White: Sonnen vs. Silva not signed yet


Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva recently completed coaching opposite each on TUF Brazil 3 and are supposed to square off this May, however according to Dana White, the fight isn't quite finalized:

However, at least for the moment, the pairing between the two TUF Brazil 3 coaches appears to be wishful thinking more than a set-in-stone date.

"Yeah," White affirmed when asked on Thursday if the fight still has yet to be signed. "There's a lot more to that story than (I can say).

"This is a frustrating job. S--t happens to me every day. ... It'll get done. We'll get it done."

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slamming site profile image  

3/14/14 5:32 PM by slamming

Just admit you don't read anything but headlines and move on. No one is buying it.

MMAIOGIC site profile image  

3/14/14 11:16 AM by MMAIOGIC

LMAO!  Someone who actually believes what comes out of Dana's mouth.  So cute.

ramaham site profile image  

3/14/14 5:44 AM by ramaham

Chael setting up for crawfishing...Wand quits for no man

MDubz site profile image  

3/14/14 4:38 AM by MDubz

Chael said on OTR that Wand hasn't signed yet. He's so scared it's not even funny, everybody knows what the outcome of this fight will be. Chael will take him down and ground and pound till Wand quits. Fact.

MachidaRustledMyJimmiez site profile image  

3/14/14 3:52 AM by MachidaRustledMyJimmiez

Just let them both roid...do it in japan. Let the best man win.

Muscles82 site profile image  

3/14/14 3:33 AM by Muscles82

Thanks man I appreciate it!  VU!  It's a bit unclear as to which message came from whom.  On day 1 the message was written as if from Vitor and said he was pulling out.  Media/fans/etc. went understandably nuts.  The next day I agree with you, Vitor tried to save face and say it was all the UFC's message. Then Dana said his lawyers supplied the message.  Someone asked Fox who gave them the message, and now the story is that (bear with me here) Vitor's lawyers provided the message to the UFC who in turn released it to the media and claim to not have altered it.  Splitting hairs, I know, but it's tough to keep abreast of all of this stuff.   At the end of the day, Dana told a reporter that there wouldn't be a problem if Belfort was denied a TUE.  In all likelihood, that was coming.  Their policy has publicly been to categorically deny a TUE to people that have tested positive.  Therefore obviously what Dana told that reporter was B.S. in my mind.  That's where I was coming from with that, and that's exactly the reporter phrased it to Dana today.  I highly recommend listening to the scrum, it's 35 minutes long but good. 

Vulva Fabulous site profile image  

3/14/14 2:58 AM by Vulva Fabulous

Great post and I agree, Dana hasn't always been truthful, but with the TRT/Vitor issue, I was under the impression that Vitor pulled out then tried to save face the next day(which killed me being a huge fan of Vitor from back in the day), but I could be wrong. Great post none the less.

Muscles82 site profile image  

3/14/14 2:45 AM by Muscles82

Honestly guys we could all write volumes of books on the times Dana has lied to us fans directly in the face, especially where TUF is concerned.  This news was taken from today's media scrum.  During the scrum Dana stood up for Vitor and talked like it made complete sense for him to withdraw from the fight with the TRT situation.  This is the same Dana what is quoted mid/late February as saying that if Vitor isn't issued a TUE it won't be a problem, he will still fight.  I don't know who the journalist was asking him about this but I give him props because he is well-informed and asked Dana exactly what I would have.  "Hey, them banning TRT is the exact same thing as them not approving a TUE so why did he pull out if you JUST assured us that it wouldn't be a problem?"  Also asked him about the test that Vitor won't reveal.  Great job by whomever that was. The point is we are cutting hairs with pointing to Dana's exact wording regarding if it was Chael, Silva, if it's the venue, what happened on the show, etc.  Every single one of us has been lied to regarding things of far more consequence from Dana, so I would hold off on blaming either Wanderlei or Chael prematurely.   I do have to disclose that I'm mostly saying this becuase I'm a fan of both; had I any distaste for either one I'd gladly have jumped on whatever hate train was blaming said fighter.

Vulva Fabulous site profile image  

3/14/14 2:36 AM by Vulva Fabulous

That was my first thought until reading the full article where Dana said it had to do with the show. I'm pretty sure he's talking about TUF not the ppv show because he said in a couple of months we can revisit the reason but because of the show he can't right now.At least that's what I gathered from it. But like I said, your thought was the same as mine when I read the blurb in the OP

12SixElbow site profile image  

3/14/14 2:07 AM by 12SixElbow

Silva doesn't want this fight... sadly