Overeem calls out Brock Lesnar


After convincingly beating Frank Mir at UFC 169, Alistair Overeem let everyone know who he wanted to fight next in his post-fight interview:

When Overeem was speaking with commentator Joe Rogan, he decided to call out a former UFC champion that was the biggest pay-per-view draw in the sports history — Brock Lesnar.

“I hear there’s word that Brock Lesnar is about to come back to the UFC,” Overeem told Rogan. “Well, I’ll be here waiting for him.”

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The fight however wasn't likely as Lesnar isn't in the UFC, and President Dana White was not too happy this Overeem's performance, as he said on the FOX Sports post-fight show:

"He comes out with a crappy performance, then he calls out a guy who doesn't even fight anymore...Not a great night for Alistair."

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zackthewop site profile image  

2/9/14 1:17 AM by zackthewop

It would do a lot for his career because it would be a Huge hyped fight and a lot of money. Don't see how people don't see this. Maybe it wouldn't do a lot for his rankings but Overeem doesn't have to prove anything. He has been around for years.

joevonaxeman site profile image  

2/8/14 5:48 PM by joevonaxeman

And if Brock got popped for it instead of Reem and caused a huge payday for the UFC to fall through, Dana would be pissed at Brock. But that's not what happened.

Throwin'Knuckles site profile image  

2/4/14 6:11 PM by Throwin'Knuckles

I was really impressed with Reems cardio. He kept his hands up and didn't get cocky. Pretty impressive if you ask me. But, like in baseball ... Fans want to see the home run.

EatonBeever site profile image  

2/4/14 1:41 AM by EatonBeever

Best caposa post ever

spjackson77 site profile image  

2/4/14 1:09 AM by spjackson77

Don't have a problem with it. A fight with Lesnar would sell ppv's, and rematch with Browne would not. Overeem is at the beginning of the end of his mma career, and it's not like he has a future as a broadcaster after he retires. Make as much money as possible while you can. What am I missing here?

thatcpjguy site profile image  

2/4/14 1:07 AM by thatcpjguy

I usually don't agree with the criticism on Dana but I have to this time. Alistair had his best fight in the UFC and Dana decides to rag on him for no reason. If alistair fought like this against all his UFC opponents he would be undefeated.Then he completely shits on the event when it was definitely not the worst UFC of recent times even with the screwed up main event. At some point you gotta just let the product speak for itself and stop overshadowing it.

MMAtador site profile image  

2/4/14 12:54 AM by MMAtador

I agree but at the same time I think the Reem had a different agenda. Overeem knows the game so it was just a way to get under uncle Dana's skin IMO. He's probably sitting at home rewinding it over and over laughing at DFW. Overeem for one is not scared to fight any man his record speaks for itself.

NORCAL707 site profile image  

2/4/14 12:16 AM by NORCAL707

Reem calling out Lesnar was kinda a bitch move. Why call out a easy win that would do nothing for your career? Call out someone with some risk behind it. Thats how you move up the ranks.Reem showed hes not very confident. His "play it safe" approach to the Mir fight would have been more understandable had he not made post fight bullshit comments calling him out both post fight interview AND post fight presser.Bitch move.

Ronin 7 site profile image  

2/4/14 12:09 AM by Ronin 7

I said this on another thread, but I don't get how Dana can use Lesnars name when it benefits him, but call out Reem for challenging Lesnar as the first opponent if he returns. Reem vs Miocic or Hunt.

SonOfThePeepHole site profile image  

2/3/14 11:48 PM by SonOfThePeepHole

Dana's upset because Reem just retired Brock a second time without Dana seeing PPV cash