Shields: Everybody knows Hector Lombard is a p--ck


Hector Lombard and Jake Shields fight at UFC 171 on Saturday night, live on PPV. Pre fight trash talk has been a staple of combat sports for generations, but sometimes the rivalry feels real.

Muhammad Ali said of Joe Frazier "We gotta get it on 'cause we don't get along…" Over twenty years later, when Ali was selected to light the Olympic flame, Frazier said he'd like to have pushed him in. Another time Frazier explained "I want to cut him into pieces and send him up to Jesus."

Lombard accused Shields of being boring and "bad for the sport." Lombard's remarks doubtless have a strategic element, hoping to goad Shields into an exciting standing exchange.

MMAJunkie caught up with Shields and asked if it got under his skin.

“No, not really," said Shields. "I’ve always thought Hector is a prick. Everybody kind of knows that.”

“Hector's a huge power striker, so he probably wants me to come in and start trading shots with him. So he's trying to pull me into his game. But I know he’s got a lot of power, so I’m going to put him on his back and submit him.”

"I do respect him as a fighter. He's a great fighter. He's never been finished. He has a ton of knockouts"

"As a person - no one likes him at the gym. He goes for all the new guys, tries breaking their ribs, breaking their arms, knocking them out. But as a fighter, he's talented."

Shields was asked if he felt it was unfair that Condit vs. Woodley is looked as the #1 contender fight.

"Definitely," replied Shields definitively. "Considering I just beat Woodley. Since then I've fought tougher opponents than him. So I think it's a little unfair. But I guess it is what it is."

"If I win, specially if I win in dominant fashion, I'm going to go out there and ask for the title shot."

So what you do you think UG? Will we hear Shields ask for a title shot Saturday night?

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Dusty Suspect site profile image  

3/13/14 7:12 PM by Dusty Suspect

I see what you did there! Puntastic haha

oranos site profile image  

3/13/14 6:20 PM by oranos

Khabib to Shields "Hey was that Jui Jitsu tattoo easy too?"

Bisping decisioned my SN site profile image  

3/13/14 6:18 PM by Bisping decisioned my SN

Same here

OMA (tm) site profile image  

3/13/14 5:55 PM by OMA (tm)


VitorpeepeetasteStrongTRT site profile image  

3/13/14 5:53 PM by VitorpeepeetasteStrongTRT

Woodley was another person that was supposed to knock Jake out and Maia was supposed to submit him. The UG never learns.

Judontkneedthisname3744 site profile image  

3/13/14 5:51 PM by Judontkneedthisname3744

It's me and you're name might beOMAGODTHATSHITHURTtm

lugubrious site profile image  

3/13/14 5:44 PM by lugubrious

Hasn't Hector said something like this about Rousimar before their fight?

Mit site profile image  

3/13/14 5:31 PM by Mit

He was lucky to get out of the first round with henderson. Dan was reportedly injured pretty bad goin into that fight.

DoomFarmer site profile image  

3/13/14 5:25 PM by DoomFarmer

Those guys wing haymakers.Hector has better technical boxing, not to mention he is short, stocky and has a judo background.He won't be as easy to takedown.

michaelkaras site profile image  

3/13/14 5:18 PM by michaelkaras

everybody with punching power is supposed to knock jake out.dan henderson, robbie lawler, paul daley have all fallen to shields (finishing robbie and daley).i dont see why people are all keen on hector lombard to do something different.