Lauzon: $15k purse doesn't leave much money after


The issue of fighter pay has always been a hot topic for fans. A thread about Bubba McDaniel's $33,200 salary in 2013 generated a hundred replies. UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon recently held a" target="_blank">Q&A on Reddit and shed some more light on the situation from his perspective:

“Lots of variables. Sometimes coaches get paid on a percentage, some are flat fees. Flights vary quite a bit in price… when I fly to Vegas its like $350 per flight, for Japan it was over $1400 per flight. I always take care of my coaches with flights (not giving them shitty/cheap flghts), etc.

“15K for a fight does not leave much money by the time you pay coaches, flights, medicals, taxes, etc.”

Lauzon was asked if the UFC paid for the flight, to which he said, “UFC pays fighter plus 1. I have 3 corners and some other coaches/training partners though.”

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Fight! UK Online site profile image  

2/7/14 3:25 AM by Fight! UK Online

Had to wait to vote you up Joe, because \m/

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

2/6/14 8:02 PM by ChaosOverkill

the traditional sports union won't work but the spirit of it nonethless applies. Fighters cannot excell alone, the fighters need opponent, so it is in their best interest that all the best fighters in their division are paid comfortably like they are and able to compete and elevate each other. Ali may have hated his opponents but he sure as hell knows he needed them to be who they were and happy to fight to make him who he was, same as any other athlete. There is a collective benefit to ensuring all fighters get a fair piece of the pie and the roster size doesn't thin it out, those are the two biggest issues and leaving it up to the employer is the the classic scenario that leads to exploitation. Something has to be a buffer to control the discussion and assure due dilligence and has access to the numbers, but the UFC has cleverly shielded themselves from true scrutiny of their numbers, and no it is not "JUST LIKE ANY COMPANY IN THE MARKET CAN" Those companies make a product or service that employees create or satisfy. MMA the Labourers are the product and that is where it crosses into a sector of business where you have attached two purposes to the employee and therefore once reaching a billion dollars, you have to pay them like a product that has earned you a billion dollars.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

2/6/14 7:46 PM by ChaosOverkill

  There were tournament prize money to offset that, that's how Martial arts mostly used to work, but with the modern sanctioning and not wanting to have surpirses the UFC treats it like boxing but with only one promoter so that's why it seems like it's a massive cost to accomodate athletes but like I said make it all a proven percentage of your revenue and you will have no issues. The modern concept of sports is that your athletes collectively get 50% of overall revenue give or take and a union certifies it and then skill determines how much each athlete gets, since the UFC gets the determine how big or small the pie is and need to keep adding anyone they can find to sabotage Bellator everyone suffers if the UFC wants to maintain a certain level of profit or revenue vs salary pay out. They also don't follow their own MO of paying people for what they bring in excitment, especially if someone is coming off a loss, but if they are likely sticking around for a long time and going to continue to bring in eyes, why would you cheap out because you have a loss for leverage. The UFC mixes win/loss and draw in their contracts and that is why it's bullshit, it should be one or the other.   The UFC tries to trick people with "Look at how many" but that's a fallacy, more fighters who contribute to growth but don't advance the overall salary amount for the fighters collectively, is only good for the UFC not the other fighters, it shrinks their potential pie and hastens cuts.  

BLPorritt site profile image  

2/6/14 6:57 PM by BLPorritt


Thacommish site profile image  

2/6/14 6:56 PM by Thacommish

I think length of time is the most insignificant of all the factors that led to the increased wages in pro football. Pointing to 30-40 years like it has some meaning into how and why it happened, or like we need to expect it to always take that long is a ridiculous concept.

hendofanforlife site profile image  

2/6/14 6:28 PM by hendofanforlife

lets not forget last year bellator paid someone 1500 and wsof paid someone 1000 to fight on one of their cards. How far does that get you? Lets see those numbers go up

Roberto Silva site profile image  

2/6/14 6:25 PM by Roberto Silva

So dana should pay foreign fighters more to cover their expenses coming over?Imagine how much it cos all the pride fighters going over to japan for every fight

mikerobmma site profile image  

2/6/14 6:24 PM by mikerobmma

Seriously, that's regional promotion type bullshit. Don't understand why UFC thinks that's fucking practical.

Evie site profile image  

2/6/14 5:36 PM by Evie

So many keyboard warriors who have no idea what it means to be a professional fighter... Here at ATT, Coconut Creek, one of our favorite jokes is: What do you call a professional fighter without a girlfriend? Homeless. 

12 site profile image  

2/6/14 5:16 PM by 12

been 20 yrs of ufc and the fox deal is equal to an nfl teams share of the pie.