Belfort calls for more stringent drug testing of his opponents


Chris Weidman fights Vitor Belfort on May 24 in Las Vegas. Belfort wants a Therapeutic Use Exemption for his Testosterone Replacement Therapy, and thus will need to apply to the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

However, Dr. Timothy Trainor, consulting physician to the NSAC, told "Outside the Lines" last Tuesday he would advise the five-member commission against granting any fighter a TUE who previously tested positive for PEDs. In 2006, Belfort tested positive for the anabolic steroid 4-Hydroxytestosertone.

"If we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that someone has used PEDs in the past, they will not get an exemption,'' said Dr. Trainor. "No, no way.''

Dr. Trainor was asked specifically about Belfort.

"Well, it is going to get denied then," the doctor said flatly.

However, Dr. Trainor is not a voting member of the commission.

NSAC chairman Francisco Aguilar said that a prior failed drug test would not immediately disqualify Belfort, and that his case will be heard by the full five-member commission, with advice from Trainor.

Aguilar bluntly noted that economic considerations would come into play, an unprecedented admission.

"The economic development impact to the state could be huge,'' he said, noting that the taxes on ticket sales and PPV amounted to $500,000 on the Weidman vs. Silva II alone.

"There are always people with an interest from the economic perspective," said Aguilar, adding, "but we also have the obligation and duty to be regulators."

Now in an interview with Brazilian media giant OGlobo, Belfort expressed complete confidence that he would be approved, and in an audacious move, called for his opponents to be subject to further testing.

UFC-chris-weidman-nsac" target="_blank">Bloody Elbow's Fernando Arbex provided the translation.

"For sure I'm confident," said Belfort. "It's my treatment. The UFC and the doctors are already working on it to make things right. I don't believe that it is going to be a problem. It's not something from my head, it's a medical issue.

"The big problem are the people who abuse in a general way. They use without the right for it, to cheat. I'm the only guy who is rigorously tested in gaps of 15 days, as Dana White said. When the UFC don't do the test, I do it myself. It's my treatment. The cool thing is to be fine with your conscience, to know that you are playing fair."

"I'll start asking for one thing the UFC. All those who fight against me are always complaining. But I have one thing to say: why they are not tested during the preparation for the fight? The thing is that many guys use doping during their camps to improve recovery and such. During my camp I'm thoroughly tested.

"I will now ask for Dana White to test all those guys who fight against me and keep talking. The same way that my blood is tested, must test their blood to see if they are not cheating. Many use products that we know, they know that they are mocking and they are talking about me. But in reality, everyone is using during the camp. Get there on time and piss when already out of his body.

"I do not. I am obliged to draw blood during my camp and after the fight. They do not have to draw blood, it's just pee. Then all the guys who will fight me should do the test with me. Let's see if their hormones are straight or if they are using an illegal substance. We know that there are a lot of cheating out there. They abuse during the camp. I'm a proper man. Let me take the exam. I will be tested , and they will not be tested?"

So what do you think UG? Is Belfort the victim here? Or should someone with a previous positive test for PEDs be denied TRT completely?

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orcus site profile image  

2/23/14 12:32 PM by orcus

"to transition from PED's to TRT and maintain the same ability, doesn't mean that it's just bringing up his test to the natural levels of a man his age. based off what you've said, he's never competed at natural levels.."1) I never said he's never competed at natural levels. I believe he was clean in his MW career at the very least. However I would expect you to believe he has never competed at natural levels, since you seem to think he is always cheating.2) Since MMA is not a bench press competition, I think it's flat-out absurd to talk about "the same ability" on PEDs as off them. In fights in which we have every reason to believe Vitor was on PEDs, there were plenty of examples of him gassing early, being outstruck by slower fighters, fading dramatically, you name it. Perhaps you need to reconsider your initial premise -- that PEDs make you a better fighter -- rather than try to take that as a fact and make other arguments based on it.It's beyond moronic to say that because he is doing well, he must be at superhuman levels. What is the matter with you?

BshMstr site profile image  

2/22/14 8:43 PM by BshMstr

Vitor's bounced around in so many weight classes, it's easier to identify where he was least successful, and that was LHW.Here's his record:Heavyweight-9-3LHW-5-5MW-6-1Catchweight-3-0 (Franklin, AJ, and Wanferlei, as it was at 199)

BshMstr site profile image  

2/22/14 8:15 PM by BshMstr

yeah, you're still running away from the fact that you claimed he was on PED's until recently, and is now legitimately on transition from PED's to TRT and maintain the same ability, doesn't mean that it's just bringing up his test to the natural levels of a man his age. based off what you've said, he's never competed at natural levels... so, his TRT is apparently bringing him up to supra-physiological levels, which would in fact, be an unfair advantage.

orcus site profile image  

2/22/14 3:18 PM by orcus

"It's almost as funny as letting a fighter who got popped and used steriods for about 2 decades test himself. "I like when you guys parrot this. Newsflash: The ACs, including Brazil's, do not use the tests Vitor takes himself as their own results. Vitor says he does ADDITIONAL tests himself for his own peace of mind. These have nothing to do with passing the AC's tests.And do you have a source for Vitor using steroids for "about 2 decades"?"It's just an accident he roided forever,"You still have not answered me. Was there a rule against roids in the early UFC? If not, he was not cheating -- period."Want to laugh more? "Vitor Belfort wants Chris Weidman to have extra drug tests for UFC 173" "What's so funny? Vitor, like all of you guys, wants more testing in the sport. I would think you'd be glad, rather than miraculously using Vitor saying exactly what you all have been saying as yet another reason to whine like bitches about him.

Lazer MMA site profile image  

2/22/14 2:35 PM by Lazer MMA

  The comedy here is priceless. It's almost as funny as letting a fighter who got popped and used steriods for about 2 decades test himself. WTF would he lie? LMFAO, U can't made this stuff up. It's just an accident he roided forever, there was never an intent to get an advantage of course, it was just in his bubble gum FFS, what can be done? Want to laugh more? "Vitor Belfort wants Chris Weidman to have extra drug tests for UFC 173"    

orcus site profile image  

2/22/14 11:52 AM by orcus

"e had a noticeable decline when the UFC did start testing for PED's."By the way: No, he didn't. He crushed the lesser guys and lost to the best -- including Randy, again -- just like he ALWAYS has. Just like he did in Pride, where there was no testing, or where he tested positive as against Hendo.At his "career worst physique" with UFC testing, he KTFO of Rich Franklin in the first round, his third straight KO win in his third straight fight since becoming a middleweight, after previously KTFO out of Matt Lindland in the first round in the also-testing Affliction, after knocking out Terry Martin in the second round in the also-testing Affliction.

orcus site profile image  

2/22/14 11:47 AM by orcus

Let's get one thing straight: The best streak of Vitor's career started when he went to 185. Not when he went on TRT. Vitor at his most jacked got embarassed by a -- well whaddaya know! -- 36 year old Randy Couture. His "streak" to that point consisted of Hess, Ferrozo, Tank, and Telligman. Woweee!!!He has ALWAYS been inconsistent, and it's pretty clear it's been MENTAL and not physical. He is consistent now, and consistently putting on the same kind of scary KO performances that he ALWAYS has, because he is more experienced, he is training consistently with a good team rather than jumping around from place to place, and sticking with a planned diet and weight cut.And you're back to your "no drop-off" as though that's a bad thing. Again: If you drop off due to fading testosterone with age, and use TRT to bring your test -- and thus your performance -- back up, isn't that the point? Why is that bad and why should I therefore be against it?But, also having no drop-off at 36: Randy Couture. Anderson Silva. Fabricio Werdum. Soon, Lyoto Machida. Do we need to get back on this merry-go-round?

BshMstr site profile image  

2/22/14 8:24 AM by BshMstr

"It's entirely possible. Kizer says the TRT TUE guys come in from the 300s to 500s for the most part, and sometimes 600s. Medical studies of fit people have found their AVERAGE level to be as high as the 900s and the upper end of the range to be up to 1100. Is a test level going to drop so far due to training that it is below 300s to 500s or even 600s? I don't know, do you? One study found that after prolonged exercise the fit group (average test 925) dropped to the 780s. So they were still MUCH higher than the TRT TUE guys.Another question is just how practical is it to maintain, say, 600 all the time? Wouldn't that require CONSTANT injections to keep boosting it up after every little thing? And wouldn't this run the risk of getting it too high when it's time for the test? Just how "steady" can they realistically be expected to keep it?"this is another question that we can't really answer without looking into closer details, but peak blood levels are relatively predictable in most modern pharmaceuticals. usually there is a period of trial and error, where the patient and doctor adjust doses based off their own metabolism of the drug(s).it's not uncommon for users of TRT to get a synthetic testosterone injection in one part of the week, and a HCG shot later.test e/cyp reach peak blood levels in 10 hours, and have a 4-5 day half-life. HCG is used to maintain fertility/testicular volume, but can still raise endogeneous testosterone production. both test and HCG can cause a increase in estrogen, hence the use of armidex or another AI. this would help maintain a more stable blood level of test, then simply relying on an injection of test only.since the athletes in the UFC have an exemption for TRT (and not simply an injection of test every week or so), then we can assume they are getting the drugs that are commonly used in the practice of TRT (A-dex, HCG, etc).the tools used in TRT are pretty broad, and topical products (androderm, etc) are pretty common to be used daily, to keep levels steady. the interesting thing about using topical testosterone, is that most illicit users claim it has very little effects beyond simple TRT... simple stated, it's a lot harder to abuse. it might brig the levels up, but it's a lot harder to get it to bring them up where many athletes see large performance gains.

BshMstr site profile image  

2/22/14 7:44 AM by BshMstr

you're not able to change the fact that you said he's spent most of his career on 'roids, and is now on TRT.he's had a 3 good streaks as a fighter in his career, but one happens to be now, when he started TRT, and one when he was a ripped HW when he started in the UFC, and they didn't do drug testing. and he had a noticeable decline when the UFC did start testing for PED' can get away from the fact that you said you thought he was on steroids most of his career.... well, now that he's on TRT he's performing just as well.i don't know when he was clean, or if he ever was... but if we presume he used at several points and claim that his TRT is now legit, then there is no way getting around the fact that his performance didn't have a large drop-off.

orcus site profile image  

2/22/14 2:02 AM by orcus

"because they're the ones managing the testing of his TRT. do you really not get that?"But you just said Vitor was clean all those years and not roiding. If he followed those rules, why would he break the TRT rules regardless of how lax the testing is?"i meant in his ranked in his weight bad. "Oh, there don't happen to be a lot of 36 year olds at middleweight at the moment, therefore it must be TRT that has Vitor up there. Nevermind Anderson who was older than Vitor, or Lyoto who is just 11 months behind Vitor.". in Sonnen's division, thee's 2 (Hendo, ironically enough and Nog)."Again: Sonnen is 1-3 since hitting your magical 34th birthday. Please explain to me how you are seriously trying to make a case for a 1-3 record being an example of the power of TRT.And lol @ your case. If there's only one or two guys who are ranked higher while being the same age or older, that means TRT is an unfair advantage? You are throwing so much shit at the wall it's hilarious.In any case, even if you hadn't failed to support your claim, what would your point be? That guys who would normally decline due to fading testosterone can get on TRT and continue to do well? Isn't that kind of the whole point of TRT? "anyway, now that you're claiming he's been on steroids for his entire career, please rebut how him transitioning to TRT from PED's and not having a decline in performance, doesn't indicate that it boosts his performance. he's replaced PED's with TRT..."So now your argument is: If he was clean all that time, then we can see that now that he's on TRT he is doing much better than when he was clean. But if he wasn't clean, then he's doing the same now as then, therefore TRT is as good as PEDs. Hilarious.MY point is I don't know if he was on roids all that time or not, although presumably he was at least in the pre-testing UFC days and probably in Pride. He began his best streak when he was not on TRT *or* roids, according to the UG physique detectives, when he dropped to middleweight." most fighters don't have a career half that long, "Most fighters don't start when they're 19, nor do most fighters only average 1.8 fights a year.