Where is Zoila Frausto going to find 11 more lbs?


Invicta FC women's Flyweight fighter Zoila Frausto recently posted some compelling images.

zoilafrausto · Combat Sports Academy / CSA CrossFit
Uhhhhh, where am I going to pull 11 more pounds before weigh-ins on Friday? Hahaha. Thanks for helping me add more weight to all the right places @jackedjessica @csagy I will suffer happily and with pride. Thank you.

Frausto is getting ready for her pro Muay Thai debut Saturday night.

Zoila's sister Stephanie Frausto also fights for Invicta, in the Atomweight division.

So this is my baby sister, her name is Stephanie Frausto. Here's a little story of her journey. She is a professional fighter & has been following her dreams for about as long as I have. Tonight, I'm going to show her off because I can and because she deserves it. Many of you might not know this, but Stephanie used to be close to 200lbs not so long ago. She wasn't raised at the strict hand of my father, pushing my older brother and I into every athletic competition he possibly could, religiously. Steph was a part of the divorce phase. While parents worked to make ends meet, Steph was left at home with my younger brother to pretty much watch over themselves. And what did they do??? They ate & ate & ate, watched lots of tv and played video games, ate some more, & got really obese. At the time, my older brother and I were in our own little worlds, rebellious because of our parents divorce, & pretty much hated each other. So at the time, their health was the least of our concerns. Anywho, Stephanie's life soon changed when she came home from the school bus stop one day crying because some kids were making fun of her weight. And the crazy in me back then didn't appreciate that, so we'll skip the bus stop incident, and move on to me asking Steph if she wanted to change her life and if she wanted my help. She agreed and shortly after she joined the Cross Country team at her school, the first days I ran (or practically walked) right next to her encouraging her along the way, as much as I possibly could, as an assistant coach, and also assisted her school soccer team after that as well. She was always the last one, but she always finished. Within about a year of being last at every race and every practice, Steph started to pick up speed and eventually made the varsity teams. From those hard day until now, I have seen my sister blossom into a beautiful, talented, strong, healthy, young lady, and I couldn't be more proud of her today. Especially because I've witness the hard work day after day throughout the years. You are an angel sister and I love you to death! Congrats on your transformation!


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2/13/14 5:43 PM by RyannVonDoom


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2/13/14 5:20 PM by philipee32


Kirik site profile image  

2/13/14 2:22 PM by Kirik

Glory is completely awesome, but they have had less than 10 shows I bet in the US. 10 shows does not equal a sport here. Even internationally , as far as I know it doesn't even have a single champion yet, not just in the US, but anywhere. How do you have a real sport if there aren't any champions? That is the purpose of a sport.

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2/13/14 2:15 PM by Barry_BondsMVP

I'll ask at the gym, but I don't think that's true.

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2/13/14 12:34 PM by Doc T

She's smoking

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2/13/14 12:25 PM by EckY

I have seen you say this a couple of times on here. Have you not been watching Glory?

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2/13/14 11:20 AM by JoeHurley

I don't know where she is going to find 11 more pounds, but I know where she can find 11inches. Okay, i don't have 11, but am willing to go twice to cover it.

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2/13/14 11:10 AM by inf0

I'll eat 11lbs out of her colon.  

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2/13/14 11:02 AM by triggertap

Jorge is not down to earth so that may explain the paypal stunt. Also, what's up with her spiderman armpit?

Barry_BondsMVP site profile image  

2/13/14 1:49 AM by Barry_BondsMVP

Zoila is really down to earth, and I know she needed the money for the surgery.