Franklin: I don't enjoy watching UFC fights


Rich Franklin has been a professional mixed martial artist for fifteen years, and like most was a fan of the sport before getting in the cage himself. However, Franklin believes his fifteen years in the sport has definitely changed his outlook as a spectator:

"It's different for me. Like I don't sit down on a Saturday night and watch the fights like a casual fan.  I'm analyzing fighters.  The worst part about watching fights for me, it puts me in the mental mindset as if I'm there fighting.  I've really gotten to the point where I don't necessarily enjoy the fights as a spectator like I used to 15 years ago," Franklin told The Great MMA Debate podcast.

"I'll watch the occasional fight with my friends, but even then you'll see me sitting on the couch kind of bobbing and weaving as if I'm in the cage.  It's a really weird feeling."

It's much more likely that the Sunday following a big fight card, Franklin is online watching highlights and reading the news about what happened as opposed to sitting down and witnessing everything unfold live.

"I'll catch the highlights and read the headlines the next day," Franklin said.

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Danger'sDaddy site profile image  

2/5/14 5:15 PM by Danger'sDaddy

New TitleFranklin- Invisible ninjas attack me when I watch the UFC.

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2/5/14 4:52 PM by JMO_LOL

p.s lol @ ug blog

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2/5/14 4:51 PM by JMO_LOL

i want to say belfort ortiz

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2/5/14 3:27 PM by Anthomis

lmfao I love this gif.What fight was this?

irish_pride site profile image  

2/5/14 11:23 AM by irish_pride

That is what I saw while reading. Chucks seizure/fighting while watching. Saw it live and couldn't believe it.

Kenso site profile image  

2/5/14 10:42 AM by Kenso

How can't you love Chuck.

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2/5/14 9:26 AM by Throwin'Knuckles

Love Rich. Hope he hangs them up.

RKing85 site profile image  

2/5/14 9:25 AM by RKing85

Not exactly breaking news. There are a ton of fighters who don't watch MMA.

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2/5/14 9:02 AM by Aaron Becker


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2/5/14 8:55 AM by Arecsa

lol, UG Blog at its best again. Only thing this was missing was an obvious typo in the post. Vote down the Blog for misleading shit like this and you'll get frozen though.