Lombard focused on Bisping, not title


Hector Lombard could be close to a welterweight title with a win at UFC 171, but should teammate Robbie Lawler win that title, Lombard would rather move to middleweight than fight his friend. And at middleweight, he has an idea of who he would like to fight first:

Shields has called for a title shot if he can become the first fighter to stop Lombard. In turn, Lombard has dismissed his opponent as “boring” and predicted another KO victory. A far more enticing matchup, he said, is Michael Bisping, whom Lombard has repeatedly called out to no avail.

If the Shields fight goes as predicted, and his teammate is successful, Lombard may renew his request. Then, he just has to convince the UFC that he should be Bisping’s next opponent after the Brit faces Tim Kennedy in the headliner of next month’s TUF Nations Finale event in Canada.

Staying in one place isn’t something Lombard does well.

“I really want to fight Bisping,” Lombard says. “He’s a loudmouth, but there’s nothing personal.”

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Sydney Crosby's Iron Jaw site profile image  

3/15/14 6:54 PM by Sydney Crosby's Iron Jaw

Bisping fears Lombard.

PUBLICnoose site profile image  

3/15/14 6:52 PM by PUBLICnoose


WeidmanBrokeTheLEGend site profile image  

3/15/14 3:48 PM by WeidmanBrokeTheLEGend

Is bisping the most called out guy in combat sport history? If not who is?

BshMstr site profile image  

3/15/14 3:46 PM by BshMstr

^i have no idea what i meant there... 1-3 makes no sense.anyway, he still lost to Wanderlei, although his only other MW losses were to guys on TRT...

BshMstr site profile image  

3/15/14 3:44 PM by BshMstr

1-3.... he lost to Wanderlei.

pidgey site profile image  

3/15/14 3:23 PM by pidgey

Bisping is undefeated at MW against non-TRT takers.

kalt site profile image  

3/15/14 3:00 PM by kalt

Shields will grind out a win tonight. A slow, dull, annoying, boring win. By split decision.

Chaelismyhero site profile image  

3/15/14 2:59 PM by Chaelismyhero

I think Hector is looking past Jake...Jake is going to tap Lombard out tonight.I think Bisping would box Hector up...Probably knock him out late after Hector has gassed out.

TheHebrewHammer site profile image  

3/15/14 2:51 PM by TheHebrewHammer

He better not sleep on Shields because Shields can definitely sleep on him