Vinny Magalhaes: Estimated purse figures 'suck'


New Jersey Sate Athletic Commission does not release fighter pay information, so as often happens in this circumstance, MMA Manifesto estimated fighter purse information, including the announced performance' bonuses

However, some fighters have take issue with the estimates, saying they hurt the sport. Most recent was Vinny Magalhaes, via Twitter.

"MMAManifesto sucks," wrote Magalhaes bluntly. "They keep on reporting wrong #'s on fighters pay, and other websites report the same #'s out of laziness.

"This might not seem to be a big deal, but as a fighter I can tell that this is a big deal.
To give an example, when I fought Phil Davis, MMA Manifesto reported that I had made $8k to show in that fight, when in fact I've made $22k (which was my second fight in a 6-figure contract)

"Here is the issue, when I had to negotiate with other promotions after getting cut from the UFC these promotions wanted to pay me based on what I was making in the UFC, and the only thing that they could find online were the $8k reported by MMA Manifesto, so they ended up low balling me thinking that they were making me a nice offer, since they were offering me something close to what I was making in the UFC (according to MMA Manifesto, but nowhere close to the real numbers).

"I'm writing this because I just saw that they have reported Barão's pay for UFC 169, and they reported that he made 22k, same numbers that he made in February of 2012 before he became a champion, also the last time that he has fought in a state where the payouts are released to the public.

"Anyways, fans, bloggers, promoters and real journalists, don't believe anything that comes from that website, MMA Manifesto is a s----y website run by lazy people."

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Brian J DSouza site profile image  

2/6/14 12:25 AM by Brian J DSouza

In many ways, the Ali Act has paved the way for smart, self-interested businessmen like Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr. to earn the lions share of the profit. Even unknown or mid-tier boxers make a killing compared to UFC fighters who draw similar PPV or TV numbers.And no one is looking to "fix" boxing or MMA. If you have shitbags around you who are using creative accounting to take money from you like Tyson and Pacquiao have, yes, no laws can help you from ending up broke.You don't know what the boxing payscale is but I'll be sure to write an article explaining this all in more depth very soon.

Macedawgg site profile image  

2/5/14 11:16 PM by Macedawgg

Private right of action would create quite a bit of leverage. Many of the current business practices being employed today would also be made illegal.

time traveling 12er site profile image  

2/5/14 11:10 PM by time traveling 12er

Except people criticize it all the time for being meddling while leaving the enforcement up to each state to do whatever they want.  So basically it would leave it up to the AC's just like it is now.  Boxing is currently under the act no?  And we know how honorable the boxing is right now and how fair the payscale is from top to bottom.  If it didn't fix boxing, why would anyone expect it to fix MMA?

Brian J DSouza site profile image  

2/5/14 10:54 PM by Brian J DSouza

Anyone who wants to see real action instead of endless rhetoric about fighter pay, give a look to the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act: tweet Senator John McCain and ask him why it isn't being amended to include MMA:

MMAFAN167 site profile image  

2/5/14 10:48 PM by MMAFAN167

I still think they deserve a more fair share!!!

Standup29 site profile image  

2/5/14 10:55 AM by Standup29

Actually we have no idea what they make. Only reported which nearly every fighter has stated they make more than that.These forums when pay is concerned are not educating anyone about fighter pay. How do you educate anyone when you don't know the answer or the information?What these threads do is cause arguments and not much more. Look at this thread, how many are crying foul because they believe RB made 11/11? Some people still believe it. This happens every event. People outraged over false information. Great education!

HELWIG site profile image  

2/5/14 10:38 AM by HELWIG


civ77 site profile image  

2/5/14 10:35 AM by civ77

How does lamas pay his bills? he hasnt worked in over a year, and his pay check is 10k?

BigEyedFish site profile image  

2/5/14 10:28 AM by BigEyedFish

zuffa still thinks its 1998 where fighters salaries are concerned

FETT_GayFerPayNINJA site profile image  

2/5/14 10:27 AM by FETT_GayFerPayNINJA

No one but the fighters and zuffa know what they were paid. If the fighters had issue with it they dont have to sign the contract. Using old payouts is nonsense as every fighter gets paid more and more as they win and if they get belts...