Cormier vs. Cummins fight recipe: Add bad blood


UFC president Dana White appeared on FOX Sports Live along with Patrick Cummins and Rashad Evans and detailed how Cummins got his Rocky moment. White had initially planned to delay the fight by a month, but

"I hear about this kid, Cummins," related UFC president Dana White. "He was two-time All American, went to the world championships, and claims that when he used to train with Cormier, he would make Cormier cry, and that he quote unquote broke him every time they wrestled.

"So I said 'This is interesting. The kid's undefeated. All of his fights are finishes - he's never gone to a decision.' So I end up calling his manager.

"I said 'I'm looking for this kid Cummins. What's the deal? Is this true?'"

"He says 'It's true. The kid's working. You can't get ahold of him. I'll call you right back.'"

So he drives down to where some kid works. Apparently it's some coffee shop down in Dana Point, California, goes into the coffee shop and says I need to talk to Patrick Cummins.

"They're like 'He's working, you can't talk to him.' He says 'It's an emergency, I have to talk to him.' But they won't let him talk to him.

"So he drives his car around to the window where Cummins is working and gives him the phone and says 'You need to take this.' and puts me on the phone.

"I said 'Is it true about Cormier and do you want this fight?' He says 'It's absolutely true, I broke him every time we wrestled, and I promise you, I will break him next Saturday night, and I will beat him.'

"I said 'Interesting.' And he said 'I hope this is a call giving me this fight, because they just fired me.'

"I told him tell your manager 'Good luck, see ya later,' you're going to the UFC."

Cormier then took sharp exception to Cummins' characterization of their training sessions.

"That's the key, that's the key right there," said Cormier. "I was train FOR THE OLYMPICS. That's the problem. Pat's never been The Guy. I was The Guy. The training was focused around me. So it wasn't just Pat Cummins that was wrestling me. It was Pat Cummins, and everybody else coming in wrestling me.

"And also I was going through a lot of personal issues at the time. But Pat Cummins, you need to be careful about what you say. Things that happen in the wrestling room stay  in the wrestling room. So not only have you crossed a line, you've completely put yourself in my crosshairs.

"And you not the guy. Pat Cummins is not a nice kid any more. You're a guy that... I'm going to go into that Octagon, and you're going to suffer for your words. You should never do that. You're already at a disadvantage with me.

"To come and do this now - make it personal - Pat Cummins, you just got a raise, but are going to get punished."

"You are completely in over your head Patrick Cummins."

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Musashi site profile image  

2/23/14 5:38 AM by Musashi


smags site profile image  

2/23/14 5:31 AM by smags

Douche-esque behaviour on your part but nontheless bravo! VU

SonOfThePeepHole site profile image  

2/16/14 6:12 AM by SonOfThePeepHole

Dana with that silly grin the fucking instigator..

tspot1 site profile image  

2/16/14 1:40 AM by tspot1

For later

Dirty Dick Slater site profile image  

2/16/14 1:17 AM by Dirty Dick Slater


MTH site profile image  

2/16/14 1:13 AM by MTH

I would've rather seen Anthony Johnson. Cormier by relentless, vicious, lop-sided beatdown in the first or maybe the second.I do think the animosity is real. The fakest part of the video IMO is Dana's effort to convince folks he thinks the fight is in any way likely to be competitive. I think honesty would've been a better sale there. "Do I think he can win? Not really. I think Daniel's going to run through him. But I'm looking forward to watching this kid try."

chaplinshouse site profile image  

2/16/14 12:12 AM by chaplinshouse

^^ that only signed up because he's trying to get a fight.

CaughtItFromARua site profile image  

2/15/14 11:47 PM by CaughtItFromARua

Exactly. Not sure of the love for this 4-0 dude bother than he's a green name here.

SHOOTMedia site profile image  

2/15/14 8:53 PM by SHOOTMedia

Cormier and Mendez open up to SHOOTMedia about DC's spat with Cummins. DC admits that he did lose to Cummins, and he did cry; but there's more to the story. Check it out!


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