Belfort: I did not withdraw, that was UFC's decision


Last night huge news was announced on FOX Sport's Live that Vitor Belfort withdrew from UFC 173 and Lyoto Machida would now face Chris Weidman.

It is true, but not exactly how it was announced according to an announcement from Belfort today on his Facebook page, (translated by Google):

"I never gave up fighting at UFC 173 and never said that. Therefore, any information published in any medium of communication announcing this is not true. 

What was announced that I'll be "giving up the TRT" and not "giving up the fight" to continue my dream of fighting. 

The UFC decided to put another opponent in my place because I do not have the required time to adapt myself to the new rules of the NSAC. According to the UFC, will face the winner of Weidman vs. Lyoto within the new regulations of all athletic commissions. 

I regret that this happened, and I thank the strength and understanding of all the fans, sponsors, and UFC's own athletic commissions. "

Vitor Belfort


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talkischeap site profile image  

2/28/14 6:51 PM by talkischeap


stonepony site profile image  

2/28/14 6:19 PM by stonepony

AKA he failed the surprise test.

Submissable site profile image  

2/28/14 6:17 PM by Submissable

I feel like he should have been tapering off anyways. He had to know his chances at an exemption were slim to none. Didnt he say at one point he would go off TRT for the title if he had too? Which would lead me to believe that knowing the fight was gonna take place in Vegas he would have taken the necessary precautions to make sure he got his shot, like get off the TRT for the time being.

Morpheus1976 site profile image  

2/28/14 6:07 PM by Morpheus1976

6:1 thats whats count, nothing else

Bisping decisioned my SN site profile image  

2/28/14 6:05 PM by Bisping decisioned my SN

Reading comprehension? He said in his own words that he told the ufc he would not be able to fight on such short notice because of the TRT change. He basically said he couldn't fight and the ufc had no choice to withdraw him.How is that not the same thing as withdrawing? Hey I can't fight without my TRT... Ok so your withdrawing from the fight? No but that's not enough time to fight without TRT... So the UFC was forced to withdraw him because he said he couldn't fight...

Wriggling Grunion site profile image  

2/28/14 6:05 PM by Wriggling Grunion

His chin and jaw have noticeably changed.

dominating_fashion site profile image  

2/28/14 6:02 PM by dominating_fashion

The UFC clearly pulled him out - either the test results from the other week were 14:1 (as reports suggest) or they just didn't want the "TRT Guy" fighting so soon after it was banned.

Bisping decisioned my SN site profile image  

2/28/14 5:59 PM by Bisping decisioned my SN

Yes thanks for the correction. He's been on TRT and who knows what else for a while it would probably be hard to fight off it but that's his problem

Forethought site profile image  

2/28/14 5:50 PM by Forethought

You are speculating. He just told us what happened and the UFC has not put any statements contradicting him.

Lanceness021 site profile image  

2/28/14 5:49 PM by Lanceness021

I don't think Vitor uses HGH in massive quantities, he doesn't have a gut like GSP or Ronnie Coleman, his stomach is flat. As for his head, is his hairline receding? Or he's at least been experimenting with styles that expose more of his forehead.