Fertitta explains how UFC used WWE's business model


Part owner of the UFC, Lorenzo Fertitta, recently took part 'The Leaders Sport Summit' in London England and spoke about the journey the UFC took to build it's brand. A lot of comparisons have been made between the UFC and the WWE and Lorenzo took time to explain how they took the WWE's business model to help grow their company:

"It wasn't about their product, it was about their business model, they had become very astute at selling their product and getting people to buy pay-per-views (PPV) by using free television. When we started, we had no traditional free press. Nobody was covering us, no one took us seriously as a sport. Therefore we had to turn to the WWE model which was, they have Monday Night Raw, Thursday Night Smackdown, which were television shows that told a story, and the story was trying to convince you to transact on Sunday night on PPV.

So we said look, it's going to take awhile for the free press to cover us, we don't have that long to wait, therefore we must buy our way on TV, get on that free-to-air format, tell our story, let the fans know who these fighters are and convince the fans to buy the PPV on Saturday night. So looking at their business plan was the key."

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VitorpeepeetasteStrongTRT site profile image  

3/11/14 8:07 AM by VitorpeepeetasteStrongTRT

1996-1997 when guys started to get guaranteed contracts and royalties.

rkm456 site profile image  

3/11/14 3:09 AM by rkm456

When did the WWE start taking care of guys? lol

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

3/10/14 11:44 PM by RyannVonDoom

Im curious, when did you sell out to zuffa? All you do is post their bulletpoints and propaganda.

tenchu site profile image  

3/10/14 11:38 PM by tenchu

Good. Now hopefully they'll copy the WWE Network, or make Fight Pass something comparable.

Dogman site profile image  

3/10/14 10:24 PM by Dogman

This is why, when thing were taking shape I was hoping MMA would adopt the boxing model(as bad as it is)and not the model where its about the promotion.

VitorpeepeetasteStrongTRT site profile image  

3/10/14 9:33 PM by VitorpeepeetasteStrongTRT

You're right. He wanted Pride not the UFC. I think I heard it on Sherdog radio a little while back.

Stephen Holder site profile image  

3/10/14 12:20 PM by Stephen Holder

I hadnt heard this but I did hear that Shane was trying to convince Vince to buy Pride before it folded and sold to Zuffa. I also was suprised to hear that at one point recently Shane pulled all of his stock out of the WWE and was ready to buy a stake in the UFC. Not sure if he fell out of favor with his dad or what cuz of his bro in law or something. This was around the time that Shane was rumored to take on the Canadian operations of the UFC a while back. Even if they did consider buying the UFC from SEG, I'm sure just like the WWE did with WCW and the UFC did with Pride and Strikeforce they only would have done so to ultimately shut it down. No way Vince would have put up the kind of capitol the Fertitas ended up pissing away for 6 years before turning a profit. I still dont think they truly realized the potential of the UFC at that time because if they had, just to eliminate the threat they would have bought it like I said to shut it down. The stuff about Vince throwing numerous fits around the time the UFC started gaining momentum was widely reported on the dirt sheets back then. It got really bad around the time TUF 1 debuted too. I dont think Vince had much of a say in wether or not the UFC aired on Spike after MNR or even at all from what I recall.

inf0 site profile image  

3/10/14 9:50 AM by inf0

is that why Lorenzo is lookin like Vinnie Mac?  

stevekt site profile image  

3/10/14 9:46 AM by stevekt

Dana's TUF speech sounded a lot like Triple H's Tough Enough speech.

Stea1th site profile image  

3/10/14 9:44 AM by Stea1th

anyone know what watch lorenzo had? Looks like a Panerai watch.