Twitter reacts to TRT ban with a collective YAY


When the Nevada State Athletic Commission voted unanimously to end the use of Testosterone Replacement Therapy in mixed martial arts, the sport responded with complete unanimity in hailing the move, via Twitter.

Josh Barnett @JoshLBarnett
I support this.

michael @bisping
So TRT is now officially banned in Nevada. U could argue I only have one loss on my record. After I beat Kennedy I want my shot at the title

Brett Cooper @BrettCoopermma
TRT gone, about damn time

Marcelino Evil @KCBanditMMA
I actually had some low T issues last fall. Doc tld me to sleep more & workout less. Not really what I wanted to hear but i feel much better

Kenny Florian @kennyflorian
I've said it before but getting rid of TRT is the right move for the sport 

Tim Kennedy @TimKennedyMMA
The Nevada State Athletic Commission banned testosterone. It is a great day for the sport. I hope all states follow suit.

Joe Lauzon @JoeLauzon
I’m okay with the Nevada Commission banning TRT… But if they start checking ice cream levels I am going to be really upset.

Tom Lawlor @FilthyTomLawlor
No more TRT? Good.Sports shouldn't be on a level playing field based on genetics and hard work. This is a huge step in the right direction.

Vinny Magalhaes @VinnyMMA
TRT is finally banned, now we can only hope that 1 day we will have Olympic level drug screening in MMA.  So we can catch the EPO, HGH users

jimi manuwa @POSTERBOYJM
I'm happy about the decision to ban TRT let's see if it makes a difference to anyone's performance.

Big John McCarthy @JohnMcCarthyMMA
Great job by the NSAC in getting rid of TUE's for TRT.  There is no way the taking of Testosterone by an athlete should be condoned by an AC

Joe Rogan @joerogan
Nevada just banned the use of synthetic testosterone for fighters. Shit just got real. Literally.

Brian Stann @BrianStann
Very happy to see TRT banned, absolutely a ridiculous idea to start with and a major factor of my personal retirement from fighting

Stefan Struve @StefanStruve
•Great decision by the NAC to ban TRT, big step forward for our sport. Lets see who don't want to fight in Vegas anymore now.
•Next step is find a way to make it impossible to cheat with PEDs for anybody in the UFC by testing very regularly.
•IMO if you get caught for PED you should be fired and never be let back to compete, cause in that case you are no athlete but just a cheater

Ike Vallie-Flagg @IKEVF
I'm already chewing on bulls testicles seeing what that does to my test levels


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LiverpoolFC site profile image  

3/6/14 7:53 PM by LiverpoolFC

wtf are the pros?                                                 ..oh there

bertoo77 site profile image  

3/6/14 6:54 PM by bertoo77

You're dumb as shit.

SJax site profile image  

3/1/14 9:38 AM by SJax

More like you backed up on it slowly and gently with lube.

lolll site profile image  

3/1/14 7:54 AM by lolll

hahaha are u serious bring ning intelligence into the picture while saying that lol. steroids make tons of things better that why doctors prescribe them. steroids are in so many prescription drugs for one. if roids didnt make anything better why do athletes do them???? heres a hint because they make a lot of things better. what a joke

CapnKindBud site profile image  

3/1/14 5:03 AM by CapnKindBud

Faggits be talking shit about Rogan? Faggits be faggits.....

ShanTheMan site profile image  

3/1/14 5:03 AM by ShanTheMan


tontobalboa site profile image  

3/1/14 3:42 AM by tontobalboa

Is it ironic that a thread about fighters being sans chemical hyperbole has turned into a debate about the definition of literal?Mind. Bottled?

TheFaintingGOATClownedAwayMySN site profile image  

3/1/14 3:25 AM by TheFaintingGOATClownedAwayMySN

Bisping needs to beat a condenser and Tim is not.

UGCTT_Fillthy site profile image  

3/1/14 2:07 AM by UGCTT_Fillthy

I guess Joe doesn't know how to use 'ironic' correctly either.As was mentioned, 'they' didn't change the meaning of 'literally' - they just acknowledged that most people are idiots and you're likely to see it used incorrectly, hence the additional definition.See also: irregardless.

CANESHARP site profile image  

2/28/14 11:50 PM by CANESHARP



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