NSAC summons Palhares from Brazil for PED test


Rousimar Palhares was released by the UFC last year, following his failure to release a Heel Hook on Mike Pierce at UFC Fight Night 29. Pierce suffer an MCL strain that fortunately did not require surgery. It was not the first time Palhares had held a dangerous submission well after his opponent tapPED. In addition, Palhares failed a PED test at TUF: The Smashes Final in 2012.

The Brazilian signed with World Series of Fighting, who put him into a title bout vs. WSOF welterweight champion Steve Carl at WSOF 9, on March 29, 2014, at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

However, just weeks before the fight, Palhares was directed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) to leave his native Brazil and pee in a cup in Nevada.

Palhares took the test on Monday.

According to NSAC chairman Francisco Aguilar, the test was ordered several days prior to Palhares' arrival in Las Vegas, however the timetable stalled because of the remote location of Palhares' residence and the need to find last-second travel arrangements.

"To be honest with you, I support the testing 100 percent. I think all fighters should be tested. But please give me a heads up or a notice, especially when you know the fighter is in Brazil. Or at least recommend somebody in Brazil for me to go to," said WSOF Executive Vice President Ali Abdel-Aziz on Tuesday.

"Rousimar was kind enough to get on the plane and to bring his camp and finish his camp here, and I know this is going to be difficult and stressful for him too."

According to Abdel-Aziz, the promotion expects to know of the results on March 28, 2014, the day before WSOF 9 is scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, Nev. 

Abdel Aziz says that while he expects Palhares' results to come back without any issue, WSOF has already taken steps to ensure a contingency plan is in place in the event of a worst-case scenario.

"I almost 100 percent sure he's going to come clean," Abdel Aziz said.

"I have a back-up for Steve Carl. Steve Carl will fight regardless."

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TARRat site profile image  

3/20/14 11:36 AM by TARRat

Right - hence why I said to send someone to Brazil to do the collection. Palhares wouldn't have to go anywhere. The AC rep shows up at the gym, Palhares pees in the cup, the rep takes/ships the samples to the lab.

Rickmeister site profile image  

3/19/14 8:05 PM by Rickmeister

Definitely ufc foul play

Lanceness021 site profile image  

3/19/14 5:12 PM by Lanceness021

This is how the UFC goes about enforcing stricter testing for their roster. First they weaken their competitors by having former NSAC director Frank Fertita pull some strings to make sure they don't have more juiced and more impressive fighters.

CoughSyrupOD site profile image  

3/19/14 5:08 PM by CoughSyrupOD

"I almost 100 percent sure he's going to come clean," Translation:  "I'm not sure he's goona pass."

BigEyedFish site profile image  

3/19/14 4:50 PM by BigEyedFish

not sure why they suspect him of juicing, leave the poor guy alone!

rRooster site profile image  

3/19/14 4:47 PM by rRooster

They said he could do it in Brazil. He claimed there was nowhere to go (probably because he is juicing) so nsac bought him a plane ticket to the states.

Acecool72 site profile image  

3/19/14 3:53 PM by Acecool72

I'm pretty sure that testing positive in his loss to Lombard may have been the reason he is being randomly tested now

TARRat site profile image  

3/19/14 1:48 PM by TARRat

This is similar to what I was thinking. Send someone to Brazil to do the collection. Palhares just needs to pee in the cup. And the commission just needs to ensure that it really is Palhares doing the peeing. There's no real need to bring Palhares and his team up here.

cheesesteak site profile image  

3/19/14 12:52 PM by cheesesteak

When the NSAC orders something like this, who pays? Especially if the fighter makes shit money and has to pay his camp to come with him? Please tell me that they would at least pay for Pauls ticket. They should pay a round trip, room and food and fly his ass back down after the testing is done.

Fryedtakyama owns me, it's normal site profile image  

3/19/14 12:24 PM by Fryedtakyama owns me, it's normal

That's pretty lame that he has to interior his training to appease the fucking nsac. I'm all for random testing, but go to the fighters you cheap fucks.