Luke Rockhold details first time sparring with Daniel Cormier


The #6  UFC ranked middleweight Luke Rockhold talks about the first time he sparred with Daniel Cormier, via Twitter.

Luke Rockhold @LukeRockhold
Sep 2009 my first sparring session with @DC_mma . Man was this guy loud. Instigated a " "real" fight inside the gym between @jakeshields and Matt Major within hours of joining the our team. I did my homework on DC and found he had some fight in him. Pushing and slapping his opponents on the wrestling mat trying to pick a fight. I liked what i saw. The next day I called him out in the ring. Coach Javier Mendez thought I was crazy given his Olympic wrestling background and the fact that he was 255 pounds at the time. We proceeded to beat the living s--- out of each other. Him chasing me around the ring trying to slam me on my neck. Me trying to kick him in the face. At one point we both stood toe to toe swinging for fences attempting to take each others heads off until our arms fell to exhaustion. That day I knew I found a true friend for ages.

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cfv site profile image  

3/14/14 12:40 AM by cfv

Ug blog posted this already because

chalice site profile image  

3/14/14 12:39 AM by chalice

i saw the tapout show when it first aired, instigating a fight between matt major and someone only makes me think more highly of cormier.

I_Pulled_Guard_On_Kimbo site profile image  

3/14/14 12:11 AM by I_Pulled_Guard_On_Kimbo


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3/13/14 11:58 PM by kalt

I still wanna know if that pic is legit.LOL at the level of extreme hyper-retardation shown in this thread.

I_Pulled_Guard_On_Kimbo site profile image  

3/13/14 10:52 PM by I_Pulled_Guard_On_Kimbo

I don't twat. I know what a twitter handle is, though. So that's no excuse. I went pure retard on this thread. Sorry, guys.

I_Pulled_Guard_On_Kimbo site profile image  

3/13/14 10:49 PM by I_Pulled_Guard_On_Kimbo

Legit lol.

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3/13/14 10:47 PM by ShanTheMan

Don Corleone MMA is the man

I_Pulled_Guard_On_Kimbo site profile image  

3/13/14 10:47 PM by I_Pulled_Guard_On_Kimbo

I've never been ganged up on before by the UG. I knew this day was coming. diazmiddlefinger.gif

XxLiveBaitxX site profile image  

3/13/14 10:46 PM by XxLiveBaitxX

My bad, I forgot to specify since Don Cheadle is also a member of AKA, derp.