Sonnen: Wand the most terrible guy in the UFC ever


Some seasons of the Ultimate Fighter features coaches who have no real animosity, and others have coaches who truly don't like each other. The upcoming season of TUF Brazil 3 will be the latter, and according to Sonnen, his opposing coach Wanderlei Silva was a struggle to work with:

"As far as the incident with Wanderlei, there were many incidents," Sonnen said. "One of them has garnered more attention than the others. The guy was a complete struggle on a daily basis to work alongside."

Dana White noted that putting together a video was more deciding what to leave out than put in.

"We have a treasure chest of s*** from this show," said White via text message.

Ever the master at building a fight, Sonnen's tact with Silva is to say his Japanese success wasn't close to how it looked, and his UFC record is among the worst ever.

"Wanderlei's record is the single worst in the history of the UFC," he claimed. "That's not just the Zuffa owned UFC, but the SEG UFC as well. He currently has five wins and eight losses. That is the record. He's won his last two fights, so that means at one point he had three wins and eight losses. There's never been a guy that terrible in UFC."

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HarryPalms site profile image  

3/12/14 3:57 AM by HarryPalms

Please leave and don't come back.Wandy will go down as one of the fiercest, most revered and most respected fighters of all time. A genuine all-time great and if there was such a thing, a first ballot MMA Hall of Famer.Chael, well he'll go down as MMA's best talker, self-promoter who talked his way into some great matches, and who had a chance to own the title, and beat a legend but found a way to lose in the last moments.To be fair, I really like them both, but Chael saying anything about Wandys record is just silly.

THE TROPHY BUCK site profile image  

3/12/14 3:46 AM by THE TROPHY BUCK

Wanderlei "weakest chin ever" silva.....wandys a fuckin joke cut that bitch dana

UGPTT__IeatCOCKSforBreakfastAwYeah site profile image  

3/12/14 3:38 AM by UGPTT__IeatCOCKSforBreakfastAwYeah

I guess it depends on your definition, but he fought many. Saku, Rampage, Arona, Hendo, Fujita, Matsui, Tamura, Kondo.

teamquestnorth site profile image  

3/12/14 12:38 AM by teamquestnorth

How many wrestlers did wand fight in pride?

Danawhiteshair site profile image  

3/12/14 12:37 AM by Danawhiteshair

I don't trane is there anything he can do to get his speed back?

KneeToFaceKO site profile image  

3/12/14 12:35 AM by KneeToFaceKO

Great post

Danawhiteshair site profile image  

3/12/14 12:33 AM by Danawhiteshair

Seriously man If wand threw those hooks as fast as he use to he would be top five man. Miss those days it's not like he lost it he is just slow now and his chin ain't so greatHe was always a punch me once hit you twice kinda guy and damn it worked. Good luck wand. Still pissed he lost to the iceman.

Non N00B site profile image  

3/12/14 12:19 AM by Non N00B

It's actually.....Y) Y U MAD BRO?

attjack site profile image  

3/12/14 12:03 AM by attjack

Exactly. These guys are simply in different leagues. Could Chael give him a fight pumped full of testosterone now that Silva is fighting well past his prime? Probably. Silva is in the senior circuit. He's just driving a few moire laps. Sonnen was talking himself into title fights recently and only performing due to injecting testosterone, something he does not need. He exploited a loophole as long as he could. If Anderson was on testosterone when he first fought Sonnen he probably would have killed him.

The Pendulum site profile image  

3/11/14 11:06 PM by The Pendulum

I don't actually know what you're trying to discuss. Is it;A) WanderleiB) Chael.C) Being an assumed fan of Chael because I questioned Wanderlei.D) Should C be true, why am I not watching pro wrestling.E) The fact that you can't quote statements properly.F) Chael and his supposed record against the same opponents in Japan.G) My join date and age correlating to knowing nothing about MMA.So which is it you'd like to talk about? Considering I brought up only A, and am continually trying to put you back on that subject, yet you abuse me and blast me as a Chael fan.