Recent ZUFFA vs. pirates court cases


British Columbia attorney Erik Magraken recently compiled a list of recent ZUFFA Piracy lawsuits.

For those interested here are some highlights of recent Zuffa intellectual property litigation: 

Zuffa v. Bidwell – Zuffa succeeds in securing default judgement for unlawful interception of UFC 114 with damages to be assessed

Zuffa v. Pryce – Zuffa obtains default judgement for unauthorized viewing of UFC 130 and 131 and damages and costs of almost $12,000 being assessed

Zuffa v. Al-Shaikh – Zuffa obtains default judgement for unlawful interception of UFC 104 with over $10,000 in damages in costs assessed

Zuffa v. Black Diamond – Default judgement obtained with damages and costs of over $10,000 assessed

Zuffa v. Miller – Zuffa obtained default judgement for ‘satellite piracy’ with respect to UFC 121 – Damages and Costs of over $24,000 were assessed

Zuffa v. Holtsberry – Zuffa obtains default judgement for illegal interception of UFC 129 – Damages and Costs of $5,633 were assessed

Zuffa v. Parker – Zuffa obtains default judgement interception of UFC 130 – Damages and Costs of over $32,000 were assessed

Zuffa v. Patel - Zuffa obtains summary judgement with damages to be assessed Zuffa v. Pohl - Zuffa obtains default judgement for unlawful interception of a PPV event with Damages and Costs of over $42,000 assessed

Zuffa v. Hassan – Zuffa obtains default judgement for unlawful interception of UFC 113 – Damages and Costs of over $17,000 assessed

Zuffa v. Carranza – Zuffa obtains judgement and damages against Defendant for selling “infringing merchandise”

Zuffa v. Kamranian – Zuffa obtains summary judgement for broadcasting UFC 123 without authorization with damages being assessed at $4,200. This case was of particular interest as the infringing activity was simply viewing the event from an on-line stream (however this did occur in a commercial establishment which was important in the finding of liability).

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camicom site profile image  

3/12/14 3:34 PM by camicom

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....most of these defendents are probably Zuffa employees continuing the charade. These lawsuits and the stuff that comes out of my ass, are remarkably similar.

tenchu site profile image  

3/12/14 2:14 PM by tenchu

Great points and questions.Hopefully Zuffa realizes soon that the cost to follow the sport is ridiculous (thirteen $60 PPV's plus Fight Pass subscription) and works towards a more reasonably affordable and accessible model.

BJs Pen site profile image  

3/12/14 12:59 PM by BJs Pen


dabigchet site profile image  

3/12/14 12:42 PM by dabigchet

y u mad tho?

wvugreenlantern site profile image  

3/12/14 12:38 PM by wvugreenlantern

i love how many times I see the word "Deserve" in here for fighters that none of you will remember after they wash out. If UFC was ran like some of you think it should be, it would have gone the way of Affliction years ago.No one. I mean NO ONE. Cares about the guy on FB prelims when it comes time to generating revenue for Zuffa.Some of the hardcores here might be excited for that new prospect from Cage Rage or wherever, but the people actually funding Zuffa with sales...don't. But yeah, I'm sure a really savvy CEO would go "Hey, fuck the paying customers, I wanna cater to the guys who bitch about $9.99 a month being outrageous and cry about a $5 bump in PPV prices. Yeah, the 18-22 broke ass motherfuckers demographic, they are salivating for you...Thank GOD Dana does not listen to some of the "fans" or you'd see Okami getting paid 6 figures to lay on shields and UFC MIGHT be on TV somewhere at that point, but doubt it.Just like the intelligent businessmen on here who think a declining PPV buy rate (nevermind the insane amount of additional events) in North America is some kind of sign of the MMA "fad" passing. Just a bunch of internet kids playing businessman from behind a computer when the majority illustrate with every post they've never held a job or paid taxes in their life. They don't comprehend a 1099 employee, but wanna tell Dana white how to run a multi-billion dollar business.

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3/12/14 12:14 PM by rolhc


UGPTT__IeatCOCKSforBreakfastAwYeah site profile image  

3/12/14 11:52 AM by UGPTT__IeatCOCKSforBreakfastAwYeah

Dfw is the new Lars.

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3/12/14 11:39 AM by ClemenzasCannoli


ErikMagraken site profile image  

3/12/14 10:57 AM by ErikMagraken

  The reported reasons give insight into this.  The uncontested cases which proceed to default judgement indicate fees between $2k-$3K.  

Yoghurt site profile image  

3/12/14 7:07 AM by Yoghurt

I can't but think that Zuffa is putting way too much of their effort into this while in my country it's still impossible to buy PPV.And even if it was,the average salary here is around 300 Euros so i don't believe many people would be buying it,but for a ~10 EUR price i think people might consider it. But hey,at least we're completely safe from legal action by Zuffa, so that's a plus.