Miller: I want to fight Cerrone, in UFC or not


UFC featherwight Cole Miller recently appeared on Sherdog's Beatdown Radio and said that he and Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone are going to fight, one way or another.

"I saw where he said he was considering dropping down to 145," said Miller as transcribed by MMAMania. "It's not like I just called out some dude in a weight class that's not in mine. He was the one that brought it up, so I was like, 'oh, that's a fight.'

"That's a little bit of a personal beef, I guess you could say, that's been going on for quite some time. I've made the statement that before my day is done in this world, we're going to throw down. It may or may not happen in the UFC. It doesn't look like it's going to happen now, and honestly, I didn't even know he had a fight coming up this (past) weekend when I made that statement."

"I know that my skill set is top 10. I know that I'm a top-10 contender with my striking and with my grappling. It's just about mixing it together in the cage on fight day and piecing it together. It just seems like this past year, 2013, and now starting 2014, things are finally starting to click for me and I wanted that to be known. If you just sit there and you be quiet and you don't speak up, then who's going to know?"

With bad blood and both fighters on a two-fight win streak, this is a fight that should get made.


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Blowtorch19 site profile image  

2/2/14 2:43 AM by Blowtorch19

The saying is huckle bearer. The handles on the sides of coffins were called "huckles". So if you helped carry a dead man to his grave you were a huckle bearer.

InconsiderateSerra site profile image  

2/2/14 1:55 AM by InconsiderateSerra

I don't know. Perhaps Cowboy did 'cross a line' as far as being a disrespectful piece of shit (or maybe he didn't). I wasn't there. He does have a reputation of being a dbag. All I do know is that barring his physically attacking someone, there are literally no 'words' on earth that are worth a mixed martial artist (Cole) to jeapordize his UFC career over, which starting a fight at a Fan Expo absolutely would be doing and explains why Cowboy wanted no part of it. It wasn't because he was 'scared'. It was because that split second decision would've cost him hundreds of thousands- perhaps a million or more- dollars if he has a nice long career and keeps stacking up those bonuses, paying off that nice 40 acres in NM... to beat up Cole Miller at a Fan Expo? Sorry. That doesn't make him a coward. Either way, fuck it. Cerrone says he wants 6 in a year. I say make the Miller/Cerrone fight happen. Miller gets to prove one way or the other that he's ready for a big-boy fight, Cerrone gets a stepping stone to a 3 fight win streak and possibly a crack fora fight for contendership. Miller apparently has a legit grudge so will be fighting with fire. It all makes sense. Make it so DFW.  

olskool site profile image  

2/2/14 12:29 AM by olskool

InconsiderateSerra,  We obviously have a difference in opinions to some degree sir and likely share an appreciation for others.That said, everyone that matters says the fight isnt happening any time soon so it really doesnt matter.  My bet will remain open to the first credible person who accepts it when the fight does happen.  Im going to leave this thread alone but Before I do Sir  i would like to be clear I never said anything about Cole "starting shit" (your words, not mine), from whats on the net it was Cowboy who had crossed the line. Its also obvious per the reports I mentioned above Cowboy hasnt learned the lessons you mentioned, if he had he likely wouldnt be facing assult charges, no matter how minor. I was hoping you would agree. its all good because at the end of the day i really dont give 2 cents aout the guy. I enjoy his fighting style but dont know him. I look forward to the day they fight does happen. Ill bite though because i  bet its interesting (sincerley).....How do you know? Please, limit multi syllable words as I find it difficult to comprehend.

InconsiderateSerra site profile image  

2/1/14 11:15 PM by InconsiderateSerra

Dandy and all, but are you seriously so dense that you don't understand that brawling in the middle of a UFC Fan Expo would have "UFC Consequences" unlike other indiscretions outside the UFC? Someone would've been Paul Daley'd before the dust settled. We've established that both you and Cole Miller apparently do not comprehend that (presuming that Cole Miller really did try to start shit with him in the middle of a fan expo). Disregarding who's the obviously better fighter, that fact alone lets us accurately judge who's more the more intelligent man.  I agree every man has a line that can't be crossed, but you'll find the 'line' a man maintains directly corresponds with what he has to lose in this life. Losers who have nothing to lose (or idiots who don't comprehend what they have to lose) will fight over stuff like "RESPECT!". People who actually do have stuff to lose in life have to take a different path. If you're successful and you beat up a loser out in the real world, you just punched that fuckers lottery ticket. Ask me how I know.

olskool site profile image  

2/1/14 8:27 PM by olskool

Wow,  You are Smart and Tough. Im not sure I can agree with you though sir about Cowboy as it doesnt appear he has mastered the lessons as you sugges. Please see below, Donald A. Cerrone, 30 years of age, has been charged with Third Degree Assault by a summons to court, and it is a Class One Misdemeanor. There is no warrant for him at this time. Mr. Cerrone and another person, Jeffrey S. Aley, were involved in a boating rage incident (similar to road rage but by use of boats) onLake Granby. The incident escalated to the point where Mr Cerrone assaulted Mr. Aley...........Theres more, .This isn't the first time Cerrone's temper has come front-and-center.Cerrone single-handedly scuttled an amateur MMA event's headline bout by starting a back-room brawl in 2010 (i believe that was at Jacksons show, not positive)                                                                                                                                                                          I am positive Coles never been in any trouble with the law or otherwise for losing his temper oc cool or anything else for that matter.  Hes one of the most chill guys you can ever meet. So it seems sir your hypothsis is full of holes, or shit. Ill let you decide.                                                                                                 Speaking for my self, If I ever had to throw down again It could "cost" me plenty. As a MAN there are some things one just wont tolerate, like the attempted "bullying" by another man. Thats a lesson you obviously havent learned..      On a positive note, Cole nor Micah have never said anything negative or disrespectful about Mr. Garcia. Cole was respectful to Leanord before, during and after the fight. May he enjoy continued success          

circa305 site profile image  

2/1/14 8:04 PM by circa305

Cole sounds like a hungry lion lately. Would be a good scrap IMO.

OGT site profile image  

2/1/14 7:39 PM by OGT

Just saying, exact same comments last time just sub the names. Just reminding those that were so confident last time as well.

Heikki Mustola site profile image  

2/1/14 7:27 PM by Heikki Mustola

Cerrone by TKO (knees to the body)

SOO72 site profile image  

2/1/14 7:04 PM by SOO72

Cole is no Nate Diaz, not at strking, not at grappling, not with chin.

InconsiderateSerra site profile image  

2/1/14 6:42 PM by InconsiderateSerra

I don't do the 'internet bet' thing but I promise you'll find a Huckleberry for that bet. There will probably be a line of people around the block willing to take it. Cowboy not fighting in the middle of an Expo just means that he has better control of himself and didn't want to risk a UFC career over childish nonsense. I've avoided fights that I absolutely could've won without using anything more than one leg, because losers have nothing to lose and are willing to do dumb shit like that whereas 'proving my point' would've cost me a ton. Learned that lesson the hard way, have no plans on every learning it again. I'm guessing Cowboy learned that lesson at some point in his life, too whereas Cole apparently hasn't.