White: Weed is illegal. TRT is not


Drug testing in combat sports has been a big issue this year, with several fighters testing positive for marijuana and there is a lot of controversy surrounding the use of TRT. But from a promoter's stand point, the issue is very cut and dry:

"It doesn't feel like an anchor at all. Like I said, it's legal, what are you going to do? Until it becomes illegal, it's like the marijuana thing. It's funny how people want to pick and choose. 'Oh, he was over on marijuana, big deal.' Marijuana is illegal. This shit (TRT) isn't illegal. You can debate it all day long. It is what it is."

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ShaqNoob site profile image  

2/28/14 3:10 AM by ShaqNoob

Well well well...

OGT site profile image  

2/28/14 1:41 AM by OGT

That'll go over his head

rRooster site profile image  

2/28/14 1:37 AM by rRooster

How would you feel about not being able to have a Beer in your spare time for up to 45 days before you had a 1 night job to do?

The Ghost of REED ROTHCHILD site profile image  

2/28/14 1:34 AM by The Ghost of REED ROTHCHILD

Weed is for slackers... PEDs are for go getters

inf0 site profile image  

2/28/14 1:24 AM by inf0


ChaosOverkill site profile image  

2/28/14 1:24 AM by ChaosOverkill

  lol I think I think Dana goes to bed and wakes up every morning having no memory of any stance he has ever taken on anything and just makes everything up on the spot when asked about something.     Monday: That stuff is great, I love it.   Tuesday: That stuff is shit, why are you asking me about that, it's all shit!   Oh and inb4 Shilldy O's keyword scanner sets off her "Dana bashing" Alarm and mighty morphin transforms or She-Ra sword poses or whatever into Dana's defense team or whatever she does

Rambo John J site profile image  

2/28/14 1:20 AM by Rambo John J


BuckyGoldstein site profile image  

2/14/14 9:39 AM by BuckyGoldstein

Dana's high as fuck.

ArthurKnoqOut site profile image  

2/14/14 9:22 AM by ArthurKnoqOut

I give two fucks about the federal government which is corrupted in any and all countries. The feds can TRY. Colorado municipal police stated that they will not cooperate nor allow harassment of their citizens by the federal "police". Employers in those states only do so IF a. they are national and b. they actually test.When I got into college I worked part-time for T-Mobile. They didn't test. Know why? Because top 10 percent of the most qualified interviewees would fail the drug test 80+ percent of the time. This lead the progressive company (at the time owned by Deutsch Telekom) to simply get rid of the testing all together.

CapnKindBud site profile image  

2/14/14 3:57 AM by CapnKindBud

If they had a way to test whether the fighter was high during the fight, I would be more likely to say that the company's integrity was on the line and they would be right in punishing the fighter.But these tests go back like 3 months or more so no I do not think that ANY company should have the right to punish an employee for smoking pot on their own time. It's pretty stupid though to get caught.