Hendricks to undergo surgery for torn bicep


Johny Hendricks was almost forced to pull out of UFC 171 after suffering an injury a week out, but Hendricks toughed it, fought, and won the title. Now Hendricks will deal with the consequences of the injury, which will put him on the shelve for at least two months:

Hendricks is doing the media rounds on Wednesday explaining the injury, but his manager Ted Ehrhardt confirmed with MMAFighting.com that Hendricks will have surgery on his right bicep Monday. According to Ehrhardt, Hendricks, who injured his bicep approximately two weeks before the fight and considered withdrawing from it as a result, heard it pop in the first round against Lawler. He also suffered a hairline fracture in his left shin in the first round.

If all goes well with Monday's surgery, he'll be able to start rehab in four weeks time. He'll then have four weeks of rehab and will hopefully be able to start training again in two months. The shin injury will require a lengthy recovery period.

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ChipW site profile image  

3/22/14 6:45 AM by ChipW

"If I was going to guess at Hendricks injury"

ChipW site profile image  

3/21/14 11:44 PM by ChipW

I tore my distal bicep rolling and continued on for a minute or so. Like zero said its not as painful as you would imagine I would be when it happens. What I noticed was that it just wasn't working right, I stopped and looked at it and it and could tell something was wrong. The belly of the muscle was up on the middle of the arm. I had surgery one week later. Post surgery was way worse than post injury. If I was choking to guess at Hendricks injury , I'd say he tore the end closer to the shoulder but who knows for sure.

Zero1 site profile image  

3/21/14 6:38 PM by Zero1

Didn´t look like distal to me. I had it and it looks pretty different. But its not that painful and even without surgery you can recover well. I had ruptures on both arms one with surgery and one without. No problems at all with both......

CorranHorn site profile image  

3/21/14 8:38 AM by CorranHorn

There are three main biceps tears that you can have:A) Long head of biceps, part of the rotator cuff of the shoulder, surgery for someone like Hendricks would be requiredB) Short head of biceps rupture- often manage without surgeryC) Distal biceps rupture- always surgery.Most of the guys commenting seem to be describing C.Extremely doubtful Hendricks could fight still with C.Does anyone know which of these he did?

Lick Boners site profile image  

3/21/14 2:23 AM by Lick Boners


Furious White Belt site profile image  

3/21/14 2:06 AM by Furious White Belt


dgthedarkness site profile image  

3/20/14 11:48 PM by dgthedarkness

Pretty sure he didn't win the standup part of the fight with Robbie.

XxLiveBaitxX site profile image  

3/20/14 10:49 PM by XxLiveBaitxX

I want to believe that Johny's manager negotiated a Copenhagen/Skoal IV to be present in the recovery room.

Steepslider site profile image  

3/20/14 10:18 PM by Steepslider

Matt Serra had the same thing injury on his right arm.

TFK_Tony Montana site profile image  

3/19/14 6:53 PM by TFK_Tony Montana

Same here, tore my right distal biceps 95% last year, surgery in late dec. I'm just now training at 50%.Fighting with a torn biceps is pretty boss if you ask me, it's painful and you lose a good deal of strength, props to Hendricks.He will be back in no time. 2-3 months is a realistic timeframe for someone with the best nutrition, rehab and training out there.