Brazilian fighter hopes for cage return after gas station melee


Last July former Bellator middleweight title challenger Maiquel Falcao and undefeated fighter Kaue Mena were involved in a brawl outside a gas station in Brazil that left Mena in critical condition. The melee began when Falcao slapped a woman in the gas station; her companions then swarmed on the pair, beating Mena - who had nothing to do with it - into a coma.

Mena underwent several surgeries, and was released from the hospital in December. Mena lost 70% of his vision in one eye. He also had part of his skull reattached in November. 

Now Guilherme Cruz is reporting for MMAFighting that Mena's vision has recovered, and he hopes he will fight again.

"I’m fine," said Mena. "Everything is fine. I’m doing physical therapy, but I can’t wait to fight again. I’m waiting for it."

"This (decision to return to the cage or not) is up to me, but I believe they will support me."

Mena's younger brother reported on his process.

"There’s no timetable because it’s a long recovery," said Kaua Mena. "My brother does physical therapy once a day, seven days a week. If he gets better in a few months, the doctor will see if he can fight again. I believe that my brother will want to fight again.

"The doctor said he’ll have a normal life from now on, but we’re not sure yet if he’ll be able to come back to MMA. His memory is getting better every day. The only thing he needs now is to be able to walk perfectly again. We’re positive that he’ll be able to do that really soon."

The four assailants have been charged with attempted murder.


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Sprawl'n'Stall site profile image  

3/3/14 2:00 PM by Sprawl'n'Stall

"The four assailants have been charged with attempted murder."Damn right! Put these asses in jail for a looooong time.I can understand the guys with the girls fighting Falcoa and Mena. Hell I can even understand that they resort to using bats as they must have realized they were fighting pro fighters.But beating like that on an unconscious dude? Attempted murder, no less.

subwrassler site profile image  

3/3/14 1:56 PM by subwrassler

none of this is about any of you pussies.just be glad for the guy

JIMMYNAKS site profile image  

3/3/14 1:25 PM by JIMMYNAKS

You're one of those Monday morning Quarterbacks that thinks they know what happened because you saw a video or read the story on the news. Welcome to the Internet.

JIMMYNAKS site profile image  

3/3/14 1:24 PM by JIMMYNAKS

Relax. Breathe. Take the cock out of your mouth. Look at my post under and see I meant to write Falcao. LOL at your use of "White Knight".I hope when someone grabs your girl's or your Mom's ass you take the time to hear the guy's side of the story.

Seats Taken site profile image  

3/3/14 9:57 AM by Seats Taken

You do realize the person with brain damage and the guy that was in the altercation with the woman are two different people. Fucking idiot.

Dai site profile image  

3/3/14 9:55 AM by Dai

But don't mind me, of course I'm the ''mens right'' messenger and a cocksucker, cause I don't want to send a hitman squad on Falacos ass or make a public execution like the rest of you seems to want to happenHowever on topic, good to see his friend being better after what turned out to be a such a shit storm

Dai site profile image  

3/3/14 9:53 AM by Dai

Wow this forum doesn't like when you try to edit a post where you quote someone. I bet there will be a bitch storm of White Knights to fight of if they take the time to read that.However I find it amazing its actually taped and you can almost see everything, yet people freak out like he is grabbing her ass and putting his dick right up in there and grouping all day long. When all we really can see is him leaning in trying to get his stuff checked and pay for it, WHILE MAYBE BUMPING INTO HER ASS WITH HIS CROTCH.But of course, you should get beaten up and brain damage for that, sounds like reasonable human beings right?

Dai site profile image  

3/3/14 9:42 AM by Dai

<blockquote>andyloveshugs - <p> he bitch slapped a girl for no good reason, after his crotch touches her ass. he's a fucking asshole and deserved the brain damage he got. in no post did anyone imply "its never the girls fault if something happens" you stupid fuck. go post on some "men's rights" forum cocksucker. </p></blockquote><br />No good reason? How would you react if someone calls you a bunch of shit? She certainly seems to be doing it and we all know how Falaco have acted before, VERY easy to get fired up, anyhow that bitch slap wasn't scenery indeed when she was already walking away and not in any saying that didn't happen or is accepted<br /><br />However I do not think his crotch touched her ass, hell all it looks like he is trying to get his stuff to the guy in the cash register. Also if it did, DO HE REALLY NEEDS TO BE CALLED SEXUAL HARASSMENT IF SOME PART TOUCH WHEN HE IS TRYING TO GIVE HIS STUFF TO THE GUY WORKING THERE AND SHE IS OBVIOUSLY STANDING THE WAY TALKING TO HER FRIEND LIKE A TOTAL BITCH?<br /><br />So I'm a cocksucker cause I think it didn't was sexual harassment to trying to give your stuff to the guy in the cash register and someone is standing in the way? So I'm the stupid one? Yeah you all act like he was rubbing hon her with purpose and grouping her ass out, but all you really see is him leaning in to give HIS FUCKING STUFF TO THE GUY BEHIND THE DESK. Do you have glasses?<br /><br />Lol ''mens right''? I never once named ''mens right'' but if you stop being a controllable female white knight and look at the situation, its not so fucking bad to begin with. Hell maybe he just DID WANTED TO GIVE HIS SHIT AND GO, while accidentally bumps into her CAUSE SHE IS STANDING IN THE WAY. She turns around and starting to bitch, which you can obviously see and he hardly gives a damn about it, until he bitch slap her when they are leaving<br /><br />Put your self in the fucking same situation idiot, you walk up maybe have a bad day. A bitch stands in your way in front the cash register, you lean in to give him your stuff so you can pay and she goes all crazy on ya ass cause you accidentally touched her butt? NOW DO THAT SOUNDS LIKE A SEXUAL HARASSMENT AND TRYING TO PROMOTE MENS RIGHT? lol<br /><br />This is exactly like the situation the other day where a girl hits a guy and he hits back, there we have the same fucking white knights like you calling him a monster. Next we have girls will have the right and support to assault guys or when ever a guy even looks toward a girl, its sexual harassment and will get you in jailFuck you are a really bad human being to wish for brain damage for something like this, can think of WAY much worse stuff he could have done and ACTUALLY SEXUAL HARASSED the girl, WHICH THE VIDEO HARDLY EVEN SHOWS. I bet a guy like you want to kill every person that try to steal something from a store to or doesn't pay there parking ticket? How about bills and a actual crime? Kill all your family and make you watch? Huh?

BernardHopkins site profile image  

3/3/14 9:36 AM by BernardHopkins

falcon didn't look like much of a fighter there took one to the chin then started throwing high school punches

Kirik site profile image  

3/3/14 9:28 AM by Kirik

Falcao didn't get any brain damage. The story is about a buddy of his who happened to be there.