Woodley: I flicked off Condit sub like a booger


Tyron Woodley, 31, was beating Carlos Condit Saturday night, when a well timed double leg apparently injured Condit's knee, leaving him unable to continue a short while later.

Woodley appeared recently on MMJunkie Radio and talked about the fight.

“They’re like, ‘Oh, it was a freak accident.’ A freak accident is someone who slips on a banana peel and tears their meniscus or whatever happens. But that was from an offensive attack – my wrestling takedown. A well-timed double leg.”

“I really wish [UFC commentator Joe Rogan] would just quit making reference to guys who are built with a certain muscular structure that might fatigue. I train way too hard and I put myself through hell for anybody to ever reference me in the sense that I have bad cardio or I might deflate because I have so much muscle. I have muscle because I train, because I was born genetically gifted from God.”

“I hit him with some of the hardest bombs he’s probably ever been hit with. He tried to submit me, and I flicked him off like a booger. I just think that I was showing dominance in the fight.

“I just think it’s hilarious how the fans and some of the media try to diminish a great moment for me, and I just won’t allow it. Carlos Condit’s the No. 2 guy in the world. I took him on when nobody else would. I went out there to win, I was winning the fight, I was going to take it up to the next level, and I just think I should be in line for the next world title shot.”

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One&Done site profile image  

3/19/14 3:55 PM by One&Done

Haha, VU for awesomeness

Acecool72 site profile image  

3/19/14 3:46 PM by Acecool72

Ok but guys like him and Lombard do tend to slow down quicker than others

arnanderson site profile image  

3/19/14 3:38 PM by arnanderson

Its about the training. Brock has more pounds of muscle to fuel than Lashley, but because he does the proper training, he has more endurance. It has nothing to do with how cut they are or how their physique looks. GSP, and many other WWs, have as much muscle weight as Woodley, yet still have great endurance. If Woodley does the proper training(which he probably does) his endurance will be fine, and his physique will look exactly the same as it does now.

Acecool72 site profile image  

3/19/14 3:04 PM by Acecool72

It's a proven fact that overly muscled guys tend to gas and slow down just to compare look at a guy like bobby lashley and compare him to a guy like Brock.....Brock has better cardio cause even though he is a big guy he's not as muscle bound and cut like bobby and guys like twood and hector

WelterweightBatman site profile image  

3/19/14 2:28 PM by WelterweightBatman

I'm a ww, and I have no idea what the fuck you're trying to say

arnanderson site profile image  

3/19/14 10:58 AM by arnanderson

Too bad he has about the same amount of muscle weight/lean body mass as all the other top contenders in his weight class, except for the few tall skinny guys.

Fight! UK Online site profile image  

3/19/14 10:53 AM by Fight! UK Online


TheFaintingGOATClownedAwayMySN site profile image  

3/18/14 3:55 PM by TheFaintingGOATClownedAwayMySN


6ULDV8 site profile image  

3/18/14 3:40 PM by 6ULDV8

Everyone in both boxing and MMA talk about it.  Big muscles need big oxygen and that's a fact.   Not too many musclebound marathon runners out there for a reason Tyron.

jahmon site profile image  

3/18/14 3:01 PM by jahmon

Rogan has been involved in fighting since he was a teenager. In the gym, on the mats, in the ring fighting TKD. He has constantly been involed in some facet of the fight game for decades, so I am incined to listen to his opinion since he has seen thousands of fights.