Overeem turns down fight with Dos Santos


Coming off a win over Frank Mir at UFC 169, Alistair Overeem will likely find himself in a bout with title implications. However, according to Dana White, it won't be against former champion Junior Dos Santos.

On the most recent episode of UFC Tonight, Dana White said that he offered Overeem a five round main event fight with dos Santos, which the Dutchman declines. White also offered Overeem a three round co-main event against Dos Santos, which he also turned down.

White believes that Overeem is running from Dos Santos.

"He wants nothing to do with dos Santos," said White. "He's literally hiding from him"

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DirtyLickinsBrah site profile image  

2/14/14 5:47 AM by DirtyLickinsBrah

Cant stand cheaters.....but def a smart move for him

ipponssting site profile image  

2/13/14 1:23 PM by ipponssting

They're both probably playing hardball due to his contract being up

The Last Emperor site profile image  

2/13/14 1:10 PM by The Last Emperor

Why? Reem is the guy that was going to come in and destroy the UFC heavies, according to all of his nuthuggers here on the UG.

John Nic site profile image  

2/13/14 11:08 AM by John Nic

Dana hates REEMSuper expensive HW when Dana has a few other HW making 10% of what REEM does on the rosterTook out their biggest cash cow, Brock lesnar.Got caught with dirty pee after he promised Dana and Lorenzo he wasn't juicingNo wonder Dana's got a hate on

Chadderz site profile image  

2/13/14 10:56 AM by Chadderz

Technique vs raw power :L

ShowtimeKnee site profile image  

2/13/14 6:02 AM by ShowtimeKnee

LOL! ^^^

WithoutSpoilersdotCom site profile image  

2/13/14 5:58 AM by WithoutSpoilersdotCom

the biggest star world wide wants that guap. i understand it.im the BIGGEST HUGEST junior fan, and hed wreck alistair, but both need to get paid.thats a big fight. imo the biggest in ufc history besides st pierre shields and diazalistair is a big deal where im from besides anderson the only known fighter

House Boru site profile image  

2/13/14 5:29 AM by House Boru

he's scared

Y2JB site profile image  

2/13/14 5:26 AM by Y2JB

He's figuratively hiding Dana, not literally. If he were literally hiding he would be climbing into wardrobes and wheely bins backstage at UFC shows everytime JDS walked by.

Lucas_NZ_ site profile image  

2/13/14 5:18 AM by Lucas_NZ_

Overeem v Hunt 2 please.