Coach wants Pettis vs. Aldo at 150 lb. Team Pettis not interested


After his win over Ricardo Lamas at UFC 169, Jose Aldo's next challenge is likely lightweight champion Anthony Pettis. What is underdetermined is the weight they will meet at, however Aldo's long time coach Andre Pederneiras has his idea of what should happen:

"Now we have to decided in which weight division this fight is going to happen, if Pettis is coming down, like he once said he would do (for UFC 163), but didn’t due to an injury, if Aldo will move up, or if it’s going to be (a catchweight) at 150 pounds," Aldo’s manager Andre Pederneiras told Ta na Area.

"(A catchweight) would be interesting for both, they would keep the belts and do the fight everybody wants to see. Nobody wants to take the other’s title, we want to see the fight and do a great show for everybody. Aldo would move up a little, Pettis cuts a little, and it’s good for everybody."

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In an update to this story, Anthony Pettis' manager spoke with about a potential fight at a catchweight and it's something they aren't interested in:

"The way we understand it is that Aldo doesn't want give up his featherweight title, so fighting Pettis is not an option at this point.

"We're interested in Anthony defending his belt against the top guys at 155," Roberts said. "If Aldo doesn't want to fight for the belt, we'll fight someone else."

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In yet another update to the story we learn that bout is not in jeopardy, as UFC President Dana White cleared some issues up with both camps:

“There’s no disagreement over the weight,” White said. “They’re going to fight at 155 pounds. What will happen is Aldo would have to give up his title, vacate the 145-pound title, move up to 155.”

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Recent Comments »

Anthomis site profile image  

2/8/14 1:21 PM by Anthomis

Jose is losing his belt to accept a fight that might not even happen. Pettis is injury prone and everyone knows it.I think its a lose, lose situation to knock one of these 2 potential greats off the list.5 round superfight with no belts on the line. Or Jose doesnt lose the 145 belt until the day of the Pettis fight.I would argue that Jose is a bigger 155 than Pettis. So I dont see Pettis having much of any advantage on him. Pettis has those beautiful kicks. And my heart tells me to pick Pettis.But my mind tells me to pick Jose. After a few leg kicks Pettis wont be kicking the same at all.

JackintheCrack site profile image  

2/6/14 6:56 PM by JackintheCrack

Another superfight is circling the drain again i fear . *sigh I thought Dana was supposed to hook these up for the fans? And a superfight should be big bucks for Aldo anyways. Btw why cant Aldo fight Pettis at 155 and keep the 145 belt? Have the two best 145 contenders duke it out for an interim title. Then if Aldo loses he can go back down and go 145 champ vs 145 champ. If he wins at 155, just make the 145 interim champ the official champ. 

Herman Munster site profile image  

2/6/14 6:53 PM by Herman Munster

I don't really think he was using his brain when he said he will do whatever Dana and Lorenzo want and go up to 155 to face Pettis. Never did he say he wishes to make a permanent move to 155. Never did he say he wishes to vacate his 145 lb belt..... But in making the comments he made it gave Dana the chance to manipulate the situation into forcing him to vacate the title by going choosing to go up to 155. The actual brains of Aldo's camp clearly thought this through more sensibly than Jose and has gone back on went Jose through out there after a 25 minute title defense, Again, BJ never vacated when he went up to face GSP. Why is Aldo being forced to vacate his title?

MisterHawkeMMA site profile image  

2/6/14 6:15 PM by MisterHawkeMMA

Another case of a manager making the fighter look bad. I'm hoping that Aldo doesn't even know what's going on. Because acting so worried to lose your belt after calling out a champ is a bitch move. This fight has to take place at 155. Furthermore. I think Aldo should stay at 155 regardless if he wins or not. If he was smart, he'd put on at least 5 lbs of clean muscle and wouldn't be able to make 145 anymore afterwards.

Mix6APlix site profile image  

2/6/14 4:19 PM by Mix6APlix

The only ones who believe that are the kids who are happy they got a 12th place ribbon, just for giving it their all.

The Sultan site profile image  

2/6/14 8:02 AM by The Sultan

He'd have to relinquish his title at 145 lbs so no, he wouldnt be duel champion. He would be former fw champ and current lw champ, IF he won. Its very plausible he could lose this fight as anthony pettis is a beast. Then where does that leave aldo? Its a risky gamble no matter how you slice. If he does the catchweight then theres no pressure of worrying about losing his strap. He can fight freely with no worries. Same with anthony pettis. Champion vs champion fight has to be a big money fight and its the most intriguing matchup in the entire ufc.

Sleazy Martinez site profile image  

2/6/14 7:43 AM by Sleazy Martinez

What were Aldo's brainless comments? I went for a dump during the interview.

Oontyex site profile image  

2/6/14 6:55 AM by Oontyex

damn it...  so this is what we get teased with now that gsp anderson fell through for a long time aldo has been talking about moving up to 155   catch weight means that if he wins, hed need to beat pettis again for the title at 5 pounds heavier... why why not cut slightly less weight and have the fight mean more by having the chance to gain the title      

The Sultan site profile image  

2/6/14 5:46 AM by The Sultan

Yea but why does Aldo need to vacate?Dont forget, your contract isnt as juicy when you arent champ. If the worst happens and Aldo loses, he'll lose a ton of the momentum that he has built over the years. Pettis originally said he'd drop to 145 lbs and then somewhere along the line, it turned in to Aldo is going to vacate then move up. I dont want either fighter to have to give up their belts and their livelihood. Its a fun fight that everyone wants to see. They are both so talented that either one could realistically lose that fight and doing so without their title. If Aldo wants to permanently move up to 155 lbs, then it would make sense for him to vacate and get an immediate title shot. But thats only if he is going to permanently move up. It may be time to do so. Aldo isnt performing anymore and many feel that it is his very hard weight cut to blame for his fight woes of "fading" late in the contest. As a fighter, one would think that he would love to stop having to cut so much weight. Those last 10 lbs are where things are at a brutal level. What weight does Aldo walk around at? Ive read that it is almost 170 lbs. If so, thats an insane punishment for his body right before competition. I bet he would be much fresher for the fight and much more dangerous with the added energy. This is a great case to make a study of "diminishing reward" argument. At what point is cutting too much weight just not gaining you as much as you are losing in performance. I went thru a fight camp and a cutting session with a fighter that walked at 200+ lbs, fighting at 170lbs. He thats roughly the same weight as aldo. He had to eat like a bird and had to cut 10lbs 2 days in a row before the fight. He sat in a sauna to sweat out 10 lbs the first night. Then he went home, at a very tiny tiny amt of nutrition, then had to go back to the sauna and cut the remaining roughly 10 lbs required to make fight weight. It was painful to watch and i always wondered why he would put himself thru that just to get an advantage on size. And he fought like shit obviously. Sluggish and couldnt really get anything going. He looked like a zombie out there. On the flip side, I understand why you want to cut weight however. That very same camp, i cut a small amount of weight and fought a guy who cut roughly 30 lbs to make the 185 lb limit and his weight was a factor in the fight. So the question remains, what is the ideal amount of weight to cut so that you are large for the weight class, yet not so much that you can still perform well. Im inclined to say that around 15 lbs is the magic number. Diet to within 10 lbs of your weight limit and then cut the remaining 10 lbs.What do you guys think?

Bisping decisioned my SN site profile image  

2/6/14 4:42 AM by Bisping decisioned my SN

Real real talk