Hendo: TRT ban doesn't solve real problem


All time great Dan Henderson appeared recently on the Great MMA Debate podcast and talked TRT. Saturday night at Shogun vs. Henderson 2" class="Newslink">UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. Henderson 2, Henderson fights Shogun Rua in the first fight of his six-fight contract with the UFC. Hendo has been issued one, final Therapeutic Use Exemption for Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Hendo said he doesn't think the TRT ban will fix the real problem - the use of illegal PEDs.

"I'm sure there's a lot of guys who need [TRT] and a lot of guys who were on it that didn't, but I have no idea," said Henderson. "The biggest issue is that it didn't solve any problems by taking it away. It doesn't really address the real issue of tackling the problem of performance enhancing drugs.

"I think if they really wanted to make a statement they should have done more drug testing and implemented no advance notice in drug testing. Show up at guys' houses at odd hours and make them give blood and pee in a cup."

After Saturday's fight there is no TRT, and it sounds like there is no certainty there will be Dan Henderson.

"I'm pretty much going to get this fight handled and then worry about the changes later," said Henderson/ "That's my mindset and I don't need to make any decisions now.  I'm going to have to do some research and see what's out there."

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Lazer MMA site profile image  

3/21/14 8:05 AM by Lazer MMA

  He said we was always sick actually (years ago).

mulder68 site profile image  

3/21/14 6:06 AM by mulder68

Hendo himself said that when he is on TRT he spends less time lying on the couch. I guess that means he is a little lazy when not on it and has more get up and go when he is.

D241 site profile image  

3/21/14 12:34 AM by D241

BshMstr-That is a really cool link you provided   http://fightnomics.com/blog/age-and-knockouts-mma/   I'm a bit confused on the decision percentages, but I still think the chart points out just how susseptable older fighters are from being knocked out, trt or not.  

D241 site profile image  

3/20/14 11:49 PM by D241

"to me, i think the really benefit of TRT, is keeping test "high" for a consistent amount of time. i feel that even if a guy's cycling, then he still has to come "off cycle" prior to the fight, or risk testing positive... IMO, TRT allows one to keep levels high, when they are typically low, while training hard and cutting weight."   To my understanding, if a fighter was to take illegal performance enhancers that increases their testosterone, they essentially could take illegal peds to boost their levels higher but still within the allowed ranges for the athletic commissions up to the day of the fight. As long as their levels aren't higher than the required amount, they'll be fine b/c the urine test doesn't catch a lot of Peds, but does catch if one's testosterone levels are above the allowed limit. I recall reading that the average male's level ratio is 1:1, 1 level testosterone 1 level estrogen, but the athletic commissions allow a 6:1 ratio. Overeem was well over the 6:1 ratio which is why he was suspended.   So the way I see it is more than likely most fighters are around the 1:1 ratio, but they could take enhancers to boost their testosterone levels up to 6:1, and still not piss hot. But if they took too much and were 7:1 or higher, they'd be busted.   And you're right, blood test would catch problems like above, it's just a matter of who is going to pay. Funny you brought up orcus. The fact that I kinda lean with him on this topic makes me have doubt lol

BshMstr site profile image  

3/20/14 10:48 PM by BshMstr

yeah, i'm back and forth... i've argued with Orcus quite a bit about this, but to be fair, there isn't a lot of proof.to me, i think the really benefit of TRT, is keeping test "high" for a consistent amount of time. i feel that even if a guy's cycling, then he still has to come "off cycle" prior to the fight, or risk testing positive... IMO, TRT allows one to keep levels high, when they are typically low, while training hard and cutting weight.i think until we see other hormonal levels of fighters, it's hard to say whether TRT gives one higher levels than another. and unless we have long term blood levels showing the decline of an athlete's levels, it's hard to say how a fighter develop low test...personally, i hate to see fighters on TRT due to brain damage, and knowing they're gonna have a rapid decline after they get tossed out of the fight game.i'm not against TRT for regular people (or even athletes in non-contact sports), for fighters, i could see a lot of guys accruing a crap-load of brain damage...http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1582096-new-research-shows-mma-fighters-have-higher-risk-of-brain-damagehttp://fightnomics.com/blog/age-and-knockouts-mma/^i don't remember if i already posted that link or not, but it's worth noting the increase in TKO/KO loss by older fighters increases with age....

BshMstr site profile image  

3/20/14 10:28 PM by BshMstr

LOL!i hurt my shoulder at work, so i have more time on my hands now... maybe i'll get around to it.

D241 site profile image  

3/20/14 10:24 PM by D241

To be 100% honest I'm not fully convinced that trt doesn't give advantages. There are so many variables to really tell.     Were the fighters on trt taking similar peds early in their careers? How can you truly judge a fighter's performance late in their career as some guys take longer to develop their skills and find weaknesses to improve on, where as other fighters very well my already have top level skills but testosterone enhancments might make the bodies slowing down process be even slower?   I actually was slightly against trt originally. I myself never take suppliments even otc ones. I feel once you get off the suppliments, your bodie's metabolism is even worse off than before you started takign suppliments.  I used to feel that if you give fighters the choice it's not fair to fighters who share my same thoughts which is they don't want to harm their bodies in the long run...but if other fighters are gaining a temporary advantage, it may not be fair.   But then there's Dan Henderson and Vitor, 2 of my favorite fighters and that totally clouds my judgement. I may even be a hypocrit in a sense but honestly I just can't say for sure trt helps, but I also cant' say for sure it doesn't.   Bshmstr appreciate the back and forth. Even though we haven't come to a conclusion, or at least I haven't on my end, I think you discovered a path to find some stats that might be more telling. Maybe an mma journalist lurking this thread will pick up where we have left off and do the dirty work for some website kudos. One can hope.

D241 site profile image  

3/20/14 10:18 PM by D241

That's funny I JUST was about to suggest that very thing. I do think it'd be more telling.  Unfortunately I just got a 2nd job, a full time one, so unlike in the past my free time is cut down considerably. That is something I'd probably do if this was two weeks ago.   I'd like to know the age of fighters on trt when they won and lost. I'd like to know their winning percentage before trt and after trt but only if they've had at least 5 fights to see a trend or break in the trend.   It's all probably moot anyways since trt is banned.   BshMstr-I assume you're aware that fighters before the ban and currently can take illegal peds to boost their testosterone levels and as long as their levels drop down to the acceptable ranges come time to test, they'll pass.    

BshMstr site profile image  

3/20/14 10:11 PM by BshMstr

i meant, like an actual breakdown by age of TRT and non-TRT users to determine success levels, etc...

D241 site profile image  

3/20/14 10:06 PM by D241

what do you mean "if we could get this, it would be pretty handy"?   I just read a bunch of threads I was subscribed to so that may have thrown off my comprehension level.    


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