four fights last year, but even if he submits black belt Renan Barao at UFC 169, Team Alpha Male BJJ instructor Fabio Prado still won't award him his black belt.

"No, no way," Prado told MMAFighting.com. "We need to adjust some details with the gi. He needs to train with the gi, and he hasn’t doing that much lately because he fought a lot last year. But when he returns to train with the gi he’ll receive the black belt, he knows that."

Prado, who has been teaching in the US for eight years, has yet to award a black belt. He take particular issue with Checkmat co-founder Leandro Vieira, who awarded then white belt Daniel Cormier a brown belt.

"Some Checkmat guys are giving belts too quickly," he said. "If you ask those guys, Cormier won’t know how to score a jiu-jitsu fight."

"I think it’s a shame you promote a guy to black belt and he doesn’t even know the rules. I’m pissed off with that. I don’t know if the coaches just want to be seen. Here in the U.S., there are a lot of guys promoting students via internet. I can’t understand it."

"(Joseph) Benavidez is a white belt in jiu-jitsu, and he has defeated five black belts in jiu-jitsu: Wagnney Fabiano, Rani Yahya, Jeff Curran, Miguel Torres and Jussier Formiga. But if you ask him what’s a lapel choke, he won’t know."

"To receive the black belt, you need to know the positions, the origin of the fight, how to do the proper grip at the lapel, hip escaping. There’s no reason to promote Faber to black belt if he can’t teach you a loop choke. That’s the reality of jiu-jitsu."

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elbigsam site profile image  

2/2/14 7:41 PM by elbigsam

Fabio is a cool ass dude, he came and visited our gym, did a seminar, i got to chat with him some....legit.

rkm456 site profile image  

2/2/14 7:26 PM by rkm456

No, I'm assuming that the Gracies first learned the building blocks of BJJ from a Judo practitioner, which they did. This is an inarguable fact.Regarding Helio never approving of sport BJJ, that's a bit of a stretch. He didn't like the way the sport was becoming structured. But he coached fighters at BJJ competitions for many years so it's not as if he protested them with every fiber of his being. Any pics of Helio wearing a blue belt? I've heard the stories before, never seen the photo evidence though.

Jotunblod site profile image  

2/2/14 4:17 PM by Jotunblod

a belt is about the level of mastery of BJJ you have. not whose ass you can kick.

Bann site profile image  

2/2/14 3:48 PM by Bann

Common sense: checkLogic: checkPrepare for shitstorm: check

hackett site profile image  

2/2/14 2:50 PM by hackett

This isn't really accurate. The first judo tournaments were in the 1880's. There were grappling competitions between judo and jujutsu ryu as well. (Renzo Gracie and John Danaher's book describes them a little, you can also check out any judo history site like http://judoinfo.com/rules2.htm ) Also, it seems Jigoro Kano frowned upon the inter-style (judo vs. wrestling, etc.) matches that Maeda and others participated in. In fact, Kano expelled several judoka for participating in a judo vs. wrestling challenge in 1921. He's quoted as having said,  "Participation in professional matches will turn Kodokan judo men into fighters and entertainers first, not individuals seeking development of character and moral sense through training" about the matter. I've been reading the book "The Way of Judo: A Portrait of Jigoro Kano and His Students" by John Stevens, which I really recommend to anyone interested

GSPsShadyHandWraps site profile image  

2/2/14 1:41 PM by GSPsShadyHandWraps

Incorrect. You are assuming Judo has always been about sport competitionMitsuo Maeda was not travelling the world doing judo tournaments, he was fighting NHB. So how can BJJ have been about both fighting and sport when at that time period there was no such thing as "sport" Judo. Helio never approved of sport bjj, hence wearing a bluebelt in protest during his later years

rkm456 site profile image  

2/2/14 12:19 PM by rkm456

BJJ originates out of judo, it has always been about both.

Another Foob site profile image  

2/2/14 11:30 AM by Another Foob

I am actually surprised.

Another Foob site profile image  

2/2/14 11:27 AM by Another Foob

How do you define relevance? There is more to martial arts than MMA competition.

GSPsShadyHandWraps site profile image  

2/2/14 10:13 AM by GSPsShadyHandWraps

Its kind of ironic how an art that made its name through FIGHTING is now all about TMA aspects like number of moves you know or your lineageWho gives a fuck if Weidman doesnt know a lapel choke? He knows how to fuck people up, thats what anyone should be interested in learning from him. I remember when people trained BJJ to learn how to fight, and effectivness was not measured in how many techniques you know but how badly you could dominate someone on the ground