Liddell: I don't like playing it safe. I never did


UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell recently appeared on MMAJunkie Radio and discussed whether fighters used to go for the highlight reel finish more often, and talked about his protege Glover Teixeira,, who challenges John Jones for the light heavyweight title at UFC 172 in April.

“You’re always going to have people comparing, but what it comes down to is, fighting is fighting,” said Liddell.

“Glover’s one of my favorites, but that has a personal thing to it. I like watching Anderson fight, and I like watching Hendricks fight. I like Aldo – he’s a slick striker and he goes after it. I just really like guys who try to finish fights, whether you’re a ground-and-pound guy, if you’re a slick jiu-jitsu guy.”

“I can’t really speak for (other guys), but guys need to be themselves – be a fighter. Worrying about winning and losing, I don’t like playing safe. I never did. It still worked out for me. I guess it’s a different time. I understand both sides – I understand playing it safe, and from a coaching standpoint.

“But at some point, I like to watch guys try to finish fights. That’s what makes it entertaining for me.”

Listen to entire interview...


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Recent Comments »

SimbaSpice site profile image  

2/25/14 1:14 PM by SimbaSpice

You bite your tongue, sir.

kungfugrip site profile image  

2/25/14 12:37 PM by kungfugrip

taking down Silva was looking for a finish?

303 site profile image  

2/25/14 12:19 PM by 303

Vitor Belfort was an ok striker. You however are an idiot. Chuck helped build this sport, and his fights are stuff of legends. He came to fight and finish his opponent every time.

Billyz site profile image  

2/25/14 11:53 AM by Billyz

for everyone who complains he fought grapplers that were easy KO's. big fucking whoop. he fought whoever was out there and the grapplers were on top at the time. He ducked strikers?!?! He fucking flew to Japan and tried to take everyone's head off over there win or lose when the best strikers were there. The guy can talk all the shit he wants, he ducked fucking no one. Took fights that jeopardized his guaranteed title shot just to stay active or fill in a card. Never waited around for a champ to be available and got in the cage/ring whenever asked. Hell he flew to hostile territory/organization and went toe to toe with the best in there as well. His legend status is very well deserved.Protected?! Protected doesn't get put in a grand prix in another organization. Then they will say well when he got back he was protected from then on... Really he fought the very fucking best that was around at the time. Randy was top of the damn food chain. he demolished tito in his prime and Babalu was the legit contender then as well. His only BS fight was versus Horn but there was no one else. He had a long awaited war with Wandy and yes he shot a takedown, waaaahhhh, yeah he played it sooo safe in that fight. Those two were swinging for the fences back and forth till the bell. He went out on his shield and his jaw was never the same after Rashad body bagged him. he honestly should have stopped there but the love of competition kept him coming back. The franklin fight hurt to watch. He was in the best shape he had been in a while and he looked laser focused. His jaw was just done and there is no shame in that.One of the best champs of another era. Now as for his personal life/partying... well that's another story. Guy embraced the rockstar life full blast for sure and probably hurt his career a bit, but how he fought speaks for itself.

JohnnyB1 site profile image  

2/25/14 7:59 AM by JohnnyB1

Chuck was the fuckin man. Still my favorite champion of all time. I like his philosophy: Go big or go home. With that way of thinking sometimes you win, sometimes you lose but when you win-you win big.

Herman Munster site profile image  

2/25/14 7:50 AM by Herman Munster

P.s, Was Vernon White the best striker Chuck faced from 2004 to retirement that didn't knock him out? Give me a fuckin break. Chuck has no business talking about what young talents are doing today. Every 3 months we need to hear this guy talking about how he didn't fight safe, it's sad.

General Tao site profile image  

2/25/14 7:43 AM by General Tao

I miss chocolate al so much :( tiny bit homo

Herman Munster site profile image  

2/25/14 7:35 AM by Herman Munster

We all dreamed to see Chuck/Wand forever? Who the fuck wanted to see Chuck going for takedowns. Never fought safe my ass. He courageously stood with non threats like Babalu and Jeremy Horn on the feet. Didn't take them down into their world. Played it safe in his world where a knock out would be assured, and he sure took his sweet fuckin time with Horn. Took down Wand. When he had to stand with threats like Rampage and Rashad, that was his only choice. He couldn't take them to down to rest like vs Wand. So he had to get knocked out.

Herman Munster site profile image  

2/25/14 7:28 AM by Herman Munster

*yawn* anyways... If I was an aspiring fighter looking to be technical, well rounded, strategic, and hoping to optimize my chances for Champion level success, I would be making a much more intelligent choice for my career to go train with someone like a Firas Zahabi, as opposed to a Chuck. If I want poor boxing fundamentals, poor defense, very little Muay Thai, and want to rely on my power and ability to exchange, and I'm planning a short career starting in 2014 and into the future with my narrow minded and less than evolved approach, I go to Chuck. Too all aspiring young fighters, use your brains and think about this message. Don't go out and fight like Chuck, as then you will have no brain left to use.

chew22 site profile image  

2/25/14 5:54 AM by chew22

chack also did a lot of blow in the day too. that's probably not a good idea to emulate if we are picking out chack characteristics for young fighters to develop.