White: TRT ruins good fighters, it has to go away


UFC president Dana White recently appeared on the UK's BT Sports, and discussed the resigning of Gil Melendez, SuperFights, what's next for Ronda Rousey (it's not Cris Cyborg), the use of Testosterone Replacement Therapy in mixed martial arts.

"When you really break it down and look at it - it's science," said White. "As you get older, your testosterone starts to get lower, science has figured out a way to get it back up to even. 


"But like in all things when money is involved, people will find ways to cheat. And even though this thing is legal, people have found out a way to cheat on it. So it has to go away."


"It ruins good fighters. Once you get on this stuff, or any type of steroid, you can't get off it. You have to continue to use it. Because once you start using it, your body stops producing it like it did before. So it's not good for you."

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Anderson P Sonnen site profile image  

3/8/14 10:57 PM by Anderson P Sonnen

"There is no reason why Vitor Belfort can't fight in Las Vegas or anywhere else in the United States. Vitor Belfort has not been abusing TRT. In a million f***ing years I would never let that happen ... ever." LOLTake that how you want, but there's no "twisting words" assuming he was implying Vitor getting an exemption. He didn't guarantee it, but he was obviously defending the idea. Now he's against it. Point is, he says one thing and then another just to suit the needs of promoting, which is understandable. ...he's a promoter.

CH site profile image  

3/8/14 10:54 AM by CH

"But like in all things when money is involved, people will find ways to cheat."

Sydney Crosby's Iron Jaw site profile image  

3/8/14 10:21 AM by Sydney Crosby's Iron Jaw


Il Duce site profile image  

2/27/14 4:57 PM by Il Duce

Good call, mate. Saw this earlier and wanted to bump this.

slamming site profile image  

2/27/14 4:47 PM by slamming

He's never garaunteed a TRT exemption for Vitor in Nevada.  People twist his words all the time to suit their agenda.

Sydney Crosby's Iron Jaw site profile image  

2/27/14 4:27 PM by Sydney Crosby's Iron Jaw

Lol. Dana knew the hammer was coming down and got out ahead of the wave so later he can say how he was always against it. Fuckin Egg.

The Matrix is out of service site profile image  

2/27/14 4:04 AM by The Matrix is out of service

You know Dana...the promoter. How many times has he said one thing, then another later?"Women will never fight in the UFC/Rousey is the biggest star in MMA""We're not absorbing Strikeforce, business as usual" - ZUFFA absorbs SFLies constantly-"I'll never trust Bonnar again because he lied to me"Etc. Promoters gonna promote...

Lanceness021 site profile image  

2/27/14 3:57 AM by Lanceness021

Lol wut. I think it's more accurate to say TRT makes good fighters but ruins lives post career unless you get Richie rich. You can't blame Dana, he follows the play book from leaders of other major sports franchises. http://tennishasasteroidproblem.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/stuart-miller-needs-to-step-aside.html?m=1Stuart Miller, the head of anti doping in tennis says; "EPO is not conducive to performance" Which is a pretentious way of saying "Our players wouldn't even dope, the stuff doesn't even work". In reality when you see 7 hour matches and players recovering in two days coupled with the fact they are doing roughly 30 blood tests a year compared to 3000 a year in cycling it's obvious doping is rampant in tennis.

Leigh site profile image  

2/27/14 3:35 AM by Leigh

Agreed. For consistency, does Dana want to ban insulin for diabetics? It's more anabolic than testosterone.

inf0 site profile image  

2/27/14 3:28 AM by inf0

It sure ruined 10 titleshot Sonnen.. and slay half the roster Vitor sure sucks... Dan Henderson, man it killed his career.... he barely beat half the greatest fighters alive on the stuff. Shogun just looks awful on it..oh wait.