Gustafsson: PPV to Fight Pass 'sucks a little bit'


No. 1 ranked light heavyweight Alexander Gustafsson will face No. 11 ranked Jimi Manuwa in the main event of UFC Fight Night 38, and Gustafsson will be looking for a win to launch him toward another shot at UFC gold

The last time Alexander Gustafsson was in the cage, he won Fight of the Night and Fight of the Year vs. UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones in the main event of UFC 165, live on PPV. While Jones got the unanimous decision, many fans felt "The Mauler" won the fight, and everyone including Jones agreed that that was his toughest fight.

No one would have been surprised with an immediate rematch, but Jones is next fighting #2 ranked Glover Teixeira, in the main even of UFC 172, live on PPV. Gustafsson is fighting #11 ranked Jimi Manuwa in the main event of UFC Fight Night 38 on March 8.

UFC Fight Night 38 on March 8 is not on PPV. In the USA it is not on FOX. It is not on FOX Sports 1. It will stream live on UFC Fight Pass.

Gustaffson appeared recently on Ariel Helwani's The MMA Hour, and asked how it felt to go from the top of a PPV to the top of Fight Pass.

"Well, that sucks a little bit," he explained accurately. "I didn't know about that until just a few weeks ago, but a fight is a fight." 

"I think Jimi Manuwa is a very dangerous fighter. I think with this ranking system he's a lot better than the guys that are higher ranked. He's a very dangerous fighter that has been sneaking around the shadows. Nobody knows about him, but he's very dangerous. So, I'm really looking forward to the fight on Saturday."


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DYNO site profile image  

3/9/14 3:58 PM by DYNO


FlyingSomethingOrAnotherPlata site profile image  

3/9/14 3:56 PM by FlyingSomethingOrAnotherPlata

Probably walking into a troll post, considering your SN.Except for the fact that the Bellator card was better then UFC 169, and the fight night combined. And you get their fights on TV. UFC finally hit puberty, now they think they are the bad boy of MMA, and we must conform to their rules.I watch Legacy, and other Axs TV fights over UFC PPV, and what watered down cards we get for free. More entertaining.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

3/7/14 6:45 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

Jon Jones hasn't sold out Baltimore. Baltimore is a first time UFC market and Jones is arguably the best fighter and there are Balto ties with his brother. The arena holds 12-13K and it's not sold out. That tells you everything. Cowboy Stadium?Yeah. When Brock, Chuck, GSP and Silva all return to fight in the first battle royal.

MachidaRustledMyJimmiez site profile image  

3/7/14 6:37 PM by MachidaRustledMyJimmiez

"no...  once fox buys these fight pass cards, zuffa will add another 12 or so fight nights to the schedule and those will then become "exclusive to fightpass" until they too are sold to fox and the other major tv partners... rinse and repeat until zuffa has a yearly event touching nearly every major market in the world (i estimate around 100 ufc events a year) and acquiring a major TV deal in every one of those markets."   This is your fundamental misunderstanding about the sport. Premium MMA content is a finite resource and slapping the UFC logo on mediocre cards diminishes the brand. You can't just keep creating more and more cards indefinitely and maintain the same amount of prestige with your brand. Why is it that generally the first time in any market, UFC sells out, but on subsequent visits, it doesn't sell as well? The first time, it's a novelty and people want to see the brand...for repeated business, they want to see STARS and top level fighters where the fights mean something.   *typo

jackbquick site profile image  

3/7/14 4:49 PM by jackbquick

Are the Wednesday night shows that air on FS1 in the US - UFC Tonight and that other one - available on Fight Pass?

Dreville79 site profile image  

3/7/14 7:39 AM by Dreville79

Alright for us in the UK, BT Sport have the rights to show fight pass cards it seems :)

AdmiralCackbar site profile image  

3/7/14 7:31 AM by AdmiralCackbar

The way the promote Alex is so up and down. In his last 4 fights (including tomorrow he has a PPV main even and a Fox main even, which seems like they're really putting him out there, but then his other two fights are on Fight Pass and Fuel, which barely anyone will watch. This guy should be promoted as Jones' biggest rival and should be on PPV of Fox every time he fights.

LondonMauler site profile image  

3/7/14 7:07 AM by LondonMauler

Me too. I'm excited!I intend to get tickets for the Stockholm show in October as well, just hope Gus doesn't lose, or that's a very convenient headliner...

Penguin of Death site profile image  

3/7/14 2:52 AM by Penguin of Death

I can't wait for tomorrow. I've complained a lot about the quality of cards we have gotten her for the last 6 years or so but the last one we had Barao and now Gus. It's getting better. I'll be watching it live in the arena.......... becase fuck FightPass.

LondonMauler site profile image  

3/7/14 2:38 AM by LondonMauler

I just hope that we get the Cameron stadium intro for Fight Night.I know they always play it at the start of PPV broadcast on TV..:/