Chris Weidman: TRT ban an 'amazing day' for MMA


Earlier today Chris Weidman learned that the NSAC had banned TRT, which would have had implications for his UFC 173 title defense:

"This is an amazing day for the sport," Weidman told "This is something that I've wanted to see happen for quite some time. TRT was and has always been cheating, and I'm glad Nevada finally recognized that, especially since I'm about to fight there against a known TRT user. Hopefully, every other athletic commission follows because this was long overdue.

"If you need TRT to fight, you shouldn't fight. Period."

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Of course the comments above were spoken before tonight's huge announcement that Vitor Belfort was withdrawing from his UFC 173 bout with Weidman.

Weidman will face Lyoto Machida and will now fight an athlete who is not, nor has ever been, on an exemption to use testosterone replacement therapy.

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jmont site profile image  

2/28/14 4:42 PM by jmont

man even when I agree with weidman the shit he says makes me cringe

Rob San Soo site profile image  

2/28/14 4:26 PM by Rob San Soo

He dodged a bullet lol

HandyDarsh site profile image  

2/28/14 3:56 PM by HandyDarsh

He must feel 100% better knowing he isn't forced to eat head kicks and hot punches in his first title defense.

Zed Wayne Zed site profile image  

2/28/14 2:01 PM by Zed Wayne Zed

Thank you.He had a rematch with Silva lined up before he won the title.Does it get any more "keyboard warrior" than saying the UFC MW Champ is scared? I am not sure it does.

cheesesteak site profile image  

2/28/14 1:38 PM by cheesesteak

amazing until your not a young man full of piss and vinegar anymore.

BuckyGoldstein site profile image  

2/28/14 1:34 PM by BuckyGoldstein

I used to think that ( giving up once he is on his back )about Vitor until he fought JJ. Also, I think that Vitor has great TD defense and Vitor has always had the killer instinct.

DoomFarmer site profile image  

2/28/14 1:01 PM by DoomFarmer

Definitely an amazing day for him.He just dodged the most dangerous killer in MMA currently.Now he has an easier title defense.We will see how amazing it is when all of these young guys peak and T levels begin to drop...

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

2/28/14 12:15 PM by ChaosOverkill

The butthurt is nuclear fallout level

DiscoNfrno site profile image  

2/28/14 12:15 PM by DiscoNfrno

Just another example of a young kid talking out of his ass.  He will change his tune just like everyone else once he ages, and his levels drop.

orcus site profile image  

2/28/14 12:11 PM by orcus

"It's an amazing day for MMA. The 10 fighters on TRT out of the UFC's 450 man roster, who have a combined losing record, will no longer be able to get their exemptions. Amazing. More importantly, this means the guy I'm fighting who has been KOing everyone in the first round will hopefully be depleted and slow due to abnormally low testosterone. Amazing!!"