Condit's 93% finish rate, Lauzon's 96%

by Chris Palmquist |

There has been a lot of controversial decisions lately, including a few at this past weekend's UFC 169. Obviously the judging in mixed martial arts needs to be looked at and revamped, but the simple solution is always "don't leave it the hands of the judges." Of course that's always easier said than done, but Carlos Condit is a great example of a guy who tries to leave the judges out of the equation:

“[Finishing fights is] important to me. With judging being as screwy as it is these days, that’s definitely a concern,” Condit told MMAjunkie. “We train to finish, and luckily for me, that’s just kind of my fighting style.”

Condit didn’t receive his “Natural Born Killer” nickname for nothing. Many fighters are unwilling to take the types of risks needed to land a fight-ending knockout blow or tangle an opponent up in a submission. Condit, however, seems to do it with ease, which he admits is a difficult thing to be taught or learned.

“I don’t have to do much different than what I already do,” Condit said. “I just kind of follow my instincts and get the finish very regularly.”

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If that isn't impressive enough, the fighter leading the pack in finishing fights is lightweight Joe Lauzon. Lauzon has twenty three professional wins and only one of those is by decision, his most recent win over Mac Danzig. That equates to a 96% finish rate in his wins. That's an impressive feat considering that Lauzon has been competing in the UFC since 2006. 

Kenny Florian is well remembered for a post-fight speech where he called out his fellow fighters for fighting safe, telling everyone "I finish fights." Florian finished an impressive 12 of his 14 wins, for a finish rate of 86%.

If you count only their WEC/UFC wins, Carlos Condit has an 81% finish rate, Lauzon a 90% finish rate, and Florian an 83% finish rate.

There are more than likely a few fighters with a low number of fights who currently boast a 100% finish rate, but if you consider guys with ten or more fights inside the UFC, Joe Lauzon is the most successful finisher ever inside the Octagon.

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Devlin site profile image  

2/4/14 4:01 PM by Devlin

lol at the condit hate, i loved his diaz fight, he outstruck him from start to finish, was it a barn birning brawl? no, it was however a good fight.

HexRei site profile image  

2/4/14 3:46 PM by HexRei

Because retiring is running away? Chuck Liddell, he's running away from everyone! And Hughes too! lol you really should change your screenname, its completely contradictory.

rkm456 site profile image  

2/4/14 1:32 PM by rkm456

This.I really wanted Diaz to win that fight, but his performance in that fight was embarrassing. He couldn't do anything at all in that fight. A 750sq/ft cage just isn't a big enough area for someone to "run away" from somebody. Unless, of course you're just going to walk forward and hope the guy will stand straight in front of you. Because who doesn't like getting punched in the face, right?With the Condit/Hendricks fight, that was a great back and forth match. One of my good friends, who's a casual fan turned to me after the final bell and said "I think that's the best match I've ever seen", but Diaz fans hate Condit, and GSP fans hate Hendricks, so that match will never get the respect it deserves.

Lick Boners site profile image  

2/4/14 1:25 PM by Lick Boners

Since Diaz doesn't want a rematch, I think we all know whats up :)

Yun site profile image  

2/4/14 1:16 PM by Yun

Yup for sure. Imma condit fan too but that shit is gonna hunt him wherever he goes until he has rematch and prove otherwise. Y didnt he do that against hendrix? That would have helped him get the title shot.? There is no explanation other than he was much more worried for what Diaz brings compared to others

Masakyst site profile image  

2/4/14 1:13 PM by Masakyst

lol, it's so funny how every single thread about Condit has a few guys chiming in with "this just proves how good NICK DIAZ is!!!"

Lick Boners site profile image  

2/4/14 1:09 PM by Lick Boners

First title and a guaranteed titleshot with alot of money on the line. Easy victory.

Yun site profile image  

2/4/14 1:06 PM by Yun

Yea, condit is awesome. Very agressive and goes for the kill..EXCEPT the DIaz fight! U can call it whatever, counter fight blabla but it was THE ONLY FIGHT that he fought like that. Not even Hendrix who has a KO power condit try to back up/ run. Something to think about... Why?

Zed Wayne Zed site profile image  

2/4/14 12:35 PM by Zed Wayne Zed

Condit's the man.

Rhythmprince site profile image  

2/4/14 12:10 PM by Rhythmprince

Agreed, sometimes it's better to lose doing what you love than win doing what you had to do in order to win.