Belfort: Weidman as FOY is 'shameful'


At this weekend's World MMA Awards presented by Fighters Only, Chris Weidman was named 'Fighter of the Year' for his win over Anderson Silva. However another fighter up for the award believes the choice of the award going to Weidman was just shameful:

"Not that it should be me, but he wins because of just one fight? It was shameful. He won one fight. The other he haven't won, it was an accident."

"The ceremony in Las Vegas was pretty cool, but the votes are from the fans, not always they are right. Sometimes the results aren't fair. Duane is a good coach, but, for the God sake, especially this year, the winner not being Dede Pederneiras...There is something wrong."

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UnderTheClock site profile image  

2/14/14 12:28 AM by UnderTheClock

What's shameful is a grown man with that fucked up haircut. What's the point of looking like an asshole?

zackthewop site profile image  

2/13/14 8:57 PM by zackthewop

I think so. Vitor didn't even hit Him. It was like the stitching of the the glove or the tape that caused the cut. Weidman was trying to block the kick. They're both flukey for sure though

MasterofMartialArts site profile image  

2/13/14 12:56 PM by MasterofMartialArts

I've seen the fight. You're telling me a leg break is less flukey than that? It doesn't get any flukier.

BuckyGoldstein site profile image  

2/13/14 12:00 AM by BuckyGoldstein

I was burned on here. I don't do paypal bets anymore.I only do sn bet.

bruised site profile image  

2/12/14 10:05 PM by bruised

They heard it! ! ! Errybody heard it! The UG heard it! It's on like Donkey Kong, slut! 60 days this time and your name shall be horrid (or slightly whimsical)! The answer to your question is involved and I'll try to avoid a FRAT. Do I think TRT effects his life in other ways? Unquestionably. However, the issue is that a TUE allows a 36 year old man to have the highest levels of testosterone that are normally achievable by elite athletes in their prime.Vitor is 36, not 18, not even in his 20s. So, it doesn't make sense that he be legally allowed to increase his testosterone levels to the same levels as a man many years his junior, with far less experience. As you say, he's been fighting for a long time.Further, he was previously caught using PEDs which cause hypogonadism. So, I think it's poor logic to say that a man previously caught using PEDs, who is well passed his prime, should be able to have the same testosterone levels of the highest naturally achievable athlete in his prime.Even peak athletes who achieve the highest levels possible, don't have the peak levels at all times. Their levels drop when they train, so they need to rest. TRT allows someone to maintain the highest levels regardless of training, sleep or diet as it's not produced in the body.If you want to argue that it's a quality of life issue, that's fine, just don't be a professional fighter. TRT is a huge advantage and because there's a great chance that he has low levels due to PEDs, it goes double.Non-FRAT version: Your boy is getting whooped regardless of a TUE and your new name gonna make you cry ... like a girl.

Lazer MMA site profile image  

2/12/14 2:31 PM by Lazer MMA

Here is the biggest AS hugger on the board on this, after you read realize you're butt hurt and can't take the truth:"LNP - If Anderson threw that same kick, without turning it over and landing with the proper part of his shin, and Chris checked them all, it would break over and over and over. Not every single time, but by the third or fourth one of each fight it would break. Andy went for it with improper technique trying to get it to land quicker, but Chris checked it perfectly. He made a mistake, and Chris capitalized. Trust me that I am one of the biggest Andy sack gobblers on here, and even I can see it for what it is. I feel Andy clowned more vs Chris than everyone else, in that I have never seen him do the fake wobbly eyes closed "Im rocked" thing to anyone else, but he was doing it to try and get Chris to engage on the feet. It worked....then it backfired. Chris fought straight through the taunting and made Anderson pay for it. It was a combination of Andy crossing the line of intelligent taunting, not having his footwork set up properly to defend, and Chris having tremendous determination and will power, and the skill to push forward and throw BOMBS. Mistakes by Silva in both fights. Amazing skill and determination from Chris in both fights. Chris is a warrior and doing what he did twice is WAY more impressive than a roided up Vitor beating the guys he beat. No offense meant to those three men, but Anderson is fucking Anderson."AS lost every round VS Weidman without exception. He was KTFO & then dropped in the process again in the second fight. Some just can't face that.

Cyboth site profile image  

2/12/14 2:13 PM by Cyboth

Does anybody actually care about those awards?

WhatItTakesTibiaChampion site profile image  

2/12/14 1:50 PM by WhatItTakesTibiaChampion

Thanks CRE!

WhatItTakesTibiaChampion site profile image  

2/12/14 1:49 PM by WhatItTakesTibiaChampion

There is no excuse, it's a fight, but if you think a knockdown wins someone a fight you're looking at things through rose tinted glasses.

Lazer MMA site profile image  

2/12/14 10:48 AM by Lazer MMA

It's a troll BS excuse and even LNP concurs. So what was the excuse for the brutal knock down in 2nd fight?