Pat Curran: I suffer from severe depression


Former Bellator featherweight champion Pat Curran took the tiel from Joe Warren with such violence that the audience was screaming for the ref to stop it. And he lost it to Daniel Straus over five rounds where at points, well, the audience was not screaming for an end to the violence he was inflicting.

In an interview with MMAFighting's Chuck Mindenhall, Curran explains.

"More than the fight in general, it was my personal life leading up to the fight, which I was able to take care of and get sorted out," said Curran. "To sum it, I suffer from severe depression and anxiety issues. I’ve been dealing with this for a long time, but I was recently able to find this out what it was and address it. I’ve been seeing a doctor, and I got the right medication. And since I sought help and took the steps to change that, I’ve become a new person. I’ve completely changed my world, and I’m feeling great right now."

"We get hit in the head, which is known to cause depression, and I’m sure I’m not the only one with this issue. I’m sure there are other fighters with this issue, but I have no problem talking about it if it’s going to help other fighters in my situation."

The loss to Straus nearly led him to quit the sport.

"It really put me in a dark hole," he said. "I was depressed before then, but that just put me at an all-time low. I was ready to pack up my stuff in Illinois and move back in with my parents and search for a new career. I was ready to give up everything. Even well before that fight I had that same mentality. Not having fun…just wishing I wasn’t doing this anymore…feeling like I just don’t want to be a fighter anymore."

"It’s been a rough road for sure, but I want to say the last month since we got the rematch and I signed the contract it’s been great. I feel like a completely new person right now. I’m more motivated than ever, and I have this fire inside of me that I just want to get that title back. I just want to get that loss off my mind. That loss is really bothering me. It’s just the fact that I knew that wasn’t me. That wasn’t the Pat Curran that everybody was used to seeing, that drives me nuts."

Curran fights Straus for the third time at Bellator 112 on Friday.

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